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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Some questions re Hyper-V backups...

NetBackup v7.6.0.4 MSDP (via N5230 v2.6.0.4) - Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V host cluster using CSV - guest VMs are all Win 2012 R2, Win 2012, or Win 2008 R2. I've read this: ...and this...

sdo by Moderator
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Resolved! NetBackup Console can't see robot

The power supply was repalced on the robot.  Not the console can't see the robot.  Says none attached.  How is this resolved?

ACEAQ by Not applicable
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Resolved! Need Client Configuration Advice

I need some advice on how to best set up my backups. I administer several small networks. In networks where I have a NetApp, I back up only the NetApp through NDMP. The NetApp is attached with fibre to a fibre switch, and I have a large, 48-tape Ove...

Porkins by Level 3
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Resolved! Ajuda com a configuração do Bare Metal Restore (BRM)

Olá pessoal!   Estou com um projeto para implementar o Bare Metal Restore para os clients da minha empresa, porém estou encontrando certa dificuldade na sua implementação e em conseguir documentação para a sua configuração. Gostaria de saber se ex...

Resolved! Reporting and Auditing Tapes

While I am lookin for information I thought I might post a question to the forums. I am currently doing research on the best way to audit our tapes to see how much each policy is taking up. I have found information using the command bpimmedia -poli...

Resolved! Status 48 every day

Something is contaminating my Master Server host cache.  All but one client backup fails with Status 48.  Ran this test: bptestbpcd -client xxxx Function ConnectToBPCD (xxxx) failed: 48 client hostname could not be found so I do this: bpclntc...

Resolved! Getting errors on drives

Hello All,   I am getting below error in var/adm/messages for a drive. Kindly suggest:       acsd[3617]: [ID 600385 daemon.error] Fatal open error on OC9840B_a1p03d01 (device 12, /devices/pci@82,2000/fibre-channel@1/fp@0,0/sg@w500104f00070cf7e,...

Resolved! How to collect oracle metadata with OIP policy

Hi all, I was testing some jobs with Oracle Intelligent Policy. I was wondering how it is possible to collect oracle metadata in that way so I can view in OpsCenter the instance backupped to be cloned. We were used to put in the RMAN script the NB...

MauroG by Level 3
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Resolved! Force full backup to other day in backup window

Dear All, I have some full VM (hyper-V) backups which end on error 196 every week on the same day (Monday night). The easiest solution is to change the backup window but I have plenty of backup window over on other days. When the clients misses the...

Resolved! Restore a usermailbox to diferent user mailbox

Hi everbody! We have a problem and i need your wisdom. Platform: Symantec Netbackup appliance with v Outlook Servers: Outlook 2010 platform (2 CAS and 2 MBX). Policy: Policy that realize a snapshot and backup all the information on the s...

Backup failure with error code 6(VM backups)

Backup failure on VM machines with error code 6.   Snapshot job in activity monitor: 02/09/2015 20:09:53 - Info nbjm (pid=10211) starting backup job (jobid=5629726) for client api1prod, policy PROD_VMWARE_VW_Adhoc, schedule Differential-Inc 02/09...

Resolved! Restoring SQL Server 2008 database to SQL Server 2012

Environment is NetBackup (Linux master and media servers, the client in this case is running Windows 2012). Someone wants me to restore one of our SQL Server 2008 R2 databases to a test SQL Server 2012 instance.  I've researched everything I...

wsutton by Level 3
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Resolved! Job status

Hello, As a temporary replacement of netbackup resource after some days i have to monitor if all jobs are being backed up properly. Now i need some clarification on jobs that are shown in activity monitor. While checking the activity monitor i noti...

Resolved! Catalog Search

Hello, I am new to Symantec Netbackup. Can anyone explain on how to find the tape cartridge number that was used as a backup for any specific client as we do have to restore a client and the copy is on tape and not sure if that tape is still in lib...

My "Solution" to make both drives write

I am still learning netbackup and recently I had an issue as I was not able to make both drives write data and only one of drive was being used. I searched a lot but could not find the answer.Today I managed to make both drives write, I want to share...