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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Catch-up with failed duplications

Can somebody help, please? Our set-up:  NetBackup 6.5.6 master/media servers, 150-odd clients/policies, D2D2T, images on fibre-connected SAN duplicate to a pair of tape libraries - one local, one remote.  The DSSUs are swept every hour. Scenario: Our...

IanB by Level 4
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SharePoint Backup for low-RPO environments

I have a SharePoint environment where we need a low RPO (3H minimum), and I am strugling a bit with the "right" solution, and since I don´t have any SharePoint experts handy and the SharePoint documentation is so "sparse", I am hoping someone here ca...

Resolved! EC 13 - Vmware Backup policy

Hi All Master server: Solaris 10, NBU Media Server : Solaris 10, NBU Backup Proxy host : WIN 2008 SP2,  NBU, Also a VM Backup Policy Type: VMWARE. Client : VM, Windows   I have created another policy to backup the same vm Clie...

NBU35 by Level 6
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Resolved! Catalog Backup

Hi All, Could somebody pls explain below  1:- is it possilble to restore 6.5 version catalog backup to 7.0 version master server and vice versa? 2:- What does happen when we dont have DR file available to restore catalog? All the steps pls. 3: What i...

belse by Level 5
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Windows 2008 VM with Volume Shadow Copy Disk

Am starting a new project where they using Volume shadow copy disk for all shared folders. VMs are used to provide file services. I have not been able to find anything about what would happened to Volume shadow copy snapshots when I do backups of the...

vksingh by Level 4
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Resolved! Deduplication on a Master Server - MSDP or Puredisk

Hi!   Generelly speaking, is Puredisk the best/the only solution for deduplicaion on a Master Server, in a Netbackup 7.5.x environment? I have read here that MSDP is not recommended to run on a Master Server - only on dedicated Media servers. http://...

kybeer by Level 5
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Transport mode in activity monitor for VADP

Is there a quick method we can use to see what transport mode a VADP backup is using without opening the job details? Like maybe a column in the activity monitor? We have done the zoning so that the VADP jobs use san but also added nbd to the seconda...

Chris_W by Level 4
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Resolved! robtest

can i use below robtest commands  to move tapes from slot 1 to slot 3? and from cap slots to drive? m s1 s3 m p2 d1

Resolved! Alternate Credentials for Backup in Netbackup

Hi All, I want to know provide alternate credentials in Netbackup 7.5 for a backup job other than the login account. Example: I have an Exchange backup policy and i want to use mydomain/abc user to take backup from exchange. I was available in backup...

SYM_UFO by Level 3
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Performance issues on SQL Server due to Netbackup

In one of our client environment, we have Netbackup performing backups of the whole SQL Server VM using VMWare type backup (like snapshot as per our Intel tech description). When these backups are runnings, the system kinda freezes up IO acti...

miamikk by Level 2
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Resolved! How to identify the bottleneck for slow backups?

Hi,   I'm new in NetBackup and i have a customer that backups their 900GB of data for 2 days. - 1Gbe backup via lan –900 GB data size –4 GB SAN Switch2.08 –2 x LTO3 tape drive -NBU 6.5 (customer is planning to upgarde this year)   What are the thing ...

Sanya by Level 3
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i was a master server,nbu version is netbackup 7.5 a file of client a was backuped to master server client b restored this file The master server was indicate: 09/15/2013 23:25:28 - begin Restore 09/15/2013 23:25:28 - number of images required: 1 09/...

Resolved! cannot overwrite media, data on it is protected(168)

Dear All, There are some tapes which has mediaID mismatch with header information. I tried to delete data in the tape with uncheck "Verify media label before performing operation". However erase failed with "cannot overwrite media, data on it is prot...

Netuk by Level 3
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Snapshot error 156 for vmbackups in Veritas

Hi !!!!    while taken vm backup it shows 156 error. Earlier we are using ESX5.0 now we upgrade to 5.1 then only shows error Error Msg. 09/14/2013 08:18:38 - granted resource  R00012 09/14/2013 08:18:38 - granted resource  IBM.ULT3580-TD5.000 09/14/2...


I get more frustrated everyday! When I call Symantec support and ask for a simple solution....I am always told to "run this cmd". Netbackup is suppossed to be the industry leader in backup I am told. My company has spent over $500K on ...

Bmitche by Level 5
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