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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! NBU Java Console Issue

Master / Media : Solaris 11 - NBU Java Console : Problem : When i m trying to login through Java Console it logins and shows the option on the left hand side of the console like BAR...Netbackup Management etc. but nothing comes on r...

NBU2010 by Level 6
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NDMP backup failure with error code 84

Getting NDMP backup failure for one stream related to a particular client. Kindly suggest: 10/20/2014 11:43:25 - Info nbjm (pid=10211) starting backup job (jobid=5237978) for client isilonbkp, policy PROD_NFS_IMAGENOW_osm_1, schedule DLY_INCR 10/20...

Resolved! RAW backup failing with I/O errors

Hi, One of our customers facing the issue in RAW backup. Backups are failing with I/O errors everytime. Can anyone help us finding the root cause for this issue ? Current Netabckup version is Server has been upgraded from 7.0 to 7.5. Backu...

Resolved! Hyper V backup to VM Guest

There was one virtual server running under Hyper V and we have configured OS level backup for the same by installing netbackup agent on the guest. is it possible to restore the backup taken from this Hyper V guest to a new VMware Guest machine.  

(29) failed trying to exec a command

Master Linux 2.6, Veritas netbackup version 7.0 Client Windows2003, SP2....netbackup version 7.0,  ORacle backup failed with error "(29) failed trying to exec a command" Please assist, Though backup for other instance running fine and completed. ...

Vickie by Level 6
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Resolved! change a backupid retention

hi, i can't change an expire date for a backup ID. when i typed the command : bpexpdate -backupid backupid_11111111111 -d 12/12/2104, the command passed, but when i check with bpimagelist -U -backupid backupid_11111111111 i find that the expire da...

issmag by Level 5
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Resolved! Use of  TcpTimedWaitDelay and TCP keep alive

Hello All,   I have a question :    Where we should use TcpTimedWaitDelay on Windows client or on media server? Similarly where we should use TCP keep alive  on client or on media server.  

Resolved! Backing up a disconnected Vmware virtual machine.

Hello everybody: I have an issue with a VmWare virtual machine template backup. VSphere 4.1.0. I suspect the template is disconnected. Any help is welcome. Thanks in advanced. In the job log appears (I have cut the resource management): ...

Single Mail Restore using NetBackup 7.0.1

Hi All; I have been trying to restore an email to my mail box, but an error message keep happening and the restore process fails every time.   Please, Help me with this case. I appreciate your help. Thanks. Mohamed Hassan

Resolved! license Netbackup limit support drive

Hi all, My customer have only 3 drive tipology: 1) LTO2 2) LTO3 3) LTO5 They want to add new drive LTO6, are there  some problems about this? for example specific drive License or not?   Thanks in advance   Rick    

Rick80 by Level 4
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Incremental runs as full backup

Hi I have an issue in several policies where an incremental backup does a full backup. It only seems to affect policies with Synthetic backups configured. Sometimes, but not always, the incremantal schedule does a backup of everything although almo...

kybeer by Level 5
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Resolved! cannot find requested volume pool in EMM database(167)

Hi, Any known solution for error code 167. When SLP duplication job was running fine then got error 96 on the slp policy for daily duplication. So I then expired some medias and when I checked the slp policy of that duplication, it was pointed to an...

How to set backup every 15 mintues in Sql Server.

HI all, is possible to implement a backup every 15 minutes in sql server for the transcation log?  I have tested, but it always starts a transaction log for hour.  My environment is NetBackup on Linux Red Hat OS.   Thanks.   Regards

Cappino by Level 4
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Resolved! could not write FILE ADDED message to OUTSOCK

Os And Netbackup info :NetBackup-Solaris10 7.5 Am getting the below error while backup running in the midway.   0/19/2014 06:03:06 - begin writing 10/19/2014 07:37:40 - Info bpbkar (pid=0) 194887 entries sent to bpdbm 10/19/2014 07:39:46 - Info ...

Yuvi by Level 5
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Resolved! netbackup error with robitic library is down on server

hi all i have a problem about netbackup netbackup version:7.1 now all backup jobs have error with status 196 job state details:Robitic library is down on server(nbumaster-hcart2-robot-tld-1,TLD(1) and when i click "Media and Device Managerment>D...

NetBackup Supports VMware VDI

Hi, I have a VMware VDI environment and now i need to take a backup. Can somebody please expalain is backup exec or netbackup supports to take a backup of this VMware VDI backup if yes how ? and do we have granularly file level recovery of the VDI p...

Resolved! Alias name for non cluster master server implementation

Geeks !   We are planning to setup non-clustered master server and symantec recommends to crate an alias name for the master server so that it can be mapped to standy in case of DR.   We have not setup DNS yet as it is a new DC build and i am loo...

PranavB by Level 4
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