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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Catalog tape best practice

Hi, I need to document a process in which our catalog tapes have some type of "label" that can clarify the dates in which they cover. So if we have 50 catalog tapes, how do we interpret which tapes cover which dates etc...  How do you guys curren...

jvmagic by Level 3
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catalog tapes best practice

Hi, I need to document a process in which our catalog tapes have some type of "label" that can clarify the dates in which they cover. So if we have 50 catalog tapes, how do we interpret which tapes cover which dates etc...  How do you guys currently ...

jvmagic by Level 3
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Resolved! Drive status shows AVR should be TLD

We have two HP tape Libraries in netbakcup 6.5.4.  Both libraries have two drives.  All 4 were working fine.  6 months ago I used Tape library 2 to utilize Acronis backup for a temp project. Now I reconnect Tape Library 2 fibers to netbackup and ran ...

Resolved! Backup Time Suddenly Increases 50%

We have a NetBackup 7.5 system that backs up about 150 virtual servers and a dozen physical servers.  One of those physical servers (call it Server X) has about 2.9 terabytes of data on a SAN.  We do a weekly full backup and daily incrementals.  Up u...

Resolved! NBU v7 Discovery

Hello everyone, I've just started a new project to analyse & document the backup environment at work.  We have a NBU 7.5 master server (no media servers I can see), and a BackupExec server (still trying to gain access to this & can wait awhile). I'm ...

Exchange restore failure

Hi Guys   i ge this error when i restore ? any ideas ?  and the new recovery DB is set to be overritten     16:26:49 10/21/2013: Restore Started 16:27:05 ( Media id 0143L3 is needed for the restore. 16:27:11 (72149.001) Restoring from copy ...

conraddk5 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Is there a upgrade for the Deduplication Agent.

Hello, I was doing some security checks on my server and found out that the Symantec Deduplication Agent is using a old version of the OpenSSL. Is there a patch I can apply? Info package used on Solaris 10 for the Deduplication Agent - SYMCpddea - V...

Resolved! Where to determine what time the backup job will be started

I have very basic question, and could not find the answer myself. I have checked a lot of defined policies here, and under schedule and then Start Window, all time has been highlighted, including Sunday - Sunday, and 00:00:00 - 00.00.00, duration is ...

nbmagic by Level 4
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convert media server to master server.

Hi Guys,    i have two server, the one i have installed netbackup as master server, the other i have installed netbackup same version as media server. Now , master server was broken , could i convert media server to master server ? How ? Anyone could...

Need Path to Tape help urgently...Help!

Alright, we've been dealing with this problem for over a week now.  Need help urgently. We just recently installed a Quantum DXi8500 (configured as VTL) to compliment our Quantum i2000 physical library.  We can write data to the DXi fine, it's when w...

Resolved! NBU7.5 or 7.6 supports Flash Backup for RHEL6?

I would like to know the supported configuration of Flash Backup for RHEL v6.3. No RHEL v6 information on NBU 7.x Snapshot Client Compatibility List. Which combination can be supported Flash Backup on RHEL v6.3? #1. VxFS with VxVM on RHEL v6.3? #2. V...

Resolved! ESX,REDHAT and Symantec Netbackup 7.1

Hello all, I want to backup (oracle through RMAN)  on Redhat 2.6 which on ESX (VMWARE).  Tape Library is Fujitsy CS800... Can you share your opinion,experience.  

turgun by Level 3
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NBU 7.6 for Hyper-v 2012 EEB

Hi Marianne,   Symantec support just gave me Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) for Hyper-v host. This is a known issue on NBU 7.6 for Hyper-v 2012. If anyone encounters this issue. Please call Symantec Support for EEB.   Thanks.

phaul by Level 4
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The backup job didn't run as schedule

Hi all, Our customer is using NetBackup runs on Windows Server 2003 I create a policy and 3 schedules in it. - Daily backup (Tue - Fri, 4AM) - Weekly backup (Sat, 2PM) - Offsite backup (Sun, 4PM) While daily backup and weekly backup work prop...

duypph by Level 3
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Resolved! BPCD is not terminating after backup in OPEN VMS CLEINT

Hi All,   I have been facing an issue that after the backup of my OPEN VMS client the bpcd process was not terminating as the OPEN VMS client machine has a limit of running only 50 process due to which we are facing huge performance issue on that par...

app cluster vs storage unit group ?

Hello I have interesting question to the support community members because we configured exhange 2010 dag backup with netbackup last week. We found very interesting things. Exchange 2010 has 8 nodes and every nodes using netbackup media ser...

sandor_toth by Level 2
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Resolved! How to List All Active Clients (on a linux master server)

Here is a single command the dumps all active clients from a Linux Master Sever.    bppllist -L -allpolicies  | egrep "^Policy Name:|^Active:" | paste - - | awk '$NF~yes { print $3 }' | xargs -i bpplclients {} -noheader 2> /dev/null | awk '{ print $3...

can't create nbdb when Installing nbu 7.5

Hello, Iam doing fresh install nbu 7.5 and get error when creating nbdb. PFB the details error. Please help Database server is NB_osdbkpbsdpapp1 Creating the NetBackup database. Creating NetBackup staging directory in: /usr/openv/db/staging St...

iaw by Level 5
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