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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! master server issues

dear all         Recently i found that there are so many process named nbtelesched residing on NBU master server , does it matter and what exactly is it? [root@master bin]# bpps | grep nbte root      2395     1 71 12:38 ?        02:12:22 /usr/open...

Resolved! how catlog backup is to be taken ?

hi,   As,am new to symantac backup how catlog backup is to be taken ??   **** Moved to new discussion from  Catalog recovery ****

lvs0088 by Level 2
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Resolved! RMAN Backup Don't Retry if any child job fails with 83

Dear All, I want to know that why Rman backup job don,t Retry if any child job fails with 83 .   7/4/2014 10:06:20 AM - Info bpbrm(pid=8633) t2401_vip1 is the host to backup data from      7/4/2014 10:06:20 AM - Info bpbrm(pid=8633) reading file ...

Resolved! netbackup catalog configure using command line

Hi Mates,   1..How to configure catalog backup from Command line In 7.x verrsion and in 6.5 version  of Netbackup?   2..What is the use of bpbackupdb command when we have bpbackup command?

Resolved! How do I delete backups on an old DiskPool

Hello everyone, I hope you can help me out.  Several months ago, my company added a new MSA disk pool to replace our aging DataDomain disk pool.  All backup policies were reconfigured to stop using DataDomain and, originally, the usage on DataDomain...

khemmerl by Level 5
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Resolved! Media Server Load Balancing

Hi,   We are planning to implement Netbackup 7.6 and deploy multiple media servers that will perform backups to a Data Domain storage server. One storage unit will be created on the Data domain system and presented to the netbackup domain, the a d...

maxsven by Level 4
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List of (some) known issues with NetBackup v7.6.0.2...

Hi, I've had a quick Google search for issues with NetBackup v7.6.0.2 and was surprised to find that only two were listed on the LBN 7.6 page:   Below is a brief list of what I managed to find. Is anyo...

sdo by Moderator
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Slow Exchange DAG SAN Media server backup

NBU 7506 (Windows) Exchange 2010 4 node DAG with NetApp as iSCSI storage Tape drives are zoned to exchange servers Seperate policies are created for respective server with DB mounted local disk backups are 100mb/s+ ... whereas Exchange SAN backup...

V4 by Level 6
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DB2 backup got failed with 13(ERR - DB2 Info is INVALID)

Master server 7.5.6 Media server 7.5.6 client 7.5.6 DB2  Qulity system hot backups are failing with error <16> db2Validate: ERR - DB2 Info is INVALID.   logs :   08:31:20.476 [27825] <4> sqluvend: INF --- RETURN STATUS 08:31:20.476 [27825] <4...

Resolved! File Permission

Hi Experts, I need to know in windows server 2008 about the below. 1:- to retain the file or folder level permission in restore case is it neccessary to take system state backup? if we take only file or folder backup and we restore it ..will it tak...

Resolved! Sanity check: never requested a clean?

NB7601, Solaris master/media svr plus windows 2008r2 media server. The latter has 2 drives for doing ndmp backups and two for non-ndmp and is the one I have a question about. The drives are hp lto4 fibre, in a HP msl robot. In over three years there...

Resolved! Using netbios name doesn't connect, FQDN connects.

Hi there,   We have one media master server with two NICS on it. I've configured the local hosts file so that all communication goes through one NIC. So far, things have worked great. For some reason, two clients cannot connect on socket and as far...

Seth_E by Level 6
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SAP Offline Backup Error -- Need Solution

Hi All,   SAP offline backup getting failed with below error. Error bpbrm (pid=1286336) could not write Keep Alive to database client. Please advice hz to troubleshoot.... NBU Version: 6.5.4 OS: AIX 5   Regards, Dilip Kumar

Resolved! Understanding of SG BUILD

Dear Forum, I am facing problem with tape drive visibility on netbackup. Total 8 drive should be visible but only 7 is getting detected on nbu. On OS and OBP level i m getting it but not in netbackup. I have tried rebuilding sg, rebooting media s...

NBU2010 by Level 6
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Resolved! How to connect to iSCSI storage?

Hi all, having come from HP Data Protector we are complete NBU Virgins so have a couple of question.  Hopefully someone can advise! :) We will be using a seperate Master & Media server (both Virtual Windows Server 2012) and the Media server will be ...

BirtyB by Level 4
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Resolved! netbackup server and client communication

I have netbackup master server and client both running on solaris 10. I am using the same master server as media server. I don't have media server seperately my master and client are in two different VLANs. However, they are reachle using ping, tel...

somesh_p by Level 4
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Netbackup TIR data pruned at 10 days

Netbackup master/media server and client. In order to use synthetic backups I have turned on True Image Restore, but am finding the TIR data is being pruned too soon. Initially I found my differentials were running as fulls and Synthetic Fu...

Resolved! Netbackup License for 7.6 upgrade

  Hi All, I am planning for Netbackup version upgrade from 7.5 to 7.6. Do i require any additional license other than the existing license keys? I think upgrade license key has to be provided by Vendor, but I'm not sure. Kindly provide your inpu...

Resolved! MS-SQL DBBACKEX failure from third party scheduler ?

Problem : Running MS SQL backups from a third party scheduler (MS SQL Scheduler) with no hard coding of user ID or password refuses to use the NBU SQL userID and password in the windows registry. Anybody found a better solution than what we have fou...

Jim-90 by Level 6
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