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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! NDMP Hosts sharing tape drives

Hi Can multiple NDMP hosts (in this case EMC) share a tape library for NDMP backups? I understand about 3 way and local NDMP backups but I'm trying to get my head a round the scenario where I have a 3 drive SAN tape library and 3 x EMC NAS arrays on ...

KeirL by Level 6
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Resolved! NetBackup (59) access to the client was not allowed error.

Hi all,   I have tried to configurate a new server linux (red hat) in my netbackup architetture.   When I tried to the run the backup task, I have an error for this job: (59) access to the client was not allowed. The detail message is:     31-ott-201...

Cappino by Level 4
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NetBackup liveupdate

I have tested LiveUpdate feature of NetBackup by configure one of our media server as LiveUpdate server. It worked fine. Our LiveUpdate server doesn't have internet connectivity. So each time if we had to upgrade NetBackup client software on clients,...

DPO by Moderator
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status code 40

Hi all, in the middle of the some backups I get the 40 network connection broken for some backups. What can I do for this problem. I have tried almost all the time-out values and Some times, the master / media server goes offline status.  nbu

Resolved! NetBackup VADP for VM which has own snapshots.

NBU experts, In case of VADP backup, Can NetBackup backup VM which already has own snapshots? Is there any confliction between VM own snapshots and the temporary snapshot issued by VADP?   Regards, Masami Katsuno

Vault duplication to several Volume Pools

Hi, I'm setting up Vault to do duplication onto offsite tapes. When setting it up I can just choose one Volume Pool from where to find the Offsite tapes.. I have several Volume Pools I would like to Duplicate. Daily_offsite Monthly_offsite Monthl...

rsm_gbg by Level 5
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All compatible drive paths are down but media is available

2013-10-31 1:50:23 - requesting resource LCM_parcsrv0006-hcart2-robot-tld-0 2013-10-31 1:50:23 - granted resource  LCM_parcsrv0006-hcart2-robot-tld-0 2013-10-31 1:50:24 - begin Duplicate 2013-10-31 1:50:24 - end Duplicate; elapsed time 0:00:00 20...

Obtain info re. license compliance

We are licensed for Deduplication (PureDisk). For our internal audit purposes, we need to ensure that we are not in violation of our licensed dedup capacity. Per the Dedup Guide, I have viewed NB Admin Console -> Help -> License Keys and selected "Su...

PDhanik by Level 0
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Resolved! NetBackup 7.5: How to ASSIGN a schedule to policy

Hi, Is there a way to ASSIGN a Calendar-based Full Backup schedule (created using bpschedule command) to a NetBackup 7.5 policy in Linux? Here's additional info: I have a lot of backup policies to be executed on different days of week (Monday - Sunda...

Alex_A_ by Level 2
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RedHat Linux Netbackup Client - 5.9

Can anyone confirm for me whether Netbackup 7.5.x.x Client runs successfully on a RedHat 5.9 server - kernel 2.6.18-348.16.1 ? I am seeing failures whereby the backup simply hangs after a random amount of data is secured.  This is the same whether ba...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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Offline VM restore

Ok I have a policy that backups up offline VM Policy is called  VM_Powered_Off_life   Clients it is grabing is below.  Using the Query. Cluster equals "AHQ_IBM_Cluster AND Powerstate Equals poweredOFF   Backups are working fine.  Now I have to test a...

Resolved! EMC Celerra NS480 support for NBU 7.5

Hi Can anyone confirm support for the Celerra NS480 with NetBackup 7.5 for direct NDMP backups? I can see that EMC 'celerra series' is in the latest HCL which can only be a good thing but as the NS480 is quite old now and most people running with NS4...

KeirL by Level 6
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Resolved! backup with LTO3 and LTO6

Hi, In my robot, i have 4 LTO6 drives and 4 LTO3 drives. The drive type of LTO3 and LTO6 is HCART3 in my master/media server. I have 2 storage units, one for LTO3 and the other for LTO6. the 2 storage units have "hcart3" density and the media type fo...

mouna by Level 4
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Resolved! Kill bpbkar after 4 hours

Hi experts.   I need to terminate the backup if it does not finished in 4 hours so that our script can start the database. When we cancel manually via the console the coldbackup script continues and starts the database, but I need to create another s...

Throughput data calculation

Hi, How to calculate the complete netback up data verse throughput, is there any formula for that can you please help on this, I am using LTO-6. With Regards Subrat

Resolved! Backup Time calculation

Hi, I am using netbackup 7.6 version with Tape Libraries as TS3500. Can some one help me to get details of Speed/TB at the time of backup.    With Regards  

Resolved! Storage Expiry Deletions for NetBackup Migrated Archive Data

Thought I'd throw this one out to the forum before I raise a call. This is an environment with EV 7.0.1 configured only for FSA and NBU 6.0 MP5 (and yes I'm fully aware how old both of those versions are). This is a question brought up in relation to...

EdLacey by Level 5
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Drive going down frequently

Hi ,  I have an issue of drives going down frequently , and freezing the tapes.I checked bptm logs and made and added an entry of media server alias by nbemmcmd, as it was showing missing entry, still the issue is same, please help me to uderstand wh...

User_V by Level 3
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