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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! MPX for one folder in linux

Hi, I have big data size 5TB in one folder, for example : /data/big It containts many files and sub-folder. I enabled cross mount point and 5 mpx, but look likes its only generate 2 JobId, consider as 1 mpx. How to enable 5 mpx, so its generate 5 ...

santave by Level 4
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Resolved! Exchange 2013 Archive Database Backup

Hello Forum,   Need to backup Exchange 2013 archive database having only active copy from Netbackup Client is on W2K12 and Backup Infra on Solaris 10. Getting following error when backup is executed. -----------------------------------------...

NBU2010 by Level 6
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Resolved! No Media is available

Hi, i get these error messages in NetBackup:   12/13/2013 18:00:00 V1 S:degbackup01 J:23031 (U:23031,0)   Error(0x10) General(0x2) nbjm   NBU status: 96, EMM status: No media is available   12/13/2013 18:00:00 V1 S:degbackup01 C:d...

Restores Without Reverse Resolution On Default Configuration

I have been tasked with an unusual requriement to "troubleshoot a success" for a customer's restore job.    Master: Solaris 10 NB 7.1 Media: Red Hat 2.6 NB 7.1 Client: Windows 2008 NB 7.1 (VMware guest, VADP Flash-windows backups). There is no revers...

Resolved! REQUIRED_INTERFACE still valid on 7.5?

I haven't had to use REQUIRED_INTERFACE since version 6 days, but I was recently asked if there was a way to redirect backup traffic from a client via a separate NIC, so naturally I thought REQUIRED_INTERFACE would do the trick. However, in reading t...

LT2000 by Level 4
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Resolved! RDSM has encountered an STS error updateStorageServerConfig

Hello Guys...   Hello everyone.   I'm preparing my environment to configure the Air I have 2 Master servers in different domains   A: nb-5220-01 B: nb-5220-02 -   According to all documentation and recommendations to guide and implement the Air, star...

Resolved! Migrating the oracle backup from old to new media server

**** Moved to new discussion from ****   Hello Nagall & Marinne, Many Thanks for your suggestion !! All DB2 backup worked fine and tested su...

imashu by Level 4
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Resolved! User backup failing for SQL

Hi  DBA team is running backup via script and its failing with the below error    C:\Program Files\VERITAS\NetBackup\bin>bpbackup.exe -w -t 13 -L c:\mssql\APEAPPGNK001\admsql\save\log\try.log c:\mssql\APEAPPGNK001\admsql\save\log\s avedb.log EXIT S...

User_V by Level 3
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some vmware backaus are failing

Hi everybody, we are facing some problems about vmware backups this is the job details: 12/12/2013 15:13:12 - Info nbjm (pid=4541) starting backup job (jobid=189658) for client echantionage1-restore, policy VM_IBM_failed2, schedule Full 12/12/2013 15...


Measuring disk performance with bpbkar Hello Experts. I have been trying to understand the below command switch in windows as well as in unix. 1:- Suppose i have com1 Master, com2 Media server and Com3 is client. Now Com3 speed is l...

belse by Level 5
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RMAN backup running slow

Hi, We are using SL48 Tape Library with HP Drives nad LTO4 media for taking backup. Whenever we are taking backup on IBM media we are getting slow speed it is taking around (15hrs) to complete the backup. And same when we are taking backup on HP medi...

Mayuri by Level 2
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Resolved! import issue

HI ALL,   I am importing a tape from na master server A to Master server B. On master server B ,after inventory,why the medias are going in the scratch pool?Is it a default behaviour?   NBU 7.1 SOLARIS

Resolved! Sybase Backup Netbackup

Hello Everybody,   I am working now on the backups of Sybase databases. I have read the sample sript from netbackup but I would like to ask about two parameters i dont understand.   #*******************************************************************...

Resolved! SAN media server drive shows as SCAN-TLD

we are using SSO and shared drives between master and SAN 30 medias servers. SCAN-TLD is generally with master server but here i am seeing for two drives, SCAN-TLD is showing for two SAN medias server. How i can change it. Do i add/remove server via ...

Resolved! I want to restore backup physical image to virtual System (no BRM)

HI, I Have windows backup (LOCAL disk + System state) full that one windows 2003 physical machine I now want restore this to the new different virtual System, without turn off original phy machine It's possible? My scenario: 1 master server windows 2...

Fcusenza by Level 3
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Resolved! NBJM unified logging don't stop growing

Hello,   I'm facing an issue in my environment. I have set the debuglevel for the nbjm as follows: vxlogcfg -a -p 51216 -o 117 -s DEBUGlEVEL=0 -s DiagnosticLevel=0. Even after that configuration I have an 51 MB logfile every 20 seconds. Does anyone k...

Luiz_Prina by Level 4
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Resolved! CLIENT not communicate

MasterServer 7.5.05 server does not communicate with the client netbackup 6.5.6.   log client: 0,51216,200,200,1,1386772765301,1767,3086427856,0:,69:exiting, not configured as a SAN CLIENT - bp.conf missing SANCLIENT=1,8:nbftclnt,1

Resolved! Client Host Properties

we had an org change and renamed all are servers. I have added the clients to the list on client attributes on the master/media host properties. I assumed that they would show up in the client host properties. The old names are still there but not th...

snawaz3 by Level 6
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Resolved! how to extend the XFS PDDO partition

Friends, I have Netbackup enviornment using puredisk server as PDDO and /Storage partition is now full which is an external Lun sits on a NetApp filer.  i have extended the lun on the filer, restarted the iscsi deamon and server is now seeing the cor...

Spartacus81 by Level 6
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