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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! The Netbackup GUI is not updating restore kilobytes

In my Netbackup environment i have Netbackup installed & netbackup servers operating system is Solaris 11. I am doing one VM(Linux) restore which i felt is stuck earlier as the Kbytes(7680) are not getting increase in GUI console but when i c...

knbu by Level 4
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Resolved! nbu 6.5 port requirements

 iHi All, Firewall team is saying that they have restrictions on port opening on router level. for a unix client running 6.5 NBU , i know both vnetd and bpcd needs to be open. my query is cant i just ask them to open vnetd port only (bidirectional...

Slow Backup Speed

Database Backups running slow at 3 Mbps Speed and How its speed can be improved. Its running Backups on Data Domain and Pure Disk.  

Bkp2020 by Level 3
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Resolved! DR Test with Catalog Archiving in place

NetBackup We have catalog archiving in place, and will need to 'prove' that the archived images carries over in our DR test. by performing a restore of an archived image. I checked the admin guides but don't see anything as it relates to a c...

chack22 by Level 4
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Resolved! need clarity on netbackup questions

Hi ,   Can anyone please help me on below qustions answer: 1. What is command to list media servers in Solaris10 netbackup master server 2. How many master server/s can be hold by one EMM server? 3. What is Sybase version of Netbackup 7.0 EMM? ...

Resolved! Netbackup performance

Hi, I am newer to Sumantec NB I hav 7.6 Netbackup on Linux OS. Can u pls tell me which setting i have to do so Netbackup performance can be increased..

Resolved! regarding catalog backup

Hi, I am newer to the symantec NB.. I hav 7.6 version of Netbackup and Os is Linux and installation path is default(usr/openv..).. EMM databese and catalog on the same master server. Can u plz tel me abt the EMM database location and catalog loca...

Resolved! So's and Dos in replication log file

Team !   We have manual duplication running from one MSDP to another MSDP. Whenever i refer the "/disk/log/spad/replication.log" file i see    Do's to replicate ? What exactly are these Dos     May 14 11:20:42 INFO [140097112409856]: Transfer ...

PranavB by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup client 7.5 binaries

Hello Team, I am trying to install netbackup 7.5 windows client binaries but rollback and did not install. when i am double click on setup it gave me below error, was this is the cause of unsuccessfull installation.   " User Account Control(UAC) ...

Resolved! Image cleanup error 174

Hello, I'm getting an error 174 on our image cleanup jobs. All Full backups are writen to disk and tape. Incremental backups are written only to disk.   Master server  Solaris 10 running NetBackup (SolMasterSvr) Media server Winfows 2008 ...

Resolved! How to define and manage alias of a NetBackup client ?

I have a backup network with for each NetBackup client "myclient", a specific IP address and a specific client name  "sav-myclient". When I backup a client which is a VM (Policy type VMware),  the name used for the backup is the "VMware Display na...

Gdd by Level 6
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Resolved! Jobs retry delay & Schedule backup attempts settings

Hi I am new to NetBackup, and just take over the role from previous admin. Just reliase that our NetBackup server do not retry failed job. Looking at the settings at our Master Server properties: Job retry delay: 60 minutes Schedule backup attemp...

Resolved! tpconfig - can I run it from anywhere?

Hi, I'm registering a server with DDBoost installed with two Data Domain bixes by running the following commands:  nbdevconfig -creatests -stype DataDomain -storage_server -media_server nbdevconfig -creatests...

Resolved! What needs to be done for a Netbackup health check?

What needs to be done for a Netbackup health check? In the Symantec KDB I just found this article: Also, the feature with the Defrag of the Datenbenk is very interesting. I...

Resolved! I have big trouble with the new LTO6 Drive

*** Moved to new discussion from  ***   i have big trouble with the new LT06 Drive, Netbackup can reade and write only on one of the Drive, but the second Driv...