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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Netbackup 6.5 - Index Rebuild

I know.... 6.5...LOL!! Can someone tell me how to stop an index rebuild now that it has been kicked off? It has been running for quite sometime and we would like to cancel it. Ramifications if stopped? Thanks so much!!

Resolved! Subscription for Veritas NetBackup Security Vulnerabilities

Hello  All,I have found this link however is there another way to be notified of Veritas Netbackup critical/high security vulnerabilities along with patch and version releases?  Thank you in adva...

new2nbu by Level 4
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Resolved! Reducing 96TB MSDP

Hi. I have a backup server with 96TB MSDP storage mounted in /msdp with 1TB volume for catalog, and three 32TB volumes mounted in /msdp/vol0, vol1 and vol2, with "data" directories created under them and with present file /etc/nbapp-releaseNow this s...

Resolved! Change MSDP mount point

Hi all. I have a storage server with MSDP running in a mount point different than /msdp and with MSDP catalog and data in same volume.This server is going to grow but I want to do it following the 96TB/250TB MSDP method by adding 32TB partitions when...

Resolved! Inventory fails. media id not unique database.

HI ALL.When I insert TAPE AHX304L8 and Inventory update. I got this error in Netbackup Administration Console:Inventory failed: media ID not unique in database (34)Before this error:In my NetBackup >Media ID AHX304 was matched TAPE( barcode: AHX304L8...


HPE SimpliVity (VMWare) and Netbackup.

Do you know if there is any specialised plugin etc. for Netbackup and a HPE SimpliVity System running VMWare 7.x and Netbackup 8.3Other Systems we are using Veeam but need to use Netbackup on this install. Reading up, looks like we would just configu...

aaee by Level 2
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backup container bptestbpcd failed: 7647

Hi All,I testing backup persistence volume k8s, i followed this document for implementation:  Protecting Containerized Applications with Veritas NetBackup. in host management status ok, but  failed  add client to backup policy. i have test run   /usr...

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Netbackup AIR with DataDomain

Hi Experts,We use AIR for site to site backup replication between my two backup servers.On both the sites we have backup storage as EMC DataDOmain (OST). We know that we created source and destination storage units on both the Datadomain to implement...

Resolved! bpstart_notify and updating /etc/hosts file on media server

Hello All,I have been wokring with my network team to try to figure out how to resolve the following issue.We have a customer with several Windows clustered file servers.I am aware of the best practices for protecting clustered file servers (virtual ...

Resolved! LTO4 tape reading on LTO6 drive

Hi everyone,We try to read an old LTO4 tape without barcode to duplicate the data on our new LTO8 tape.In my robot, i've one HP LTO6 drive. I saw that you can read LTO4 tape in LTO6 drive but i've an issue with this.I define my LTO6 drive in NBU as a...

MatBams by Level 4
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NBU & vCenter 7.0

Hello,after vCenter certificates update NBU VMware Intelligent Policy is not running anymore.vShpere client version 7.0.1 Error nbpem (pid=2700) Failed to obtain SSO certificate using VMware vCloud Suite APIs, msg = [com.vmware.vapi.client.exception....

eesso by Level 3
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Disk space used per policy/client

Hi!Is there a way to determine how much disk space a policy (or client) uses on a deduplicated disk storage? Info: We use for almost all backup policies SLP's to write the data to the disk storage.I only found this old entry but it's not really helpi...

Resolved! After domain change not able to login to NBU console

NBU - 8.1 WS 2012 NBU was installed with hostname and not with FQDN. Changed just the domain name today and after that can't login to NBU as it says. NetBackup could not initiate a trust relationship with host nbu.old.domain. Ensure that your domain ...

sksujeet by Level 6
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