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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Media ID on Catalog show with "@aaab"

Hello The Media ID on Catalog menu show all with text "@aaab". Would it be caused a problems when promote to primary copy and how can I fix it? Thank you

yotsapat by Level 3
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Media ID on Catalog doesn't show

Hello The Media ID on Catalog menu show all with text "@aaab". Would it be caused a problems when promote to primary copy and how can I fix it? Thank you

yotsapat by Level 3
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problems encountered during setup of shared memory (89)

Guys, i need help to resolve this issue, we see backups failing with Error 89 , we followed this artcle and did fine tuning , Still backups are failing..!!! My observation All s...

Trying to figure out restore behavior of a multiplexed backup

I have a restore running of a Oracle/SAP database using RMAN.  The backup policy specifies a multiplex setting of 2.  RMAN submits 4 jobs (specfied somewhere in RMAN).  So four jobs run and write to two tapes - in this case (lets say) tape abc123 and...

sclind by Moderator
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BMR Backup of Oracle on Windows 2008

Hello, We are backing up our Oracle servers running on Windows 2008 using BMR (Netbackup 7.5 5230 appliance).  The policy type is MS Windows and the selection list specifies the ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES directive.   The backups succeed, however, when restori...

Calling all Hadoop shops!

I represent the Backup & Recovery Product Management team and I'm looking to get into contact with those shops who are currently using Hadoop or are planning Hadoop implementations.  Please reply to this, private message me here on Symantec Connect, ...

Jed_Gresham by Level 4
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Resolved! Login Banner Configuration

Hi All,   I am not able set the "Login Banner Configuration" for master server. Not giving any error, just return with blank window once I click on apply in Host Properties of master.   Master server : windows 2008 NBU Version :   Please assi...

Vickie by Level 6
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Resolved! Dedupe Query

Hi   I got a doubt when i were to configure a backup to a MSDP. Intention here is to create a fullbackup every week end and an incremental on the week days. Retention of weekly would be 2 weeks on MSDP and 2 weeks for incremental. I just need clarity...

Krutina by Level 3
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Resolved! Old master server cancelling jobs on new master server.

Hi I recently created a new master server for and migrated all of my existing clients and media servers over to it.  We still have the old master server, but all of the services are disabled.  Everything is working fine in the new system, but...

Resolved! Netback 7.5 -> 7.6 Solaris 10 x86 client upgrade failure

Hi. I'm having an issue upgrading one (of 64) Solaris 10 x86 non-global zones. The client installation fails with the error: ERROR: The pbx_exchange daemon is not currently running. It must be started before NetBackup installation can be...

Resolved! I want BPEND fails

Hello, I use bpstart/end for some of my backups, my problem is : even when there's an error on my bpend, the errorcode for he backup is 0 I tried this for my tests :    echo KO >> ficlog.txt find KO ficlog.txt if %errorlevel% EQU 0 then echo 900...

Resolved! Scheduling with frequency "1 day"

Hi,   I'm working on Netbackup I wonder if Netbackup has the same behavoiur if I set "1 day" in a frequency-based Schedule instead of "24 hour" ? For example, if I've opened a window each day between 6PM and 5AM, and my last backup started at...

RemiA by Level 1
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Resolved! OpsCenter - EEB`s

Hi All, How to check the all the EEB was installed recently on the OpsCenter server. I found few report columns/cells are blank in the report; however we have some a valid info in the NBU. Also there was EEB released for the same. My OpsCenter admin ...

Netbackup and Exchange 2013 SP1 compatibility

Hi, We have Exchange 2013 and Netbackup We would like to install SP1 for Exchange. SP1 is new and I can not find a compatibility guide for Netbackup. Do you think Netbackup  support Exchange 2013 SP1 ?    

vburgun by Level 3
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Resolved! Cannot restore system state (status:2808)

Hello I had a problems with system state restore. It always end with status 2808. This is the process status. Colud someone help me?   3/13/2014 3:30:48 PM - begin Restore 3/13/2014 3:30:54 PM - restoring image SCOM-2_1394304982 3/13/2014 3:30:59 PM ...

yotsapat by Level 3
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VMWare restore policy error for individual file/folder restore

Hi Experts\Symantec, This issues has happen so many times and sometime success sometimes not. I try to restore individual file for vm which backup using VMWare policy but unfortunately failed with exit status 48 client hostname could not be found or ...

Rookies by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup job is not processing

    Job is not processing, showing connected from last 10 hours, killed started again, still same issue.     03/13/2014 08:57:36 - end Snapshot: Stream Discovery; elapsed time 0:00:00 03/13/2014 08:57:36 - begin Snapshot: Bare Metal Restore Save 03/1...

Resolved! Netbackup Migration from SUN to HP hardware

Hi All, we are going to migrate our Netbackup 7.5 from two tier to three tier architecture. we have few queries, 1. can we keep Master NBU server as a VM? However we cannot keep Media sever as a VM. 2. And we are going to keep two media server(Linux ...

Resolved! Query : Synth Backup

Synthetic backup is "A full Synthetic backup is in essence a consolidated duplication / synthesis of last full and subsequent incrementals" Does it mean it does the duplication like normal duplication (Then how it completes in 1 minute for 100GB) ? 0...

Possible by Level 6
Accredited Certified
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