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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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SUMMARY We reinstall the Netbackup after a disaster. recover the catalog. However the MSDP pool is showing down. C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>nbdevquery -listdv -stype PureDisk -dp MSDP-POOL -UDisk Pool Name : MSDP-POOLDisk Type : ...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Includes files / Exclude_list - help for AIX clients

Hi,  we are with Netbackup 8.1.1We have 2 classes for our AIX servers, one for the OS (SYSUX) and the other for the rest of FS (PRDUX).Currently we have includes files with more than 1000 lines for PRDUX and this is causing a problem (Old NB administ...

Netbackup restore issue

hi experts,NBU master - AUL version (8.2), client server FILE001 version (8.2) (prod)                                                                          NBU master - AUS version (8.2), client server FILR001 version (8.2)  (non prod)            ...

rookie11 by Moderator
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Resolved! NetBackup 9.0

Hi,I just want to ask if NBU 9.0 is safe to install now?  For those who did, any issues encountered?Or is it better to install NBU 8.3 for now?Master and Media Server OS - RHEL 7.9Thanks!Leandro   

Error nbjm (pid=9600) NBU status: 2107, EMM status: Requested media server does not have credentials

Mar 4, 2021 12:20:43 PM - begin DuplicateMar 4, 2021 12:20:43 PM - requesting resource  LCM_Silver.BoDataNBU-stuMar 4, 2021 12:20:43 PM - granted resource  LCM_Silver.BoDataNBU-stuMar 4, 2021 12:20:43 PM - started process RUNCMD (pid=3564)Mar 4, 2021...

HCVN_u by Level 3
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Resolved! Any word on Exchange 2016 CU19 support?

It's not in the database and agent list dated today: we had to update Exchange 2016 to CU19 to...

sclind by Moderator
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Resolved! Inter Site SLP fails but Intra Site SLP succeeds

I have two datacenters, with a clustered master server node, media servers and an SSO connected tape library in each.I migrated our server infrastructure from older hardware running Windows Server 2008 R2 to newer servers running Windows Server 2012 ...

Alun by Level 4
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Resolved! Standalone volume

Hi Community,I have some questions related standalone volume.There are 2 volume group in netbackup.Standalone and Robot volume group.I know what is difference between Standalone volume and Robot volume.But l would like to know if in tape library ther...

Tabriz by Level 5
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policy automatically inactive

Hi Folks,I am having trouble with the policy in my Netbackup, this is only happening while I am creating a policy. whenever I create a policy it's automatically disabled. I wonder what is the root cause of this issue. your expert advice is much appre...

Error code 96

Dear All,I encounter the problem error code 96, i insert the new media, do inventory to see the tape in the library with the slot number, check the policy using the correct volume pool.  Then run the backup job , return the error code 96. May I know ...

Resolved! MSDP Down

Hello Community, We had a OS Upgrade on a Master Server on Win2008 to change it to 2019. It also had an MSDP Pool on F Drive. After Clean 2019 install  and Netbackup Master Server 8.2 Setup and Catalog Recovery. We followed Process to reconnect MSDP ...

Resolved! How to define input/export tapes

Hi Dear,l have a question about input/export tapes (email) in netbackup.Every monday OpsCenter sends to me email related input export tapes.I viewed the Report Schedule related tape inport export .OpsCenter send the email as html.But l would like whi...

Tabriz by Level 5
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Resolved! NetBackup API call format works in Unix but not Windows

I am running NetBackup 8.2 on a Solaris master. I am writing a script to run on my existing Windows clients for when the server needs to be reinstalled and it needs to have a re-issue token to allow automated installation of the NetBackup software. I...

Resolved! expired tape

Hi Dear,How can l know which tape is expired?is there such a command? ThanksBest regardsTabriz

Tabriz by Level 5
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Protect last copy image

Hello!What if last backup does not end successful and backuped system crashes? You do not have valid backup in catalog, lucky if image was stored on not rewrited tape. here question, does it possible do not expire last success backup until not create...

Drives disappeared in NetBackup

I'm running Solaris 11 and NetBackup 7.7.2 and have recently had my robots and drives stop working.  When i go to "UP" the drives they appear to come up and then immediately fail.  The drives themselves are Storagetek SL150s and they are not showing ...

goose325 by Level 3
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Resolved! Information on environment

Hello Team,this is just to get information..when we need to add new master/media server in existing environment. Means on what scenarios we can think that there is a need to add new master/media in environment. Thanks

Dav1234 by Level 5
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Required to install NetBackup Client Software on VMs?

Hi all,Do I need to download NetBackup Client Software on my Windows and Linux VMs if I want to do file-level restores on those VMs? My Master Server is operating on Linux RHEL 8 on NetBackup 8.3, and I'm using VMware vSphere 7.0 to run the VMs. I no...

Recover Backup of other Master Server

Hello Communties, I'm working on an upgrade project:Infrastructure we have :- Master Server v7.7.3 2008 R2- Appliance v7.7.3- VMware v6.5And Old Client, like Solaris 8 so need v 7.7.3 We have tu upgrade the VMware version to v7, problem is the compat...

Dackey by Level 4
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