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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Small Files Backup

Hello Experts, I was reading that small files backup could hamper backup performance when files are more than 1 Millions. So my question is when we configure flash backup. 1:-Do we only need to select the flash backup type in policy or we need to do ...

NDMP Restore Getting fail with error code 2813

Hi, While doing NDMP restore while selecting all the folders, I getting error  (NDMP policy restore error(2813). 3/14/2014 6:42:06 PM - begin reading 3/14/2014 6:42:11 PM - Error ndmpagent(pid=25298) ndmp_data_start_recover failed, status = 9 (NDMP_... BMR restore error V-126-8 Cannot find TrueImage date.

Hi I need help about the BMR . Now I can not run "Prepare to Restore". The following message is displayed:  The requested operation could not be completed. The server returned code 1. [Error] V-126-8 Cannot find TrueImage date. Please make sure a ful...

Sattaya by Level 3
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Air Replication Imports Talking longer between jobs

Hi Guys I have a fairly unique issue where we're using NBU AIR to replicate images to DR. The images are replicating fine however we find that the time some of the take keeps getting longer and longs between imports. Is there any way to 'increase' th...

Resolved! VMWare backup failing- Error code 6

Morning all,   I need some assistance with an issue I found this mornign on one of my VM's.   The backup is failing with the error code 6. backup server is 2008 R2 Standard 64bit.   Below is the error message on the backup: 2014/03/17 09:57:36 - Info...

Resolved! NBU 7.5 schedule problem

The scenario is like - For a particular policy - Monthly schedule window was on 2nd saturday and sunday and retry allowed was checked. Monthly full completed successfully on 2nd saturday for a particular client. Monthly Full backup submitted again fo...

Resolved! Tape Drives are not visible through scan.exe command

Hi Friends, I'm facing drive path down issue for one particular media server. Connectivity between Master and media server is fine. i.e., Ping, telnet, bpclntcmd tests are successfull from both the ends. device mapping files are showing up to date(1....

Resolved! Backup/restore throughput

Hi, I have Master, Media and Client : Linux RedHat 6.1 , nbu Tape Library with LT06 media and drives. Mater-Media-Client connected on 10Gb Lan, Master-Tape Library connetected on SAN switch with 8Gb speed. Backup Policy configured with 4 m...

santave by Level 4
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Resolved! storage unit density

Hi All, i have a robot with 3 different tape drives types. now i neeed to configure it in NBU. i know that density must match between st unit,media and drive.   I have configured robot and under storage device column in storage unit tab,it is showing...

Resolved! About DFSR

How important is the DFSR to Symnatec Netbackup? What on earth is DFSR?   **** EDITED by MvdB to 'tone down' on potentially offensive language. ****

Resolved! Expire after copy dilemma

We are using Netbackup with a virtual Master and two 5220 appliances and a MSL6480 library. Mostly VMware backups and accelerator. We don't have enough disk space on the 5220's to cover more than maybe 3 months of backups. We are using SLP's ...

Resolved! What is the step to import the data?

Hi all, My server crashed. my other server is win2003 with nbackup 6.5 installed. is there any issue, if i try to import the data from tape?because it have also a same tape naming convention. and the data i need is in MON tape. e.g MON < from crashed...

Agent47 by Level 4
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NBCC fails with "no storage servers found!"

In running the NBCC command on a master server to prepare for a upgrade the command always fails on phase 2 with "no storage servers found!".  This kills the script and it will not proceed any further.  The problem here is there are n...

mtp0410 by Level 3
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Resolved! 7.6 LiveUpdate not upgrading clients

I have used LU to update all of my clients since the start of 7.5.  I upgraded today to and I cant seem to get any clients to upgrade.  I have removed all of the 7.5.X LU installs from the directory and I only have files. The jobs are...

Resolved! Media ID on Catalog show with "@aaab"

Hello The Media ID on Catalog menu show all with text "@aaab". Would it be caused a problems when promote to primary copy and how can I fix it? Thank you

yotsapat by Level 3
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Media ID on Catalog doesn't show

Hello The Media ID on Catalog menu show all with text "@aaab". Would it be caused a problems when promote to primary copy and how can I fix it? Thank you

yotsapat by Level 3
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problems encountered during setup of shared memory (89)

Guys, i need help to resolve this issue, we see backups failing with Error 89 , we followed this artcle and did fine tuning , Still backups are failing..!!! My observation All s...