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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! SQL Server

Dear Experts, I need to know when we create .bch file in SQL server . It has the following 3 options. MAXTRANSFERSIZE 6 BLOCKSIZE 7 NUMBUFS  2 What are these options and could we change these default values and what are the highest and lowest va...

How do you check schedule windows coherence?

Hi all,  I wonder if you have any method (script, Opscenter query) to check if there is any mismatch between "Start Window" and "Calendar schedule". For example if I set calendar schedule to saturday but you select a window on friday from 17 to 19, t...

norburing by Level 2
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Resolved! BMR Master Server Setup is giving error

Hi, I'm attempting to setup BMR in my test environment.When i run the BMR Master Server Setup Wizard I keep getting error "setup failed,see the details above". The window doesnt have any details as to what the error is. I have restarted teh services ...

Resolved! NetBackup 7.6 and Oracle

Hi, We are planning to upgrade our NetBackup to and my question is: Do we have to make any changes to our Oracle RMAN-scripts and policies for running Oracle backups or can we stay as-is with the scripts/policies until we choose later...

Jost by Level 3
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Dedupe giving error

Folks,    I have a DR environment and trying to implement the deduplication. Master server Windows 2003, Nbu Master 7.0.4. Volume for Dedupe : G:\ When i configure the MSDP with Storage Server Config Wizard, getting STS error. Attached screenshot ...

Resolved! backup failes with error 13 after upgrade to

Hi, i'm getting OS backup failure with error 13 after upgrade to Client server: its a window 2003 sp2 x64 and its a cluster. Master is linux. I have attached the bpbkar log and activity monitor log, please verify. Note :  i have also check th...

Resolved! SLP is trying to write to a stuck tape

Master server: Netbackup - Solaris 10 SPARC Media server: Netbackup - Solaris 10 SPARC (also the robot control servers) Media server Netbackup - Windows 2008R2 (job trying to write to stuck tape) Tape library - StorageTek S...

Resolved! How To Configure SAN Media Server

I have a netbackup Client with Linux OS and netbackup client 7.5  the thing is that I want to use it as a san media server to make the backup faster so what are the steps ?? Master Server is Solaris OS 10 and Netbackup 7.5

Netbackup catalog backup ending with Status code 2

Dear All, In my environment Netbackup catalog backup ending with Status code 2. When checked with the troubleshoot steps it just shows this error code applies to automatic backups using Lotus notes or SQL. But we did not use any automatic backups. ca...

BMR restore failed with status 2808 on VMware

Hello My BMR restore failed with status 2808. I have changed MAC address to match with the new one and started boot with SRT image to target VMware. I try to find the source of problems but couldn't find out. Can someone help me please?      Master S...

yotsapat by Level 3
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Resolved! How many Catalog Backups do I need to archive

Hi, First of all sorry if is there a topic asking about the same thing I'm going to, but I am looking for the answer and I don't find it. I'm just testing NetBackup 7.5 and I have a question about catalog backups. How many of those do I need to have?...

MikelSS by Level 3
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Resolved! bpcompatd not starting after upgrade to 7507

Good morning,   we have updated a SAN media server to version 7507. And after the upgrade we have realized that the daemon bpcompatd is not starting. We have restarted nbu services with no luck. In bpcompatd log we can see the following info:   08:58...

Juannillus by Level 4
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Resolved! Not able to configure new NDMP host

Hello Experts, We are using NBU 7.0 with Win-2008 and we already configured 2 NetApp boxes for backup with th ehelp of NDMP and working fine, now we got requirement which needs to configure 1 more NetApp box to the same Library which is having 4 Tape...

john10 by Level 6
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Resolved! NetBackup 7.5 migrate to IPv6

Hi everyone, I'm currently checking on the feasibility of an existing NetBackup 7.5 customer to move to IPv6 as part of the company initiative. I come across this note stating that "Migration from IPv4 to IPv6 ...

Kong_Hoong by Level 3
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Resolved! Import/Export Admin Console Java Settings

Hello, I'm using Netbackup Administration Control, java version. These are Netabckup 7,5  7,1 and 6,5. Need to migrate from XP to Windows 7. I would like to take with me on windows 7 settings such as list of hostnames and usernames I entered on them ...

Kayn by Level 2
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