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NetBackup 8.3 product videos

Continuing with the product videos initiative that was started with NetBackup 8.2, the NetBackup documentation team has come up with 3 new videos for 8.3 security features:NetBackup CA Migration External KMS support in NetBackup Configuring SSO in Ne...

Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Install NetBackup Client 8.1 error

OS version:Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.9 (Santiago) Architecture: x86_64NBU client source : NetBackup_8.1_CLIENTS2 I tried to install NetBackup Client 8.1 on RedHat 6.9,but I got the error messageCan anyone advise meClient binaries are ...

Resolved! Netbackup writing to tapes inquiry

Hello, I am not expert on tapes backup and I would like to  ask if there's a way on below scenario:I have 10 tapes then I want to full the first 3 tapes before I used the other 7 tapes to write the backup? Thank you!

Resolved! Master server catalog recovery

Hi I'm hoping this is a simple question, but I couldn't find the answer in the NBU 8.2 Troubleshooting guide. When a master server is recovered (following a catastrophic failure) does a full catalog recovery restore any configured vCenter servers and...

CadenL by Level 6
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SCOM Pack for NetBackup

Veritas no longer create a SCOM pack for NetBackup due to "Lack of demand".How many of you out there actually use SCOM and would want one if it were produced again?ThanksMark

Mark_Solutions by Level 6
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Error al iniciar consola de administracion

Estimadostras un reinicio de mi servidor (master) de netbackup obtengo el error 7656 ... consultando documentacion sobre el tema veo que hay que correr el comando nbcertcmd -getCRL obtengo el error 5978el tema es que todos los servicios estan corrien...

VMware Tracklog file location

Hello,someone knows the location of the tracklog files of the vmware type backups? I'm asking it because they're not present in the standard pathsThank you

Intore by Level 4
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Resolved! How to improve backup and restore performance

I installed Nebackup 8.2 on Windows Server 2019,I tried to configure NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS and SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS, but the buffer time and latency are still too much.If there is a better way to improve backup performance, please let me know.

Maximum concurrent write drives set to 8 but only uses 5.

We have 9 LTO-7 drives, maximum concurrent write drives is set to 8. We've also set the SLP Multiplexing to 8. But jobs NEVER use more than 5 drives. Which used to be our old limit. We bought 3 more drives, so I would expect it to use 8 like we confi...

bptestbpcd A SSL socket connect failed:7625

Hi all,I need your help about this configuration. My master server is Windows 2012 R2. My client is CentOS 7.5.Backup failed with 58 status "can't connect to client".From client, bptestnetconn is OKAYFrom master, bptestbpcd fails :bptestbpcd -client ...

AntBar by Level 5
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Exchange Status 71

Hi, i have a DAG containing 2 exchange servers 2016, logs in C: partition are not purged.  netbackup version is 8.1 the policy is configured as below : attributes = policy type : ms-exchange-server // perform snapshot backups is checked , VSS (0,0,1)...

Resolved! Upgrading Windows media server with MSDP from 8.0 to 8.2

Hi I have a small NBU environment with a Windows master server (running as a vm) and a single Windows media server that has a tape library and small MSDP. The master server has been upgrade from 8.0 to 8.2 and I am now looking to upgrade the media se...

CadenL by Level 6
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Resolved! Upgrading from Netbackup 8.1.1 to 8.2

I am in the midst of upgrading from 8.1.1 to 8.2.We have 2 Windows masters communicating through AIR SLP's. Each master is a Windows cluster.We are also using 4 Veritas 5240 appliances.What is the suggested order of upgrading the Netbackup environmen...

gaapeio by Level 4
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Resolved! We have random backup failures in master drive0

Hello, We have two HP libraries (MSL2024 and MSL8096). We have random backup failures and the drives change to AVR status. We've checked: - Update the firmware HP. - Check the FC. - Check switch log (only view this error): c3-timeout tx: The number o...

Oracle Register Instance

Good morningWhich operating system users (root/oracle) can be used for the Oracle Register Instance?I am questioning this because our company have acquired an Exadata Cloud and Oracle cannot send us the root password.Thanks for now 

Netbackup upgrade

Hi Technical Support,Good day!We would like to ask some question, now we have Netbackup version 7.7 and planning to upgrade on Netbackup version 8.2, may we know if we can still restore our Netbackup 7.7 copy on Netbackup 8.2? and can you advise us w...

sharepoint backup - Error1 - Granular

Hello, I've an issue with my backup job of Sharepoint farm. I followed the documentation but i think i've lost something My job is faulted with error 1.Jan 13, 2020 10:43:02 AM - Info bptm (pid=24887) using 30 data buffersJan 13, 2020 10:43:03 AM - I...

Ewe by Level 3
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