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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Enterprise Disk License

Hi      I've upgraded my Netbackup server from to The reason was to use the option to backup to Amazon S3. I've been informed to another discussion that for that reason I was needing the Enterprise Disk License option.     Does anyon...

Resolved! Need info about "Multiple Copies" in NetBackup

Hello, We have a monthly backup job for which there is a client requirement that there should be 2 backup copies (same data) available as it is a compliance requirement. The tape library has only 1 drive. My question is, does this duplication happen ...

Status Code 239 Backing up Cluster sql Server

Hello,   Long ago I defined an sql backup for a clustered sql server ( 2 nodes). Now for some reason I have a problem with the client the sql backup is not working, I get status 239. here is a sample of the error log : TIMESTAMP 20131211113740 MA...

SnirA by Level 4
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Resolved! ltid

Hi All,   I need to add a drive but without restarting ltid.   Is it possible?

noazara by VIP
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Resolved! Do NetBackup have limited to back VM ?

May I know NetBackup have limitation to back up VM ? like what sizing of VMDK can backup ? coz I got this problem, when the vmdk over 200 gb it got backup failure !!!

Eric_L by Level 4
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Resolved! can't backup /home in linux

Hi, Master server: Linux RHEL 6, nbu Client : Linux RHEL 6 , nbu Backup Policy : Cross mount point : disabled BMR and TIR : enabled Multiple data stream : enabled The full backup is failed with status 14 for /home, with belo...

santave by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup Client MSI / Client Installation Files

Hi, I have just recently upgraded our Netbackup Master and Media servers from 7.1 to I am now planning on deploying the client software to update our client machines via SCCM 2012, however I currently only have the 7.5 GA client sour...

Waynos by Level 2
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Resolved! One Master Server controlling two tape libraries

Hello, I think this is a new one. We have on the same SAN two SL500 tape libraries, one Solaris host as Master Server and 4 Media Servers. Just wonder if it is possible to have this Master Server to control two robotic arms of each tape library on on...

Resolved! How do I remove unwanted images awaiting duplication to tape?

We backup to disk, then duplication jobs copy images to tape. I have a bunch of images waiting for a tape drive, that I want to discard, as if they never ran.  I need to get them off my disk to make room for new backups, and of course, make sure the ...

Resolved! Error 2320 when restoring from a Virtual Disk

Hello Folks,    Here we back up the entire virtual machine through vCenter Server (VMWare Policy Type), and we use the Enable file recovery from VM backup and Enable block-level incremental backup features.   Backing up works fine, when I tried to re...

Andre_Torres by Level 5
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Resolved! Symantec Netbackup Market Share 2012 or 2013

Hello, I'm preparing a short presentation on Netbackup 7.X for student audience and thought that its a good idea to show them what's the current market share for Netbackup and Backup Exec. Unfortunately after 2 hours of searching I wasn't't able to g...

MiloHaze by Level 3
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Vnetd on client does not work correctly.

Good day all,   I'm facing a weird issue from some days. Netbackup master is running on RedHat, agent is windows 2008. Netbackup It was everything ok, until the customer rebooted client, for an unknown reason. Now randomly netbackup can't co...

Resolved! NetBackup 6.5 slow backups over network

I am configuring a NetBackup 6.5 installation. Here is the topography: Master server: windows 2003 R2 x64 client: windows 2003 R2 x64 client: NetApp over NDMP The policies are configured with zero overlap in the start times. The number of data buffer...

Resolved! Changing Verbose Levels

I entered a case on Netbackup because I was having an issue. The gentlemen I am working with asked that I change the verbose level from 0 to 5. He stated that I must restart services in order for this change to occur. Is this correct? I find it surpr...