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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! upgrade from to 7.6

Hi,   kindly guide me detailed steps for upgrading from to 7.6 as i check with my fileconnect i could see 7.6.1. so can i upgrade from to 7.6.1?  or first 7.6 then ? please suggest me for the same.if possible share me link...

AIX Netbackup CatalogBackup.lck with world writable

Hi, We are using  AIX 7.1 server and Netbackup 7.5. Only root user has access to Netbackup for backup and recovery. Root umask is set at 027, by right this would prevent any netbackup files generated to have the world writable format. However we fou...

Resolved! CentOS as Netbackup Master Server

Hi All, One of our customers wants to install another Netbackup on their environment to backup other servers. They already have an existing netbackup v7.6 but its located on other server farm. Its a capacity based licensing, so as far as i know, the...

nbuengr2 by Level 4
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Resolved! Restore log file

Management wants to know what exactly is being restored for each priority restore.  For instance, we restored a directory and want to find out all the files/folders under this directory that were restored.  Just want to ensure I have the correct way ...

Resolved! NBU workig with Data Domain on AIX 7.1

Hello everyone. We have a Data Domain, model 4500 and we try to use DD Boost for Symantec NBU. But in this moment the configuration on the media servers has an issue. This is the problem: Our  media server send the data over the LAN, this is becaus...

ERR - Cannot write to STDOUT. Errno = 110: Connection timed out

Hi, I have some server didn't complete the backup and I receive ''socket write failed  (24)''. If I look inside the log I have this information: ''ERR - Cannot write to STDOUT. Errno = 110: Connection timed out'' The connexion are good between cli...

nblbc.exe crashes on GRT proxy server

Our backup server is NBU Enterprise Server, running on OEL 5.10 (x86), on a Dell R620 server and Dell PVTL 2000 (2 x LTO5 drives), each drive connected via 6Gps SAS interface to NBU server.  We have two Exchange 2010 servers, each DB over 42...

Resolved! NetBackup Error (96) plus Successful (0)

It is not clear what Netbackup is trying to tell me when I get an error 96 followed by success 0.  Can anyone explain? Thanks, -Mike The 'Job Overview' tab for the backup jobs shows: 1: (96) unable to allocate new media for backup, s...

MikeHi by Level 2
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Resolved! Scan Command

Hi Experts, We have one master server windows 2008 and 8 drives. 8 drives are visible on OS level and working fine. We are experincing issue with the Drives 1 or 2 drives are taking too much time to mount tapes. Its an intermittent issue. Sometime...

H_Sharma by Level 6
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MsSQL Restore failed

Hi all, can some one help me resolv that issue on MsSQL GUI? I tryed to restore MsSQL Database en the GUI report the following : No backup SQL server object were found for client, in the specified timeframe How can I resolve that issue BR

enguessan by Level 4
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Netbackup environment upgrade

Hi, I am currently trying to plan an upgrade of our whole Netbackup environment which consists of the following: A master server and 2 Netbackup 5220 appliances at one site (site A). A master server and 2 Netbackup 5220 appliances at another site ...

Adie84 by Level 3
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Resolved! The robot is not seen from the local master server

I had one master server and three media server I had a problem in one of the media server where it wasn't able to control the robot so I deleted all devices from this media server  and even from all media servers and the masterserver itself using nb...

BMR for Solaris 11 in Virtual machine LDOM failed

Hello all, I'm trying to make BRM on Oracle VM LDOM for Solaris 11. I have the following error saying that there is no /cdrom. cdrom on ldom is mount as disk on /.cdrom bellow the message. can someone help me resolv that issue? Enter the NetBac...

enguessan by Level 4
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Resolved! Warning - drive index 0 usage has exceeded the Cleaning Frequency

In windows system log  every 5 min I see this message. I have two tape drive. Cleaning Frequency  is set 120 and 140 hours Screenshots  are in the  attachments. And how to know what drive have index 0 ?  One tape drive  is tape library  (robotics ...

VM backup Failed

Hi i amtrying to run a backup of a virtual machine, but i am receiving this error. /20/2015 6:21:16 PM - Info nbjm(pid=8120) starting backup job (jobid=92040) for client, policy VMBackup_Critical_Servers, schedule Daily_Full_Bac...

ecnivnaj by Level 5
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Resolved! Multiple streaming for One client

Hi Experts, I am having a query, please provide solution. In Netbackup 7.5, one policy Windows is having 100 clients( without multiple streams enabled in policy). I want one client backup to run with multiple streams on daily basis(remaining clien...

Resolved! Netbackup 7.1.03 won't send alerts on SQL backup failures

We're using Netbackup (upgrading is not an option) and have the following configuration set using Blat to send email:   Master Server: Global Attribute: Universal Settings: Administrator: Server Sends Mail (no re...

Keither by Level 2
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Resolved! Deleting a storage lifecycle policy (SLP)

Good morning, I'm trying to delete a storage lifecycle policy but i'm getting the below message.   The storage lifecycle policy, could not be deleted. Status: 1519 Images are in process. Please, run the nbstlutil command to get a list of those im...