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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Media Multiplexing

Hello Experts, We have set Media Multiplexing value 4 in policy and in storage unit it is set as 16. I ran nbrbutil -listActiveDrivejobs Drive001 and found there are 5 jobs running. Then i checked in other drives and found all are drives are writing...

H_Sharma by Level 6
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Resolved! NBU license

Hello experts In one of our new data centers i have a windows based master server NBU 7.5, and 8 NBU 5220 2.5. problem is i dnt know whether we have capacity based license or not. 1)  is there any command i can find out various license keys and deta...

rookie11 by Moderator
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Resolved! Install Netbackup 7.5

hello all, I need help please. My mission is to install Netbackup 7.5 A to Z in one of our affiliated company and I would like to have help from the experts for you know the steps from A to Z installation and configuration ... etc I have at my di...

Lion13 by Level 4
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Resolved! Please explain how SQL Server Recovery option on VM backups works

We have a couple of development VMs with very large SQL databases, copies of the production environment. I had originally set them up with OS backups as VMs but also with the Netbackup SQL client installed using an ordinary SQL backup policy for the ...

Backup failure with error code 12

Backup failure with error code 12:   11/13/2014 22:29:57 - Info nbjm (pid=49490) starting backup job (jobid=11233) for client hmsalca, policy PROD_REMOTE_SERVERS, schedule DLY_DIFF 11/13/2014 22:29:57 - Info nbjm (pid=49490) requesting STANDARD_RE...

Resolved! Add tape library & tape drive newly zone to new media server

Hi Experts,   I have zone the existing tape library and tape drive to the new media servers and it is detected from OS level I run "scan" and here is the result; C:\Program Files\Veritas\Volmgr\bin>scan ******************************************...

Rookies by Level 4
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Backing up Oracle DBFS filesystem on Exadata

We have a 4 node Exadata system. The Oracle admins have created a DBFS (DataBase File System) that is shared among the nodes. They want to back this up. We were originally able to back it up, but only on the node that was used to create the file syst...

Resolved! Where Download Installers Old Versions of Netbackup??

Hi Dear All:   My client need download a old version of netbackup, they needs download the version 7.5 for linux/redHat for a media server, they have licence but in the FileConnect Page only show the version 7.6. They needs download the version 7....

Exchange GRT Backups slow, non-GRT very fast

Hi all,   I'm finding that GRT backups run at about 5 - 10 MB / sec and non-GRT runs at 44 - 50MB / sec. Same media server, same storage.   Can anyone point me in a general direction as to why this might be? Anything I can look at which can help ...

Seth_E by Level 6
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Resolved! Socket write failed

Getting Socket write failed for some clients. But Telnet is successful from master to client and vice versa also bpclntcmd commands are successful.   D:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>bptestbpcd -client client1 -debug 17:41:59.832 [1...

Ramkumar_S by Level 4
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21-Socket open failed

Hi All, I was facing error code 21- Scoket open failed issue.   I have executed the above command "bptestbpcd -client <client-name> Result:   1 1 1 -> -> 135.11.12...

madhuri by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup OST - Enterprise Vault Agent Implementation

I need some info on NetBackup OST and policy type set as Enterprise Vault.   I need to know if I can create a NBU 7.6 Enterprise vault policy, and then backup the data to and OST device and replicate the data to anoter OST device (DR)  with SLP.  ...

NJCRU by Level 3
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Resolved! Restore error(2850)

13/11/2014 12:28:28 PM - begin Restore 13/11/2014 12:28:30 PM - 1 images required 13/11/2014 12:28:30 PM - media NOCC07 required 13/11/2014 12:28:31 PM - restoring image nocidsfe01_1388251387 13/11/2014 12:28:32 PM - Info bpbrm(pid=10880) nocidsf...

Resolved! Drive issue

  Master server : NBU, OS : Solaris Media server : NBU 7.0.1, OS : Linux Drive is not showing in vmoprcmd o/p, however we are able to see drives in tpconfig and tpautoconf o/p @abc: vmoprcmd -d                                 PENDING...

dixit47 by Level 4
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Resolved! UAC: to disbale or not?

I have read in official documentation and tech notes/this forum/etc. about the need to disable UAC. The Install Guide has that requirement only under the server install section but no mention of UAC under the client install section. So my question i...

X2 by Moderator
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Resolved! Differences Pure Disk | MSDP | Open Storage

Team, I am looking for the better and clear understanding about  Pure Disk MSDP Open Storage. Have been through multiple posts and documents also, But there is no clear information anywhere. It would be great if someone provide me clear informa...

Vamsi1 by Level 5
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Resolved! RMAN Restore ALTERNATE client ,alternate storage unit

Hello Geeks !   I have to do one restore to alternative client at a diffrent location . I have duplicated the imgaes of rman to data domain at other site. Would it be possible to restore like this.   Env is Solaris 10 -   Thanks, Prana...

PranavB by Level 4
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