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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Can't install windows client

I can't install the windows netbackup client on windows 8. i 'm receiving the below error, <b><font color="red">06-19-2014,23:34:34 : Action ended 23:34:34: INSTALL. Return value 3. </font></b> <br /> 06-19-2014,23:34:34 : A fatal error occurred...

Resolved! Netbackup for Hyper-V

Master RHEL6, MSDP, NBU We are trying to configure backups of hyper-V vms with NBu for hyper-V. there is a clusster of 3 nodes and containing CSV. I have added the name of all nodes of cluster & cluster to master server's server list and th...

NBU35 by Level 6
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Resolved! Backup are failing with 11 error(System Call failed)

Hi All, From last few days I am observing that the backups are failing for some policies with errro code 11 at one specific time. But after some time when I restart the backup. They are getting successfully completed. Please find error: 06/19/2014...

Stiva by Level 4
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Resolved! Solaris upgrade from NBU to 7.6 running very slow

we are upgrading a solaris 10 media server from to 7.6 and then to   in the upgrade from to 7.6 we are noticing the install script takes forever during the preinstall check phase. in looking under the covers i can see that i...

marti by Level 2
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Sharing my findings on a replication/import issue

NetBackup Brothers and Sisters, I just want to share something I experienced in the hope it helps someone else.  I run 5220's to a DataDomain with another set of 5220's and DataDomain in a DR datacenter.  My backups use SLP with backup to DD_A and d...

Resolved! Tracking down media that has already expired

I am looking for some ideas on how to track down a recently expired tape. I have a user who is looking for data that is about 70 days old. Our retention period for this particular server is 60 days, so my current catalog is of no help, and there is ...

Resolved! Microsoft Access Database agent

Does Netbackup have an agent to backup a Microsoft Access Database while the DB is up? I do not see a policy type for this. We are running Netbackup

tsg13nm by Level 3
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Resolved! volume_cleanup issued on valid copy

Greetings, I am seeing something peculiar in my NBU restores that has me puzzled. We are going through multiple backup-recover cycles and I don't see this happening for every restore but it has happened more than once. We have an SLP (non-AIR) on t...

alokjha by Level 3
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Resolved! how to present NFS datastores to backup host

Hi all, I have a media server configured as backup host. how can I add my NFS data stores to the backup host to use for my Netbackup for VMware Should they be simply mounted ? thanks  

1501SV by Level 4
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Resolved! Need some clarification on backing up NetApp NDMP in cluster-mode.

I've been reading up on the documentation for backing up a NetApp NAS in cluster mode via NDMP. My environment is, with RH Linux master and media servers, backing up to Data Domains. My storage admin wants to know if we can backup via the vi...

LT2013 by Level 4
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Resolved! Millions of Files - Slow Performance

Hi there,   We are currently running Netbacku with one media / master server (30 clients only for now) File servers with 1+ million files take forever to backup with a throughput of 5 - 9 MB / sec. The backups are going directly to basic d...

Seth_E by Level 6
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Resolved! Manual and scheduled backup jobs not running

Good Day Geeks !   Two days back we upgrade dour 2008 R2 master server from to One issue happened as we had our Netbackup\DB in X drive ,it earlier was in Y drive but we moved to X drive 6 months backup but not sure when running up...

PranavB by Level 4
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Resolved! Manual replicate images

Hi everybody, Is it possible to manual replicate old back-up images to a new target nbu domain by using the command nbreplicate?

Jansen3 by Level 2
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Comparison of all Netbackup Versions

Hi Guys  I'm looking for a table format that explains ALL ( day 1 to today ) netbackup versions comparison. Can anyone give me please. Please don't solve this without my knowledge  

Diaz_C by Level 3
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Resolved! Netbackup support with Openstack Swift

Hi All, I was going through some of the docs regarding the integration of Netbackup support with different cloud storage provders. I have found that currently Netbackup supports four cloud storage providess: Amazon, AT&T, Nirvanix and rackspace.  ...

Resolved! NetBackup Image Cleanup - exclude things

Hi, i have A LOT of images with infinite retentions in my NetBackup Catalog and image cleanup takes +20h to finish. I know i can start it less often but i would like to know if there a way to "exclude" infinite retentions images from the cleanup jo...

kml by Level 4
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Resolved! Backup is completing partially

Hi, Client Server  : Windows 2003 OS Activity Monitor Job logs :   06/18/2014 09:47:51 - begin writing 06/18/2014 10:55:07 - Warning bpbrm (pid=7188) from client npbms4: WRN - can't open file: \\NPBAPP\DATA2\HP-Share\_HP_Dept_folders\ Integrity\...

am09 by Level 4
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Resolved! Error 83 : Open Media Error

Hi Everybody, I reiterate my issue concerning the title. Last time, I did not sent any log because I expected that our partner would have solved the issue. Well it is not. Before I introduce the configuration of the NB : Master Server = Win 2008 ...