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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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  • 16 kudos - Windows 2012 - status 13 after 2h

Hi, I have a problem with Windows 2012 netbackup client (fileshare cluster) backup via media Win 2012 server. Client and media server are Hyper-V machines running on the same hypervisor. No firewall between. Policy type: MS-Windows...

dokhook by Level 3
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LiveUpdate - How to set capacity required for clients?

Has anybody successfully reconfigured LiveUpdate for NBU clients to accept a different free space size for the temporary location of the upgrade process? RHE Linux For RHE Linux the default for the free space requirement  for /tmp just over 2GB.  I...

Jim-90 by Level 6
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Resolved! Problem with creating SRT at AIX 6.1 using NetBackup 7.0.1

My master and media at windows 2008 server with netbackup 7.0.1 My AIX client is AIX I want to create SRT on that client using netbackup 7.0.1. I successfully install 7.0 and upgrade it to 7.0.1 on AIX client. But while I am going t creat...

Tauhid by Level 4
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Unable to register the BMR server

OK, I started configuring the BMR but unable to register the server.  Two problems I am facing right now: 1)  Shown in the screenshot ( pls see the attached screenshot) 2)  The "NetBackup Bare Metal Restore Boot Server Service" stops automatically...

Incremental / Differential backup finish error 130

    Hello Everybody   I am running exchange 2010 on windows 2008 server backups from netbackup  running on solaris. The full backup work well but the incremental and differential backups finish with the error 130. I have found lots of TN...

Resolved! Error Code 27

Windows Clients failing with Error Code 27. Need best possible way to resolve.

Bkp2020 by Level 3
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Resolved! Missing Path in Tape Drive

We have SL8500 Tape Drive. 2 Drive Paths are Missing. SAN Team asking for WWN and HBA for 2 missing paths. How we identify WWN and HBA for Each Drive Path for the Drive.

Bkp2020 by Level 3
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Resolved! Which tapes are ACTUALLY required for a restore operation?

When I initiate a restore operation, a list of "required" tapes is generated, usually 5-25. However, I have never seen more than 2-4 tapes actually used in the restore process. Is there a way to determine the ACTUAL list of tapes required? Using NetB...

Resolved! Baremetal restore does not work

All,   I'm have a Redhat 6.4 server and I'm trying to do a Baremetal restore, but it fails on two accounts.   Firstly it says that the disk size is dissimilar, yet I'm restoring to the same box, with the same disk and I'm not talking a replacement ...

Resolved! SQL backup exit status 83

Hello Marianne. SQL Version is SQL 2008 R2. Now backup is failing with error code 83. Detail status: 05/22/2014 07:14:12 - Info nbjm (pid=11266) starting backup job (jobid=1489026) for client fngwengdbpr02, policy FNFG_OPT1_LCKPRT_SQL_WEEKLY_fng...

Resolved! Restore from more masters

Hi everybody, after days of struggling I decided to ask here, as I believe there has to be some very simple solution which is eluding me. My Linux client has multiple SERVER entries in bp.conf for our multiple master servers. I'm trying to accomplis...

Resolved! bpexpdate -deassignempty

Hi,   bpexpdate -deassignempty don´t delete valid images of a tape??? I have some assigned tapes, with (I think) no images on it. I want to delete them, but it´s not possible, because they are assigned. Now I want to unassign them with bpexpdate....

VC Plugin

Hello,   I am trying to install NB Vcenter Plugin on my vcenter. But the plugin does not appear. (Yes, the NBVCplugin server is runing, accessible and got a resolvable DNS name) I use NBU vCenter plugin My vCenter is in 5.5.   Any Idea...

ElGringo by Level 6
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Resolved! VMware HOWTO

Hi,   Is there a procedure other than the admin guide for VMware to get the VM backups started via Vcentre.   Regards   Danie

Resolved! NB_update.install error

Hi,   Downloaded, but when combining the 2 CLT files and untaring i get the following error: root@noc-netbackupM # ./NB_update.install ERROR:   Missing required server files in /usr/openv/NB_7.6_Sparc/NB_7.6.0.2/NB_7          .6.0.2_CLT:...

Resolved! sql backup failed with error code 2

*** Moved to new discussion from: *** New SQL client. Client details: windows client is : windows server 2008 R2 netbackup 7.1 has been installed master server : Linux 2.6, net...

Resolved! Netbackup licenses

Hi If Netbackup Master server has app/Db needed to be protected. What licenses required to purchase by the Customer? a. NBU Master Server License b. NBU DB agent c. NBU Client ( Is NBU Client required or included in NBU master Server licenses wit...

MingHar by Level 3
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