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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Can't Connect to Client (58)

I just installed NetBackup 7.5 on a Windows 2008 R2 server.  I am attempting to backup to disk rather than to tapes (what we were using before).  When I attempt to run a backup, I get error code 58, can't connect to client.  I went through the troubl...

Netapp filers running 8.2 cluster mode

Hello All, I need some information regarding  NDMP backups . I ahve a netapp filer running on 8.2 cluster mode  which we want to backup using remote ndmp.As per the HCL guide it is supported for versions 7.x. Our master was recently upgraded to 7.5.0...

bkup1234 by Level 3
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VMWare Backup Host and SEP

I'm currently using a Windows backup host to perform backups of our VMWare environment using the SAN transport method.  I don't have Symantec EndPoint Protection installed, but am being pushed to use it. Do I need to worry about SEP causing any probl...

Jevon by Level 4
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Code = 6: the backup failed to back up the requested files

Hello Folks! I need some help! I have a problem in my Netbackup environment. The error that occurs is to an SAP server. Below details LOG with the error:   15/01/2014 15:48:58 - Info nbjm(pid=3920) requesting MEDIA_SERVER_WITH_ATTRIBUTES resources fr...

Resolved! migrating from BackupExec V12.0 to NetBackup

We recently inherited a system that uses BackupExec version 12.0 in a Windows Server 2003 environment.  We are planning to migrate that system to Windows Server 2008 and the backup solution to NetBackup.  The question is - Will I need to re-create al...

Snapshot error encountered(156)

Vm backup fails with the following error: VMware error received: File is larger than the maximum size supported by datastore. environment: 1. Backup host OS Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise NetBackup 7.5 2. Vcenter version 5.0 hadware version ESX 5.0 3. HP...

Resolved! NetBackup client-side deduplication multistreaming support

I have a server 2012 client running Netbackup agent the server has 4 volumes with size , 1TB , 1.5TB , 2 TB and TB . I have client side dedup enabled as well as change journal and accelerator.  However the large 6TB seems to fall over with a...

yobole by Level 6
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Resolved! Hi need to know how to password protect the tape

Hi,   1)Here in our site we are backing up  data using symantec netbackup let me know the steps to be followed to password protect  the tapes. 2)I have to password protect tapes as it has to be sent to other location

Kushaal by Level 4
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Sharepoint GRT backups using VMware

hi Can anyone confirm that it's possible to backup Sharepoint using a vmware policy if all the servers within the vmware farm are virtualised? I have 1 front-end server, 4 x App servers and 1 x back end server. All these servers are virtual and I wan...

KeirL by Level 6
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Resolved! Incremental Backup Size

We are currently running Netbackup 7.5.06 and I am having an issue with my incremental jobs on some systems.  We are backing up to disk and the file size on some of our systems are larger than they should be.  For example I am backing up our print se...

Munger by Level 3
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Backup images on disk that aren't in catalogue.

I've got a pool of AdvancedDisks, I'e noticed that are getting full often. Looking at the disks, there are lot of images that are 6 months old and not in the catalog. Can I remove these images safetly, and is there a way of seeing when that image act...

Resolved! Exclude offline disks

HI All, We are going through a strange scenario where , One of our client has couple of offline disks in disk management. Since this is our DR server hence disks will only be brought online in the event of Disaster recovery. Isuee we are facing is wi...

Resolved! Command to map retention level numbers to human readable values?

Does anybody know of  command to list all defined retention levels with their human readable values like "3 weeks", "8 months" etc? It would nice to be able to dynamic do this in a script rather than having to hard code all the different values.  

Bob_- by Level 3
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Resolved! Facing issue while restoring the data

Hello All, We upgraded recently 7.0 to of our Master/Media servers and(every thing is ok), but we had backup for some "Network drives" backup with help of win-2012 server(NBU was completed partially, and when i'm trying to restore it...

john10 by Level 6
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NetBackup upgrade from 7.1 to 7.6

Dear all, I am trying to upgrade NetBackup 7.1 server and client. Netbackup master server installation  completed successfully, but the client upgrade was stuck in the middle. I tried doing from installing locally it gives no error but not moving aft...