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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! VTL and OST Netbackup

Good Day Geeks !   We have DD4500 and we using it both as OST and VTL. NOw what we have done is we have created 100 Tapes of 800Gb capaicty . I am aware Data Domain will deduplicate the data in the backend where Netbackup at front end will keep on ...

batrap by Level 2
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Resolved! List files in a restore

We just completed a major restore of deleted files across several file systems on a server. Is there any way to list files that were restored?  We set the restore to not overwrite existing files.    

Resolved! Configuring backups for cloud based VM nodes

We have few nodes in private cloud of Amazon. And we would like to configure backups for those nodes using our local NetBackup environment/ Netbackup appliances.   How can I configure these backups.

DPO by Moderator
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Resolved! Bandwidth Throttling

Hi All, I would like to know if there are any bandwidth Throttling for MSDP Replication one site to another. I'm searching for this but I found only the CLIENT throthling. I Really appreciate your help on this.   Environment: Servers are runnin...

Resolved! Multiple Queries

Hello Experts, Pls answer the following queries. 1:- We have many backups that fails with 196 errors. Due to some reasons we can not extend the time window. So is there a way as soon as backup fails with 196 error it starts automatically. We have j...

Restore of Exchange 2010 item to Exchange 2013

We're planning to move to an Exchange 2013 DAG from our current Exchange 2010 CAS/Mailbox server setup. We're using NBU with GRT to backup our Exchange 2010 environment; it's working great. I see from this forum post https://www-secure.syman...

ShelleyK by Level 4
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Resolved! Getting error 98 with NBU

This is the error message I get when I try a tape drive cleaning with netbackup "STATUS CODE: 98, Backups fail with a status 98 "error requesting media (tpreq)". The library has three drives: LTO-1, LTO-2 and LTO-3. In fact, I can clean with NBU th...

Resolved! Duplicate of tape image not showing in Catalog

I needed to make a copy of an existing tape that was a SLP duplicate of a previous job. I only have one tape drive so I made a duplicate from the tape to disk, I searched caltalog to make a another copy of the image and It is not there. the origional...

Client Oracle error 245

hello, i have a probleme on one Oracle Client. at 19h30 the backup return the error 245. the backup is launched by a RMAN Script. the schedule is an application Schedule (Tivoli 8.3). the server client is AIX 6.1 Netbackup client version is 7.5 t...

issmag by Level 5
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Resolved! Image clean up failure (174)

Hi all,      We are working on our Dedup storage shares quiet a bit recently. I'm guessing that maybe a couple images got moved/removed without acknowledging NBU so I"m seeing the image cleanup 174 error. Is there any solution or direction to dig in...

error 130 after updating linux client to v7.6.0.4

hi, I updated both server and client nbu versions from v7.6.0.1/2 to v7.6.0.4 ...  most clients did their job good but there are three linux clients which end up in an "error 130" when backing up. " 1424955661 1 1 4 hellboy 0 0 0 *NULL* nbjm back...

Resolved! Scratch Media Reports

Hi,   I am using Netbackup 7.6.I want to pull reports for scratch media available and utlized media report .which can be sent directly to offsite.Kindly guide me the process to configure that report.   Regards Automation

Backup failure with error code 6(vm backup)

Getting backup failure with error code 6 as VM machines is effected due to it. Error says issue in opening snapshot using transport.  Some people recommend to check LUN mapping or to do vea rescan on media server. I donot have much knowledge on thi...

Resolved! control Tape Eject

Hello everybody, i have a stand alone tape drive and after backup finishes i do not want the tape to eject from drive, i want to use for another backup policy and i'm accessing the server remotely. Is there any way to control the eject of the tape a...

Rditi by Level 3
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Resolved! zpool compression for performance improvements

Hi Everyone,   I have a query regarding zpool compression for performance improvements . Can you please clarify? Available statistics of the bptm debug logs to the last seven days show serious waits and delays on daily and weekly duplication jobs...

Resolved! Netbackup-error: vmware credential validation failed

Hello when configuring the connection between the NetBackup server and ESX Server under "Media and device management -> credentials -> Virtual Machine Servers" an error  "vmware credential validation failed unable to match hostname expecting "   t...

fouzia by Level 4
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Resolved! Media Server Migration (inkl. MSDP Pool)

Hallo. Es steht mal wieder eine Media Server Migration an. Ich habe vier HP Media Server die aus der Wartung laufen. Früher ( und ohne MSDP Pool ) war das eigentlich kein Problem, ich installierte mir einen neuen Media Server mit der IP Adresse und...

Resolved! Number of Robots

HI All, 1) I recently installed Netbackup 7.6.1. The company was using 7.0 on Win Srv 2003 prioir. How can I export the catalog fom 7.0 and import to 7.6.1.   2) We are using MSL 4048 with two drives LTO-4. Is it normal that I have one robot?   ...