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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Sharepoint backups completing with status code 1

Sharepoint non GRT backups completing with status code 1. I am using netbackup The error logs conatins as below: "The Backup Exec data store encountered a problem during the operation. See the job log for details."

Soniya by Level 4
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Resolved! The driver status of "tpconfog -l" is DISABLED

[root@dwghdb1 bin]# ./tpconfig -l Device Robot Drive       Robot                    Drive                Device     Second Type     Num Index  Type DrNum Status  Comment    Name                 Path       Device Path robot      0    -    TLD    - ...

Resolved! SQL Server backup Error - status 96

Hi All, I need help with SQL Server backups.   I have the following log from the Client:   OPERATION BACKUP DATABASE "Zambia" SQLHOST "Prepaidsvr1-Ndl" NBSERVER "BACKUP-SVR-PR.ZESCOCORP.ZESCOAD.ZESCO.CO.ZM" MAXTRANSFERSIZE 6 BLOCKSIZE 7 NU...

Nam_Sym by Level 4
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Resolved! Restore is failing for Linux Client with 2826 and 41 error code

Hi All, Backup is failing with error code 2826 and 41. I have increased the timeout limit to 3600S but still Restore is failing. It seems that restore is going in hung state for some time and fail with Timeout error. master server windows 2003 and...

Stiva by Level 4
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Resolved! Bp.conf entry for RMAN Backup and Policy

Hi All, I am Using  Netbackup : OS : Linux Oracle: 11 G Database server is acting as media server. I trying to configure RMAN for Oracle databases and I am New comer in this. I have below questions on the same 1. What would need to be...

Resolved! NDMP with Symantec Appliance

Hi Folks,   I have vnx NDMP device and need to configure the backup with available Symantec Appliance 5230, media server.what is the best way to configure the backup that will give a good throughput.

Resolved! Sap brrestore newbie question

Hi guys! Newbie here!  In case of disaster do you know if its possible restore log files using brrestore? I played with the command option "-n" but seems util_file its not supported. brrestore -u / -p -u util_file -n det_log root@s...

mizen by Level 2
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Resolved! Media Management

Hello Experts, We have 8 drives with SL150 with one robot. I need to know about the media management.  I need to know how to check the tapes count which we have removed from the library with the netback command. I need to know the inventory of our ...

Resolved! LDOMs for SAN Media Server

Hello Experts, Could you pls let me know if SAN media server is supported on Logical Domains in Solaris? Thanks, Hargyan Sharma.

Resolved! Backup failing with 58

Hi Team, Backup failing with 58. Telnet is not connecting from master server. Everything is fine on client= no firewall,process running,pinging from client.   Thanks inadvance        

Resolved! MSDP optimized replication - howto extract individual job info

From what I have seen OpsCenter is not very friendly in getting reports on MSDP optimised replication using SLP.   Looks like it will have tp be done via NetBackup. Any ideas in extracting this type of info (same what is presented in the details of t...

Jim-90 by Level 6
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Resolved! Catalog recovery error

Hi Team,  Upgraded Netbackup master server from to 7.5 and took catalog backup before migration. Now due to certain reasons after five days, downgraded master server from 7.5 to but catalog backup is failing with segmentation fault....

Resolved! Medias getting frozen

Hi Team, On one of my server , all jobs operations showing mounting state and not going to writing state and medis get into frozen state within seconds again and again.4   Thanks in advance  

Resolved! Media not connected to master

Hi Team, On job details it showing media is not connected to master.I checked everything like ping,bptestbpcd everything is fine. on media server host it showing like the value for this option is missing. Thanks in advance..

Resolved! Netbackup Web Management Console

Hello Experts, In our Windows 2008 R2 Master server NetBackup Web Management Console services are failing with an event ID. EventID: 0x00001B58 (7000) - The NetBackup Web Management Console service failed to start due to the following error: The s...

Resolved! SLP/AIR for OST HP StoreOnce, cannot import in DR

Hi, New Environment DC media linux redhat 5.5 x64 DR linux oracle linux 5.10 x64 netbackup 7.6 hp storeonce vsa/demo license I setup folowing  Document: Setup Instructions for the HP OpenStorage (OST) Plug-in for Symantec NetBackup using HP Sto...

tien86 by Level 4
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Resolved! Prepare to restore operation in netbackup bmr

Anyone knows the fix for the below issue? Please suggest. I am using netbackup there is a known issue with the Prepare to Restore operation in NetBackup's BareMetal Restore (BMR) module which effects all versions which use a Linux/UNIX maste...

Resolved! Netbackup server & Exchange server are on the different Domain.

hello     We have requirement to backup the 2 exchange servers that are on the different domain. For example       -   there are  exchange, nbu server.       -    there is exchange server.      I can backup the exchange s...

pgm10s by Level 5
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Resolved! error 59 when doing a restore.

Hello, We are trying to do a restore of a file from a incremental WMware backup. The media server is a Windows 2008 and the client is a Suse 11 server. We are trying to retore the file to anther server that has a NetBcakup client installed. What we...