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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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pending duplicates in staging schedule

I have setup staging schedule on STU to duplicate to tape and need help belw 1>  How to find ( any command) to find pending duplications. Also want to see how many got duplicated and how mny remng. 2>  How to free space which are duplicated. 3> An...

raffl by Level 4
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Resolved! How VMware Full And Incremental Restore Works

Hi Frineds , I Just want some informtaion , How Vmware Full And Incremental Restore Works ???? Supose, i have Daily Schedule as incremental backup on every (Mon to Sat) and weekly schedule as Full on every (Sun). now if i have to vm restore in new...

Resolved! Vmchange Command

Hello Experts, I am unable to move expired tapes to scratch pool. Pls help. These expired tapes are in different pool.   E:\Program Files\Veritas\Volmgr\bin>vmchange -p 18 -M TM020 Could not change media ID ------: Could not connect to vmd on ho...

status 24(Socket write failed) issue while restore

status 24(Socket write failed) issue while restore Hi everyone. I tried to restore but status code 24 fail occured while restoring the data. Backup environment and details log are below, please suggest how to resolve this issue. Master server(ba...

Resolved! Tape Size

Hi Experts, We are using LTO 6 tapes. I found one starange thing today however their size is 2.5 Native capacity. Some tapes are still assinged with 4 GB capacity. We didnot configure compression as far as i know. So pls suggest what is happening. ...

Resolved! Media Multiplexing

Hi Experts, Previoulsy I had many jobs in queued state and these got failed with 196 errors. We have 8 drives and Media Multiplexing was set to 1 in full and differential backups in policy schedule. I changed these Media Multiplexing to 4 in full ...

Resolved! Where does the VM hostname come from?

I have a  VM policy. If I click "add client," then click "Browse for Virtual Machines," a list of the VMs shows up. My question is this: Where does it get the information it populates into the "VM hostname" field, and also the "Display Name" field? ...

spitman by Level 5
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NetBackup (NetBackup 7.6 Maintenance Release 3) is now available!

(crossposted from the Netting Out NetBackup blog) I’m extremely happy to announce that NetBackup is now Generally Available! NetBackup is our latest maintenance release for the NetBackup 7.6 line.  This release contains fixes to...

CRZ by Level 6
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Resolved! Netbackup DAG .img filling up my disk

Hello, We are running NB on a Windows 2008 R2 machine.  We back up our Exchange 2010 server DAG.  The backup job creates .img and .info files that are filling up our disk on the netbackup machine.  Are these supposed to truncate after a cert...

Resolved! NDMP Drives are going Offline

Dear All, We are running NBU on 7.0 with 2K8 Machine, and we had configured NDMP(2 Storage boxes, which will use 2 drives each) to Media server with 4 Tape drives, and here the problem is while i'm trying to take backup from box2, only 1 Drive is us...

john10 by Level 6
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Resolved! Drive Issue

Hi Experts, I have oracle SL 150 Drive in our setup and it has 8 drives. I had checked the drive status in Library Console it shows all drives have tapes. If i check from Netbackup it shows the attached information. We have 17 jobs in queue and 18 ...