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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! netbackup starter

Hi ALL,   I am very new to this Netbackup tool.Currently i have been sent on a training for thi tool for a month.I am also reading the manuals and foruums of netbackups.How ever I have few doubts,If any body has time to clarify them.       1. If I st...

SAP Backup exit status 6 & 25

Hi all, There was a SAP backup failure in our environment with status code 6 for the parent job and one of the child job failed with status code 25.  But when looking at the bphdb logs in the client, it showed the below errors: BR0278E Command output...

cs3472 by Level 4
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Storage server create fails

Netbackup version on master server, all media servers and all clients Master server Solaris 10x86 Existing media server Solaris 10 sparc - currently setup as Storage Server with Puredisk deduplication pool (over two years in use) New media s...

Resolved! Media does not load/mount properly

Hello, I was having an issue with the backups failing and found three media tapes that were not mounting/loading properly. I have removed the media from the system for now and everything went back to normal. Does anyone know what could be the cause o...

NDMP restores to alnernate NDMP host

Hi, We have around 8 filers and 3 media server. First 6 filers and all media servers share 12 tape drives. I tried to restore images which was done with "filer6" (this host shares drives) to "filer7" (this does not have visibility for tape drives). I...

Amaan by Level 6
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Error detected while reporting backup ids.

I am having a problem where I get this error occasionally, but the backup does complete at other times.   BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2013-09-30 14.51.33 BR0229I Calling backup utility with function 'backup'... BR0278I Command output of 'backint...

orion1 by Level 2
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Resolved! Frequent media errors code 84

*** Moved to new discussion from **** hi,  Just need a small clarification.   In the same scenario below thin...

Netbackup 200+ Java Process are running

Hi Team   There aer 200+ Java process are running in the netbackup,To reduce that I need to restart the netbackup every week Is there any othere way to reduce these rogue Java Process

Netbackup NetApp snapvault to tape

Hi Guys, I know that Netbakcup can integrate with NetApp to schedule Snapvault backup to NetApp disk through Netbackup console. I am trying to find a Netbackup solution which will get NetApp NDMP SnapVault to Tape. Please share any information if you...

Netuk by Level 3
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Resolved! VMWARE backup

Hi,   Just encountered a problem recently. Configured a vmware backup, we  backing up a VMWARE host server (using Netbackup Previously the backup was successful, the last time the backup run it has an error. During backup the VMware backup ...

Resolved! SAN Client

Dear All My customer needs get MS windows File server backup. It has nealry 1TB of data backup daily. So need to get entire backup with in backup window with other VNware backup too. I went through the Vmware SAN client documment. we have all FC conn...

Resolved! Host status is OFFLINE

Hi All , Need your help one of the my san media server is showing offline but when i am tring to activate it is giving following error .   root@DCMSSTBY_aix:/usr/openv/volmgr/bin$./vmoprcmd -hoststatus                        CURRENT HOST STATUS Host ...

Programatic return that says "this backup is finished."

Hello Symantec world! Just got done meeting with one of our SQL DBAs. We are well on our way to refining certain automations involving Netbackup routines against prod database instances. At the end, we were left with a simple question: What is the ...

Resolved! Requirements FT Media Server

Hello All,   I'm trying to configure a Linux FT Media Server, I reviewed the HCL and SCL docs, but I cannot find which are the CPU, disk, memory requirements for FT media Server, does anybody have this information? And by the otherside, I know it req...

Di_Ro by Level 4
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Resolved! Catalog Backup failed with error code 2 and 96

Hi, The catalog backup job failed with error code 2 and 96. I have checked the parent job failed with error code 2 and child job has been failed with error code 2 and 96. This is the first time i'm facing this scenario. so can u please any one help o...

Vasu_H by Level 3
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Resolved! can't detect new devices tape

HI, At the moment we have 4 devices tape LTO3 (ultrium product) and we added 4 devices tape LTO6. My problem is the scan command detect 8 drives but the wizard configure storage devices doesn't detect any new devices tape. Please find below the resul...

mouna by Level 4
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Volume shadow copy disk on a VM

**** Moved to new discussion from **** Any one knows what will happen to a Volume shadow copy disk on a VM during full and incremental backups? VM is W2K8 R2 with a boot disk + ...

vksingh by Level 4
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Resolved! Restore for series of backups taken

While restoring, if we select more than one backup images for same server, ( full and incremental backups, even failure backups)  in between the selected dates (start and end). For ex: I have taken full backup 3 times and differential backup 2 times ...

Resolved! RMAN clone/restore problem

Hi,      I am seeing intermittent issues when restoring an Oracle database using RMAN. The backup is done to a 5220 at our live site, with the database going to dedupe, and the archive logs going to advanced disk. The database is optimised duplicated...