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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Removing images on DataDomain that I don't see in Netbackup

Hi, We are using NB 7.0.1 and backing up to two DataDomain 890 units. The DD890s are close to full and configured to run the clean process twice a week. I had EMC run a report on the system and there numerous backups on the systems that are over two...

pmj by Level 3
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SharePoint Netbackup Error (The database is inconsistent)

Hello, I'm trying to backup the SharePoint 2013 with Netbackup SharePoint Server use Windows 2012 Standard. Database Server use Windows 2008 R2 sp1 with MSSQL 2012 Enterprise I give a Domain account System Admin role and local Admin role...

SvenCao by Level 3
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Resolved! Need to schedule RMAN backup only once in a month

We have a schedule for RMAN backup with backup type: Automatic full backup. When I am trying to change the schedule I can only change the schedule for weekly. Can anyone please help to schedule the backup only once in a month.

Resolved! Installing Netbackup on 2nd node of cluster

Hi, In my environment, we have a single node cluster running with vcs 6.0.3 and netbackup on RHEL 6.4.   Now we need to add a 2nd node to the cluster, and upgrade the vcs to 6.1. Plan shared by Linux team is: Install OS on 2nd node Insta...

Resolved! Image cleanup schedule creep: fix?

I think I know the answer but is anyone aware of a fix for image cleanup creep? Mine now run at 1am and 1300 ish. Hopelessly out of sync for when folks need to go and manage media: all the tape work is done 10am (when the backups have completed), but...

Resolved! Contents of the Dedupe Pool

My Netbackup Dedupe pool is running at 90% capacity .. I need to produce a report for my IT manager on whats in there or taking up the space before we add more storage    Can anyone assit ?    

yobole by Level 6
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win 2012 r2 client restore.

Hi Master,Media : LinuxRHEL6, Client WIn 2012 R2 DC.              System has crashed, it was a vm on hyper V 2012 r2. we created a new vm with same name and config and ip. restored full C drive & then used w2koption. and restore...

NBU35 by Level 6
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Resolved! What's taking up space in my "disk pools"

***** Moved to new discussion from  *****   the NBU environment was turned over (more like dropped on my lap) so i'm still learning the ropes. i don't know how to answer you but i ...

manatee by Level 6
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Resolved! Decommission media server, provision new one question

Hi, We have a netbackup media server that runs on UNIX amongst other 4 media servers that run on widnows server 2008R2. Net backup runs on The master server also runs on windows. We are looking at getting the UNIX media server to be decomm...

maxsven by Level 4
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Resolved! Need to configure Netbackup AIR

Environment Netbackup Server = 7.5 OS = windows2008 R2 We have Netbackup Server configured with deduplication pool/Storage Unit. All backups are running fine. Now I want to configure AIR. I have found a technote and it is saying OC site: One Maste...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! backup jobs failing status 2505 and 252

backup jobs are failing as below   6/26/2014 00:26:29 - estimated 8946870 kbytes needed 06/26/2014 00:26:29 - Info nbjm (pid=3930) started backup (backupid=xxxxbp_1403735189) job for client xxxxxbp, policy xxx_i386_DATA_xxx01xxxbp_xxx01sybbp, sche...

symsonu by Level 6
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Resolved! how to size BMR backups

NBU how does one size a BMR backup? i need to backup 22 Windows servers of diffrent configurations and want to find out how much space it'll need.

manatee by Level 6
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Resolved! Need urgent solution:Backup failed with 24

Hello Team, NBU Master Server: Client 7.5.07/ Client Name :test.123 Policy I have gone through all Tech Notes and found 2 mount points is creating issue and for that i have enabled logging to 5 and also created touch file bpbk...

2013 by Level 5
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Netbackup /usr/openv/ deleted from cluster node

Hi My Netbackup LAB environment is running with  in VCS cluster. Somehow /usr/openv got delete from NodeA. I am able to up the Netbackup on NodeB. In cluster configuration it is showing with error state.   hastatus -sum -- SYSTEM STATE -...

Resolved! Change Master Server Domain

Hello, I've read some of the other posts about changing the Master Server domain name, but I did not come across an example where it is possible. Marianne has been very clear about using shortname for Master Servers and aliasing FQDN, but the server...

Resolved! inventory update

Dear Experts, How can I get to know media inventory report.  Master server : netbackup OS solarisMedia server ; netbackup7.1.0.3 OS solaris  Suppose, I ejected some media from netbackup GUI and forgot to list the same, then i inserted some...

Resolved! backup failed with error code 21

Hi Team,   Master Server is AIX and NBU Is Media server is AIX and  NBU is Client is AIX and NBU is 6.5 Backup is failing with error code 21.   Detailed Logs:   06/25/2014 21:16:22 - Info bpbrm (pid=6750288) chidrxga01dm is t...

Resolved! Need command to list schedule

Hi Guys,   I'm looking for the command to list policies with schedule which runs in specific time window.   e.g. A week report for allpolicies runs between 7am-5pm   I tried bpplist, bpsched   Thanks in advance.

Resolved! Forcing VMWare Access Host

This may be documented somewhere so let me apologize if it is, I may not have entered the right magical phrase into the google machine to get the right results. My environment is made up of 3 Netbackup servers (; 1 Linux master/media server,...