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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! MSDP pool replication

Hi all, I'm implementing a new netbackup solution and am after some advice please ! Service consists of 1 Master (vm) and 4 physical media servers, all running windows 2008r2 and netbackup - all are on the same Domain. The media servers are ...

briggsy by Level 4
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Resolved! NDMP backups

I am new with working with NDMP backups. In our environment every once in a awhile I see restore request being done from a NAS storage device on a VNX. How can I track down who or what is requesting these restores? Thanks!  

Resolved! bulk bpexpidate

I need to delete many images from a disk, I use a loop with the bpexpidate command with the force option, which works fine, however after each deletion it does a Activity monitor cleanup. Is there anyway to do the entire deletion without these image ...

Resolved! NBU 7.X Windows 2012 support

Hi, I know that NBU7.5 doesn;t support WIndows 2012. and from this thread, which mentioned that: "Support for Windows 2012 client will be added in NetBackup as well as ...

Resolved! No FT servers found.

I'm trying to configure FT Media server 7.0. (Cent OS 5.6) HBA have been marked (one HBA is in target mode) and FT services have been configured..  nbftsrvr and nbfdrv64 are running. But I can't see FT server.. root@hostname|/>/usr/openv/netbackup/bi...

Oleks by Level 0
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ACSD process going down/up

We have 28 media servers with 45 drives total, all run through SSO. All media servers are seeing a loss of robotic communication, at seemingly random times. The most recent set of changes introduced, in an attempt to address this problem are as follo...

SLP Error - RB deallocated orphaned resources

11/04/2013 15:36:10 - Error nbjm (pid=7384) nbrb status: RB deallocated orphaned resources 11/04/2013 15:56:10 - Error nbjm (pid=7384) nbrb status: RB deallocated orphaned resources 11/04/2013 16:16:10 - Error nbjm (pid=7384) nbrb status: RB deallo...

BTLOMS by Level 5
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Resolved! Drives AVR mode: Manually UPping a robot

Hi All I have two media servers on the same LAN segment and they each have connectivity to 2 VTL tape libraries. Each media server is the robotic control host of one of the VTLs. I quite often get a situation where half drives of one media server go ...

Resolved! Question about Freezing/Unfreezing Media

Hello, I had a question on freezing/unfreezing media that I haven't been able to find an answer on, but I'm hoping someone here will know: Do you need to have the actual tape in the robot/drive to either freeze/unfreeze the media?  I didn't know if t...

Dagnar by Level 2
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Resolved! Schedule backups are not starting

I am running netbackup 6.5 in linux From yesterday onwards backups are not starting as per schedules. All services are running and no jobs in queue, however not jobs are generated as per schedule. There is a potential issue, i am unable to find out w...

Resolved! Replacing the media manager host in a robot

We're in the process of implementing new 7.5 media servers; replacing existing 6.5 media servers. I need to remove any implementation of the existing 6.5 media servers. Storage servers, storage units, storage unit groups and SLP's have been replaced/...

NBU7.6 VADP Instant recovert

Hi experts, During VM is running on NBU DataStore issued by Instant recovery, how does write I/O of the GuestOS proceed? Is the VM read only or writable during NBU Instant Recovery?   Regards, Masami Katsuno

Resolved! Linux VMware Restore

Hi Everybody   Here at my company we regurlar do Windows VMware backup but almost never needed a restore. Now we are starting to backup Linux VMware with frequent restore. I could configure the policy as normal and do a Full Backup. When i try to do ...

Resolved! Tape Library mapping to a VM(vmware/Hyper-V/Citrix)

as far i recollect Tape Library or tape drives can't me mapped to a VM (as of till date).. Not sure of emulation has extended with new wave (Vmware 5.5 and Hyper-V3) Can anyone pls confirm if they have come across such working scenario (moreover is i...

V4 by Level 6
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Resolved! Netbackup 7.5 Standalone Tape

Hello,   I have a doubt regarding deleting a Tape from Netbackup.   I have a tape that was (probably) deleted from Netbackup, and when the robot was re-inventoried the (new)robot created a media ID diferrent from what it was before the deleting, beca...

Mr__Saz by Level 3
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Resolved! Can't Open File : Shadow Copy Components

Below is a snip-it from the activity log, I'm running netbackup 7.5.  I use DFS to replicate, and I set shadow copy comments for the backup selection list.  I'm not sure if this is a problem with DFS shadow copy components or if it's the open file ma...

Resolved! oracle incremental backup performance issue

Hi folks client server solaris 10, NBU version backup going to data domain which is giving good dedupe rate. since past few weeks incremental backup time has increased 8 folds. datasize size is roughly the same. need some suggestions, NBU or ...

rookie11 by Moderator
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