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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Media in round robin mode into the volume pool.

Is posible to configure NetBackup to use in round robin mode the media of same volume pool? For example, I have a volume pool with five media. I want that monday's Backups being saved into first media, tuesday's backus being saved into second media,...

Resolved! Mismatched/Crossed PID #'s between Master and Media server

Has anyone ever experienced two backup jobs trying to use the same PID bpbrm process on a media server. It hangs both jobs resulting in failures. Aren't backup jobs supposed to have their own bpbrm process on the media server? Is this a problem relat...

Accelerator Track Log getting deleted

Hi Everyone,   Can you help me in this, recently configured backups for one client with Accelerator Enabled.   Client : Windows 2008 Netbackup Client : Master Server : Linux Netbackup Version :   After backups successful, the...

pitambar by Level 2
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Resolved! License needed or not for new drive

Hi,   We have NetBackup 7.5 Master Server installed on Windows 2008 server. And Media Server installed on 16 servers. We have 2 drives in an MSL library. Now we need to add one more dirive in library, so do we have to buy any license to use new ...

Resolved! Week1 and week2 backups always run with every week backup?

Hi i am using Netbackup  when ever any weekly backup ran at its time , week 01 and week02 backups also ran for example this week, week04 backup ran and with it week 01 and week 02 backups also ran i have scheduled in calender properly in Calender...

inn_kam by Level 6
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Resolved! vCloud and hotadd

Hi, I'm trying to get the hotadd transport mode working when backing up a vCloud VM. NBU is, and both the BKPHost/MediaServer (that's one VM with both fatures: BKP host and Media server) and the VM to be backed up belong to the same organiza...

pep-e by Level 4
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I AM RUNNNING below command ON MASTER SERVER.What does this mean?  ./bpgetmedia -h pknunx01 -U Media-id  Robot Type  Robot Number  Density --------  ----------  ------------  ------- P32892    ACS         3             hcart3 P41688    ACS    ...

Arun_K by Level 6
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Resolved! DSSU full (129), but relocation jobs find nothing to be done

Hi,   we have several Basic Disk DSSU connected to a media server (all systems Windows 2008 R2, NBU Everything worked fine for years, now suddenly we are getting error 129 on 3/4 of the DSSUs. The disks are indeed full of NBU images, the ...

Resolved! Need help for FTP tape backup

Hello, We have one user & he want to take a backup on tape but he is not giving an access to his system. The solution is like we have to provide him FTP space & he will be able to transfer his critical files on that system & we have to configure the ...

knbu by Level 4
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Resolved! disaster recovery procedure

Bonjour je suis entrain de tester le disaster recovery entre deux sites différents. Dans le Site1 : Nous avons un serveur  de backup  qui s’appelle  bkp1   (Netbackup 7.6) + robot SL150 Dans le Site2 : Nous avons un serveur  de backup  qui s’appel...

xpierrex by Level 3
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Resolved! Differences between hcart and hcart2?

We are using NetBack Up with a single IBM 3580-HH5 half-height LTO5 drive (non-robotic).  What should the media type for that particular type of drive be defined as?  HCART?  HCART2?

Resolved! Opscenter/Netbackup questions

Hi all, I have a couple questions Is there a way in opscenter and command line) to display what directories/file systems are being backed up by a specific server?             For example say a client wants to know what directories are being bac...