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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Backup of a big file server with accelerator needs 6 hours

I have files servers with several millions of files... Even with NBU Accelerator, backup is still long. Exemple : 6 Heures pour 3,6 millions de fichiers et 376 Go. Do you think this is normal behavior  - is there some "best pratices" to do this bac...

Gdd by Level 6
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Resolved! Oracle Client Connectivity Requirements

Hiya, Just a quick question really. Does an Oracle RMAN script backup using Netbackup Client require connectivity to the master server from the client? Or will just the media server suffice? I'm suspecting it will require both, but just wondering if...

Nick_Morris by Level 6
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Can we backup VM on ESX 4.1 with NetBackup 7.6 ?

ESX 4.1 seems not supported by NBU 7.6 because NBU 7.6 uses VMware VDDK 5.5. However, it is not supported but maybe it works... Does anyone tested this? Are there any workaround for this problem?  

Gdd by Level 6
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Resolved! HP MSL4048, Netbackup 7.5, replace tape drive

Hello! We use the library HP MSL4048 + two tape drives HP Ultirum LTO5 Fiber Optic. Recently, one of the drives fails, and we decided to replace it with a LTO6 After replacing the drive to define it I ran the wizard Configure Storage Device. I ad...

amdcler by Level 4
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Resolved! VMDK Backup

We are using vSphere 5.1 or vSphere 5.5. NBU Master Server installed & Configured on Windows 2008 R2. VMDataStore is mounted on NBU Master Server & also the necessary setting has been done. Backup & Restore is happening without any error. One con...

Mitesh_Nandu by Level 4
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Resolved! Choose multiple Linux servers in Standard backup selections list

I am working on revising/consolidating some of our NetBackup policies.  I would like to have a handful of our high-priority Linux systems in one policy, however each server has a different selection list.  For example, Server1 only needs /d01/app bac...

MBowman by Level 2
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Resolved! nbatd is failing to start

Hi.   I'm running NB on Solaris 11 x86 OS. When I restart NetBackup nbatd silently dies. In my messages log I see "Dec  9 10:27:48 wayback nbatd[17474]: [ID 702911 user.error] V-18-24591 Broker has mismatched keypair". Searching the net, ...

AZ_Dave by Level 3
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Resolved! Mixed LTO4 and LTO6 on same library

Hello, We have mixed drives, LTO4 and LTO6 in the same library. LTO4 have one density (HCART3) and LTO6 a different density (HCART2). All the LTO6 drives are mapped to just one media server. Now the question is: Can I have both types of tapes on th...

Frank_R by Level 3
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Resolved! robtest works - Inventory fails

**** Moved to new discussion from **** I was able to perform the steps. however when i performed a inventory on the symantec nbu i got this error: robot inventory failed...

Resolved! Unable to list VMs of Hyper-v in Netbackup backup policy

Hi, I need a solution, Master/Media server : Windows 2012 R2 - NBU version Hyper-v server: Windows 2012 R2 - NBU client version When trying to create the backup policy of hyper-v server, we are not able to view the list of VMs, wh...

NBU_13 by Level 6
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Resolved! Vault - Returning Expired Media

Hello, I've just set up Vaulting for my NetBackup 7.6 environmnent. Tapes are happily being Vaulted on a daily basis but the daily 'Picking List for Vault' report remains blank. I've noticed from within the NBU media view that I have Vualted media ...

dunno by Level 4
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Resolved! deleting disk images

NBU, master server redhat linux 6.x due to a messy SLP, my PD free space has gone very low. now i created the below script hoping to automate and make it fast to delete disk images that already have tape dedups. individually, the commands wo...

manatee by Level 6
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Resolved! solaris bmr errors

NBU, solaris 10/8 64bit i copied an existing bmr backup policy i made for a Windows server and just edited the clients list. everything else is the same. ran the test bmr backup policy and it finished with an exit status of 1. below are the...

manatee by Level 6
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Resolved! Alert on e-mail about the requirement of the next media

I have  a streamer  HP Ultrium 3280  with one tape drive. When I see in log message: 08.12.2014 18:28:08 - current media A00017 complete, requesting next resource Any 08.12.2014 18:28:08 - current media -- complete, awaiting next media Any Reason:...

Resolved! App_cluster does not follow active cluster node

Hi All, Its Netbackup on master and media servers. We have a SQL instance installed on windows cluster and we have configured app_cluster for the backup. Both the nodes of cluster are configured as SAN media server. Recently the SQL DB ins...

GulzarShaikhAUS by Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Local permissions for NetBackup user on SQL Server

Hi everybody, I was wondering if there is an official document or some documentation about why is necessary that a domain user created to backup SQL Server with NetBackup needs to be in the local administrator group? We're not using Local System so ...

rebarquero by Level 3
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Resolved! NetBackup 7.5 - Need Complete Catalog of Backups

i have Symantec Netbckup 7.5 i have problems for do restauration of policies type MS-Exchange Server. not showing me the complete catalog of the backups that have been made. assigned dates backs but shows the distribution of backups made in the ca...

Resolved! Lost or corrupted device configuration ?

  Two robots attached to Master/Media server OS Solaris 10 NBU 6.5.3 Problem began when the tape storage unit froze up and had to be powered cycled. POST runs without errors. No faults on the tape storage unit. The Quantum storage unit supports...

GHas by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup VMware VMDK backups showing in SQL backup history - why?

I am using the native SQL Server backup procedures to back up all databases to a network share. In addition to this, we run Netbackup VMware VMDK backups on the full machines. In the Netbackup policy, the "SQL Server Recovery" option is NOT enabled. ...

A_J_A by Level 3
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