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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Exchange 2010 restore to 2013 environment

I have a 2010 environment mailbox that is needing to be restored but we are now running exchange 2013.  I was wondering if anyone knows if this is first possible and second are the steps still the same.  just using the recovery mailbox option? Thank...

Resolved! Installation roolback

Hi, I would require some advise as I am unable to proceed with the installation of a netbackup 6.5 master server installation on a windows 2008 ent server. I agree that the this version is unsupported. The installation is rolling back and am unable ...

Evin by Level 2
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Resolved! Restoring from Stand-Alone Drive

Long story short, our robotic tape library is going away and we'll only have access to a single stand-alone drive (one tape at a time), no label reader, just a standard drive. Since I'll have tapes that will still have valid images for 30 days beyond...

Resolved! VMware - How to backup a "Single File"

Hello. I search for a solution to backup single files from a VMWare VM. The VM is in a normal VMWare policy an the backup works. Is it possible to backup sinlge files, via bpbackup?

Resolved! RHEV 3.3 + Netbackup 7.5

Hi   Has anyone deployed Netbackup 7.X with RHEV 3.3 and successfully backed up virtual machines via a Snaphot?   I know a similar question was asked in June 2013 - but I am hoping there has been some updates / progression.   Thanks   Mick 

Resolved! Re-use tape space issue_2

Hi all, I work with VTL Solution. And all the time, when backup fails with error code "96", I can no longer re-use the space for other backup. The failed backup still using space on the virtual tape though it's not in the catalog; the space is lo...

A_Dobe by Level 3
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Resolved! NDMP backup

Hi Techies, We are running master Netbackup server as a VM and media server as a physical server. Linux as a OS . can NDMP backup support by the VM master server?   Thanks  

NBU BMR Failing

Been dealing with this issue about a week now.  We are in the process of trying to move some servers to boot off SAN and for this we want to just use BMR to move the system to new hardware.  I am doing the same thing I have always done in the past i...

Resolved! Reading a tape LTO4 with a Tape Drive HCART3

hi, how can a tape drive LTO6 (HCART3) read a tape LTO4 (HCART2) ?? It's possible to configure it without chaging drive density ?? thanks in advance for your reply !

issmag by Level 5
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Resolved! Reading LTO2 tape with a StorageTek SL150 with HP LTO5 drives.

Hi Marianne, I have an old backup I did on LTO2 (IBM) drives and an L60 tape library. The library was connected to an HP box running RHEL 5.7. I upgraded to a StorageTek SL150 library with 2 cartridges (60 slots 4 LTO5 drives). I got a request to re...

Resolved! Upgrading multiple netbackup clients

Hello All,   My netbackup master server is Solaris and at version 7.1,  no media servers.   I have a mix of unix and windows clients. Most of my windows clients are on legacy version 5.x or 6. What would be the easiest way to upgrade all of them ...

anash7 by Level 4
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Resolved! System State Restore on Diffrent hardware

Hi All , Can we do the system state restore on diffrent hardware. We want to restore from HP(Blade) to IBM hardware. Windows OS version would be the same only hardware is diffrent. Thanks in Advance, Bharat

Problema de Storage Unit en Veritas Netbackup 6.5

Buenas tardes, Tengo el sistemas netbackup montado con 1 Master server, 3 media servers y 13 clientes. El problema me lo da en uno de los clientes, en el cual corre una de las políticas más importantes. Cuando la política la configuro por el Storage...

Resolved! Netbackup Encryption

Hi to all, I need to activate Encryption on my Netbackup Infrastructure. We have 2 sites: SITE A Netbackup Master Server + 1 DD860 + TL Quantum i40 + 16 Mediaserver ( 2 Windows 2008 R2, 3 Linux RH6.1 update 3, 11 AIX) SITE B 2 Mediaserv...

AIacono by Level 3
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