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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Create a NBU Vault Policy without a TLD being defined.

The other day, I asked how to create a NBU SLP so I could use Data Domain Replication to our DR site.  The answers I received were most helpful (even though Symantec has yet to mark it solved). In doing additional testing, a NBU Vault policy works mu...

Netbackup SAN client on solaris LDOM's

As a followup to my earlier post   We now have a Solaris 11 Parent (PRIMARY) with Solaris 10 LDOM's that are being backed up as a SAN client. Oracle Backups (RMAN)...

mpatt by Level 4
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Resolved! Master Server move to new hardware

Hi all; First, our details: Windows 2008 R2, Netbackup, two media servers. Just wondering if moving to new hardware has been eased by any of the recent upgrades?  I haven't looked in a few years and it used to be quite a pain.  Can a master s...

Resolved! 250-371 Exam

I was thinking of taking the exam 250-371 Netbackup 7.5 for windows With the new 7.6 released is it advisable to take it or to wait for the 7.6 version    Cheers   

Resolved! AIX to WIN

Could anyone give the steps to convert the NB master server from AIX to Windows?

Resolved! NDMP backup

Hi,   How to change existing username and password in ndmp. Backup (master and media) server: NDMP backup, if we plan to change password on storage(NetApp Filer).  Please give me soluation.          

Snapshot backup failed

Hi,   I am getting EC 156 while taking backup of Windows server. Master Server Version = HP-UX ( media Server Version = HP-UX ( Client Server version= WINDOWS 2008 ( (156) snapshot error encountered   Let me know if any other ...

Resolved! Unable to uninstall NBU 7.5 Client

Hi   I am unable to uninstall NBU client 7.5 from a windows server 2008 machine. I am not getting any error messages while unistalling. The uninstaller just pops up and then goes out. I had patch installed as well. So first I uninstalled the ...

syrus by Level 3
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Resolved! Netbackup Restore priority problem over duplications

We are using SYMC Netbackup and EMC Data Domain. Data from the EMC Data Domain gets duplicated to the Tape library for offsite purposes. With just 10 drives, only 10 duplications jobs runs parallel and others remain in queue.  During this tim...

Resolved! Status 227 for parent job of a hot catalog backup

It is possible for the parent job of a hot catalog backup to fail with a Status 227 even though the child jobs complete with a Status 0. The failure will occur when the bpdbm daemon attempts cannot find the catdirinfo file which contains the DR infor...

Resolved! storage life cycle

  Hello experts, Kindly, explain me why we use the lifecycle policy storage?? and also why we use the baremetal??  

janar by Level 3
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Restoration issues in NBU

We are currently restoring some files. We have one folder that contains many folders and files on it. In the recory console, we are not able to see all the contents only the main folder that contains the subfolder. Actually it is a file server. We ve...

Resolved! how to suspend duplication by SLP

Hello, We are running Netbackup on Windows server 2008 R2 sp1. All the backups is going to SLP that including one backup operation and 2 duplication operations. Is there any way to suspend one of the duplication operation to start the duplica...

Sisso by Level 5
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Resolved! TIR backup issue.

Hi Team, We have a server Win 2003 being backedup using NBU and master server (Win 2008 )version of NBU is also same. We had error like TIR info file missing backup everything in the drive so I followed

BVshet by Level 5
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Resolved! NBU NDMP Backup of a Netapp Snapmirror Destination

Hi Experts,   Will i be able to backup a Snapmirror destination volume to tapes using NDMP ?? Please help me with a Support Document of any ?? Thanks In Advance !!   Nayab

Nayabsk by Level 6
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Resolved! System state restore

When i perform a complete windows client restore, from where i have to initiate the restore process. i could see a some symantec docs says to initiate from client side but some are recomented to initiate from master. Which is the correct method.   ht...

Resolved! exclude list and ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES.

Hello experts. I have again simple quesion. In our Netbackup system we have some policies with ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES. If I  exclude one directory (e.g. /str/ked) . It will work or because of ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES it will be backed up? I wanted to test but ther...

janar by Level 3
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Resolved! Enterprise Client License问题

我已经安装一台Master Server和两台SAN Media Server,但我当为Media Server配置存储单元的时候出错,提示license不正确,存储单元创建失败。 于是我检查license,未发现“SAN Media Server”的字样,仅有"SAN Client"。 我不确定是否用错或缺失license,还是安装配置的问题? Master Server安装过程中输入了所有的license,SAN Media Server安装过程中输入了以下license: SYMC NET...

xue_nan by Level 3
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