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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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netbackup NDMP restore not showing data on BAR TAB

Hi All, We have NDMP backupson netbnackup 7.6.1 version, backups running fine,but while restore  NDMP restore files are empty no data being displayed on BAR windows, but whne i brose the backup files in timwbar its visible , but not availble to resto...


Catalogue old tapes

Hello, we are currently trying to catalogue old LTO4 tapes which have been taken out of storage.The issue is the system these tapes were backed up on no longer exists and we have no record of what is on any of the tapes.The issue we have run into whe...

Fekko by Level 1
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Can you use SLP with Web UI's Protection Plans?

We're using a 5250 NetBackup Appliance with OS 4.1 (NetBackup 9.1). We are using 9.1's new functionality: granular backups over agentless AHV Nutanix VMs. But we haven't figured how to copy these backups to tape. Documentation on Granular AHV is limi...

Alexis_Jeldrez by Level 6
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Backup SMB Share on American Trends NAS Storage

Customer is having American Tends NAS Storage with SMB Share.And the users are accessing the SMB Share using local user created on NAS Storage.So how can we backup the SMB share using Netbackup Agent with NAS Local creditionals. Any Suggestion??  

Resolved! VM Backup failed with status code 6

Hello Guys!Can you help me?I have some virtual server backups that are failing with status code 6 when backing up via san.Servers are only backing up via network (nbd)I checked the disk configurations, the datastore are presented for the media server...

danguss by Level 4
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Resolved! From a Netbackup client, how to find out the name of his master

Hi !sorry for my english, i'm french speaking and Google is my friend !!!we have multiple NB environment and I need to create script that will be on all client of all environment.  This script will do a lot of thing and also, I would like in this scr...

About encryption of NBU8.2 Cloud Catalyst by KMS

Hi all,The customer plans to build Cloud Catalyst with NetBackup 8.2.At that time, the customer is preparing to encrypt with NetBackup KMS.MSDP(non-encrypt) -> CC(encrypt) -> CloudCloud Catalyst encryption by KMS encrypts the duplicated backup data w...

Resolved! Netbackup

Hello guys!could someone answer me what security algorithms are used for MSDP in NetBackup 8.1.2 onwards?

danguss by Level 4
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Scalable Storage bandwidth throttling

Hi Under the host properties of the media server there is a section called 'Scalable Storage' within which there is the ability to configure Cloud bandwidth throttling options for read and write operations and also for different time windows of the d...

CadenL by Level 6
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Cleaning Tape

Hi Dear Community, There are 3 CLN (CLN23 CLN22 CLN68) tapes in the NONE Pool in Netbackup.When tape driver needs cleaning l used CLN23 tape. Last week when l try to clean the tape driver The CLN23 tape didn't clean the tape driver and l changed the ...

Tabriz by Level 5
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Resolved! tpautoconf Failed opening the device mappings file

Hi, I am new to Netbackup Environment. Please help & sorted out the Issue.Netbackup is on cluster environment. In the seconday node when I am checking with tpconfig -d & tpconfig -l. Gertting no output.netback1# tpautoconfFailed opening the device ma...

114 by Level 4
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Character restrictions in NetBackup KMS

Hi all,I'm trying to configure Netbackup KMS with encryption enabled when configuring NBU8.2 CloudCatalyst.Is there a character limit when setting the following items of NetBackup KMS?- Host Master Key(HMK) ID- HMK Passphrase- Key Protection Key(KPK)...

Protecting Containerized Applications client download

Good morning all,We have a handful of docker appliances that don't backup consistently I have found a solution paper "Protecting Containerized Applications with Veritas NetBackup" The paper states that you can download the client images from VEMS, bu...

NetBackup and NDMP device DELL unity NDMP IO ERROR

Hi everybody,We had to implemant a Dell EMC Unity to do NAS jobs.The unity system is cut in 7 nas-server, which are independant of each other. I zoned the unity bay with the robotic library and LTO8 drives.On NetBackup, when i detect the ndmp clients...

MatBams by Level 4
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how to configure alerts in opscenter for queued jobs

Hello everybody! sporadically we have a problem with a SAP log backups filling the queue on a dedicated netbackup domain. I am looking for information about configuring an alert in opscenter to monitor the number of queued jobs and send an email if t...

Netbackup images

Netbackup master (8.1.1), linux server - NBU appliance 5230 (media server) was destination for image replication from 2 other master servers. It was doing tape copies. I checked catalog and can easily locate all tape backups, tape id etc. When I chec...

rookie11 by Moderator
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Resolved! NetBackup CloudCatalyst to MSDP Cloud Migration

Hi, document mentions a Direct Migration mechanism from NetBackup CloudCatalyst to MSDP Cloud, which will be available in a future NetBackup release. It also mentions that the NetBackup serv...

sandaru by Level 3
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Verify existence of DB backup in backup images

There was a requirement for extending the expiry of a couple of databases (MS SQL). The DBs are backed up with several others using a MS-SQL-Server policy (traditional). What I did was to use bplist command to see if DBs were backed up during the tim...

X2 by Moderator
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Perform snapshot without quiescing if quiesced snapshot fails

Hellofor the first time, I tried "Perform snapshot without quiescing if quiesced snapshot fails" option with a VMware policy, unfortunately the creation of the snapshot still fails cause the quiescence and no further snapshot without quiescience are ...