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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Duplication Job is not using correct media server

Hello Friends, There is some issues in my enviornment , We have production site and DR site and it is single domain setup . I have taken backup of a DR client in DR media server Disk storage unit (Linux FT media server ) , now i want to move this b...

Resolved! CentOS 7

Hi! I would like to verify if NBU 7.6 is compatible with the latest version of CentOS. Thank you in advance. :)

nbuengr by Level 5
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Resolved! VMware and netbackup integration

I am a little confused about how it is supposed to be configured.   in the VMWare Access hosts I place the all the blades of my ESX Cluster?  in Credentials for Virtual Machine Servers, I create a new "VMWare Virtual Center Server" and place credenti...

Rob74 by Level 4
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Resolved! license key

Hi All, I have very simple question. For backup the two server's OS through network which license key we should use? Of course one of them would be master server. I think Additional client license is enough. What is the Enterprice license? Now w...

turguns by Level 5
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Resolved! NDMP Backups and Permission Changes

NBU on Windows platform Backing up EMC Isilon NAS using NDMP protocol. We are about to make some security changes (permissions) that will replicate through all the data structures on the NAS.   While the files will not actually change (arch...

Resolved! Operator action may be required. Pending Action: No action

Hello,  I have this probleme after a verification, I have found that the problem is in the Tape. error message 3/23/2015 3:19:37 PM - requesting resource xxxxxx-hcart 3/23/2015 3:19:37 PM - requesting resource

Resolved! Move data from one Storage Unit to another Storage Unit

Hi Folks,   I am trying to move backup data from Disk Storage Unit to another Unit. I tried the below method but the "Duplicate" option is diabled when i right click the backup images.

Resolved! Symantec's NetBackup products

To whom it may concern, Is Symantec's Netbackup good to backup and restore for vmware including vCenter? Please advise me. Thank you. Regards, Brian HHW  

Resolved! Exchange logs query

Dear Could be possible to clarify the following . Incase of Exchange DAG backup failed the log files will be not clear as I know. let say 3 days logs left in the drive due to failure backup so successful backup only possible when first delete 3 day...

Resolved! Exchange DAG Logs

Hi , kindly clarify the following : Both Active and Passive node of Exchage Database logs in DAG Environment should be the same for successful backup and remove the logs.   Awaiting your reply !!  

Resolved! Only 2 clinets are failing with Error 84 & 98

I have netbackup 7.1 master which is having 1500 clinets but only 2 clinets are failing with media error 84 & 98. When we restart the backups after freezing the media backups getting completed.

Resolved! Exchange 2013 and NBU 7.6.03

we're finishing migrating to Exchange 2013. with regards to NBU, do we need to add something to support 2013 mailbox backup and restores or the same features that worked with 2010 still valid for Exchange 2013?

manatee by Level 6
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Resolved! Does Netbackup Capacity Based License Include Data Encryption?

Hi    Does symantec Netbackup capacity based licenses include data encryption when sending backups to tapes? We know that with Capacity Based license include all the features except NDMP; but does it include Data Encryption as well? Thank you in...

Resolved! net backup simulators

Hiii all,   Iam new to this symentic backup I am very much intersted in backup i have seen sysmentic backup used to one of my clients and I am learning it now, I am reading the two NetBackup7.5_AdminGuideI_UNIXServer pdfs but iam not able to practi...

Resolved! MSDP Space Reclaim - SLP Images

Hi , I have expired a backup image from the MSDP which is around 8 TB in size  & De-dup rate for this image is 42 %. nbdelete /Queue processing/compaction ran at disk pool but there is no space released to disk pool ..not even bytes.   Earlier we...

Resolved! No files found when doing restore

Hi guys,   thanks for your help with this.  I am not an expert on nbu, so I am having a really bad time using it. I did a full back of my filesystems between 1/1/2015 and 2/28/2015. These full backup has a retention period of 3 months. Some users...

cjashu by Level 2
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Resolved! Symantec Netbackup for epxchange backu

Dear all, my some exchange DAG backup  failing by which logs keeping full drive and to every day deleting exchange logs to free up log drive . kindly could you clarify the following how netwbackup work with exchange server 2010 DAG enviromnet. # le...