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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Strange behaviour using SQLINSTANCE $ALL

Hi all.I have 2 multiinstances SQL Servers which are backuped up using bch files with SQLINSTANCE $ALL command. Backup was working correctly until I had to disable SQL Browser service. I found out this service is required when I use SQLINSTANCE $ALL....

marko25 by Level 2
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Protecting Azure Stack HCI with NetBackup

With NetBackup 9.1 and higher, you can now reduce the complexity of your data management with a fast, cost-effective, and unified Azure Stack HCI backup and recovery solution.Backup and recovery are essential to protect the data on your hybrid-infras...

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Resolved! API call to show backup jobs within the last 7 days

Hi all,I want to build an API call that shows backup jobs from the last 7 days. What I do not know, is how to write the filter part of the script. The documentation saysstartTime     eq ne lt gt le ge     The time when the job started.    date-timeWh...

JimmyB2 by Level 4
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About restore test of Cloud Catalyst MSDP catalog backup

Hi all,The customer builded to Cloud Catalyst with NetBackup 8.2.They want to do a recovery test of Cloud Catalyst's MSDP catalog in a working NetBackup environment.Is there any way?In addition, I am telling customers to refer to "Disaster Recovery f...

Slow backup speed - many small files

Hello,we are using Netbackup 8.2 in our environment. We have a server, where there is a drive, with a large number of files (the full backup fails at around 72 million files after about 217 hours) with media close error messages.Is there a way to spe...

Missing policies after upgrade from to

Hi,today i tried to upgrade my master server from version to version After creating a new service account the upgrade process went smoothly. Then i´ve started the new java admin console and all my policies were gone and i have no ide...

Kai2209 by Level 4
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Resolved! AIR & Image on Media

Goodmorning everyone,I inherited a NetBackup 8.2 structure with 2 master servers and 2 DataDomain configured in AIR.Some time ago the password of the DataDomain was changed only on the source master, so the target master server stopped working: all t...

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generating the Media ID parameter

Good afternoon.There was a problem on NetBeckup 8.1.1.The problem is related to the generation of the Media ID parameter. After replacing the tape drive, the media id is generated in an incomprehensible way, although it should take the last 6 charact...

Danil_ by Level 0
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NetBackup PowerShell Cmdlets how to use it

Hi all,on the official Veritas page on the GitHub there is a section for NetBackup PowerShell Cmdlets ( Since I am not so strong in Powershell scripting I would like to ask you how to compile these scripts....

JimmyB2 by Level 4
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netbackup catalog policy question

RedHat Linux netback master/media server.  Netbackup 8.2 thinking of upgrading to  v9.1.0.1We use the windows desktop Admin Console GUI to maintain our policies etc.We store the catalog DR packages on a network storage location.The linux netbackup ma...

bc1410 by Level 5
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NetBackup Vault Profile - Blank Content for Tapes for Reuse

So in our environment, we created a new vault profile under vault management because we are getting a blank report for tapes to be sent offsite and the veritas support said that the profile might be corrupted.After we created new vault profile and se...

Netbackup Web Server User/Group

Hi,Please your help with this question, the default local user name nbwebsvc, and the default local group nbwebgrp (non-clustered environment), this account/group can have different names and can be domain accounts (not local accounts)?Thank you!Rega...

rafanto by Level 4
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netbackup service for exchange backup and granular recovery

Hi all,The customer refuses to use the domain admin account for the NetBackup Client Service logon for internal security stuff.Can anyone inform us what are the exact privileges and roles needed of an account that we create and we use it for the NetB...

Part 2: Deploying NetBackup in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Validate Primary and Media Servers in NetBackup Now that the Primary and Media servers have been created, we will log into NetBackup to check on the status of the Primary and Media. In the NetBackup WebUI, click on Security > Hosts in the left naviga...

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GNeil by Level 4
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Part 1: Deploying NetBackup in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

In the following example, NetBackup 9.1 Primary, Media and CloudPoint servers are deployed with the result being able to log into the NetBackup Primary WebUI and viewing the Media and CloudPoint servers attached. Let’s Begin To begin, log into your ...

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GNeil by Level 4
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What NetBackup do to ramsomware?

I have two questions:1.  Will Backups be protected?2. Is there any mechanism NetBackup can provide to prevent or remove ramsomware? Thank you for your advice!

nbmagic by Level 4
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catalog verify - what does this result mean?

 I did a VERIFY on media 0095L7 for Primary Copy and even tried just Copy 1 etc... and I get the above result.   Im trying to see what date ranges the images on the tape had.   Client wants data ( tapes )sent for destruction on Data before a certain ...

bc1410 by Level 5
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Netbackup 9.1 Import Policy

I created a Policy backup .txt file from an 8.0 system. I've done a new install to 9.1 , is there a way to import my saved policy file so I don't have to recreate them ?Netbackup_Policies_030420.txtThanks,wb238w

wb238w by Level 2
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