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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Hello,   I am starting with VIP and I will like to know if someone know a simple way to control the number of virtual machines that are in a VIP. I don't want to back up more than 80 virtual machines in each policy, but I don't know how can I cont...

Resolved! Backup Restoration

Hello Experts, We have SL 150 Library with 8 Drives and 350 clients. Whenever other team asks for the restoration,  backups are running due to restoration takes time for even small smallfiles as drives are full at that time. So my question is what i...

Resolved! Retention Period

Hello Experts, In my environment our policies are configured with 1 month retention period for media. Now our client wants to do the retention periord to 1 year. So i have below questions. 1:- Should i change the retention period in each policy? P...

Resolved! Dbclient Logs

Hello Experts, My environment is new hence no logging is there. Master server 2008 and client is solaris netbackup 7.6. We are restoring something in oracle . So need dbclient logs.I have created dbclient dir in under logs. and its a user directed r...

Resolved! Hyper-V backup issue

Dear All ,    The backup of all local drives not getting backed up for server for HyperV backup policy. Only C:\ drive backup is happening.  Master - Windows 2008 / NBU Client :- WIndows 2008 / NBU 7.5 Policy Type :- Hyper-V Find the a...

NetBackup Hyper-V 2012 Backup moving Virtual Machine to Save State

Hi Techs, We are facing issue while a Hyper V Backup. When I start a backup of the HyperV of 2012 Server. Virtual Machine is moving to Saved State and backup will start. During the backup. We are unable to access the Virtual Machine and Applicatio...

punbs by Level 4
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NBU 7601 upgrade with NBAC

I have a site where NBAC is confirgured and running on 7505.  I am upgrading to 7601 on the Master Server initially (after completing the Ops Center Server OK) and following the first phase of the upgrade when I go to launch the Admin Console to chec...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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Resolved! Restore Question

Hi, I manage a netbackup environment that I inherited from an admin that left the company a few months ago. I have a request to restore a file from a server (VM) that was decommissioned, the client believes that they requested a full decom backup (...

maxsven by Level 4
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Resolved! Full Linux and windows restore without BMR option

Hello, I am not sure if I need to open seperate two discussion for this or not. I have doubts for both.   WINDOWS I was going thorugh the following tech note: There it is ...

tollboy by Level 4
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Resolved! High Core Switch CPU usage when running MSSQL backup

Hi,      My Network guys are complaining of high CPU utilisation on a Cisco 6509 core switch when we kick off our MS SQL backups from one of our SQL clusters. Client is Windows 2008 R2 running using the MS SQL agent going to a 5220 running ...

Resolved! Windows 2012 Client install

Hello all, I know there is a special client that needs to be installed on the client only for support of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 as referenced by  I just need to verify that after this is ins...

Resolved! Migrate PureDisk data to MSDP - Clarification

Hi all,  Need to migrate data off a legacy PureDisk system into an MSDP (Possibly a NBU Appliance) and I need some clarification on the process. HOWTO89017 states "NetBackup cannot use the storage hardware while PureDisk uses it for storage. The st...

bpdown by Level 4
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Resolved! Copying data from one tape to other tape

I have 2 tapes each of 1600GB capacity, one is 990GB (000093) full and other is only 20GB (000056) occupied, I need to copy this 20GB data to other tape which is 990GB occupied. I understand from readings that in netbackup images are duplicated not ...

Not able to see all slots on the media server

Hi Guys, I have one windows 2008 media server with Netbackup installed. I got new tape library TS3500 with 273 slots activated and 8 tape drives. I have zoned first 4 drives with this media server and I am able to see on device monitor. I ha...

Resolved! Not able to see all slots on the Netbackup Media Server

Hi Guys, I have one windows 2008 media server with Netbackup installed. I got new tape library TS3500 with 273 slots activated and 8 tape drives. I have zoned first 4 drives with this media server and I am able to see on device monitor. I ha...

Resolved! Always failed to restore OS from tapes

Hi, My server is 2008R2 64 bit with domain. I always failed to restore OS from tape by NBU, which steps I was wrong, please help!! 1. Reinstall 2008R2, the hostname is a new one. 2. Join domain 3. Install NBU 4. Restore OS from tapes. The brok...

HowardYu by Level 4
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Resolved! Maximum concurrent jobs at the same time

Hello,   Does somebody know if the number of concurrent jobs at the same time has changed from NBU to For the maximum concurrent jobs per second that can be generated is one. So, it is 86400 jobs per day.   Thanks