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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Problem with restoring VM with vCenter

Hi!   I have a problem with restoring. Our vCenter server fails and we would like to restore it from backup (VMware policy). When I try to restore VM in original location, pre-recovery check fails: NetBackup recovery host credentials accessible - Pas...

bst740 by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup data steams and small files.

I have several servers that have millions of small small files. Each server uses the same drive letter for storage of these files but diffrent directory structure.     Is it possible to enable mutliple data streams on a backup that is only pointed at...

Resolved! Exchange 2010 DAG backup using NBU

Condier the below example for exchange 2010 DAG backup using NBU   xxx - passive node a - mailbox DB b - mailbox DB c - mailbox DB d - mailbox DB yyy - passive node a - mailbox DB b - mailbox DB c - mailbox DB d - mailbox DB   when try to ba...

Resolved! Suse10 client required for nbu 6.0

Hi, I'm a newcomer to nbu (netbackup) and still only getting familiar with the application. I have the following server which I want to add a client to: SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (i686) My nbu version is: VERSION NetBackup 6.0MP6 running on so...

aherned by Level 3
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Resolved! Full or Differential/Incremental Strategy-

Simple requirements for NBu Weekly Full - 20HRS - ??? Daily Incrementals - 5 HRS - 1 Week Retention there wud b 6 incrementals throughout week, hence till last increment expires Base Full Copy must not expire, so what retention should i keep for Full...

wv1 by Level 3
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Resolved! Remove client from Host Properties list that's no longer in a Policy

I want to remove a client in the Host Properties / Client list that is not in a Policy anymore. The client is not listed in the "Summary of all Policies" or listed with bpplclients -allunique -l I guees it's some GUI bug since the client is no longer...

kybeer by Level 5
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Upgrade question for 7.5 RedHat OS

Hello all, I'm planning an upgrade to NetBackup 7.5.  My current environment is NetBackup 7.1 running on RHEL 4. Single server (combined master/media).   So I noticed in the installation guide that RHEL4 is no longer supported.  I need to be on RH 5,...

Resolved! New client configuration in cluster to backup

Recently there was a migration in our environment in which one of the client machine in cluster configuration was migrated to a new client machine.  The migrated one was the passive node in the cluster and all the DB instances are successfully runnin...

cs3472 by Level 4
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Resolved! Nbemm marked down storage - lot of warnings.

Good morning all,   some time ago i've opened this: It was ok for a while (files indicated are in place), but...

All NetBackup 7.6 PDFs in one .zip file    The attached file provides all NetBackup 7.6 PDFs in compressed format     7.6 Documentation   For refere...

NetBackup7.6_vCenter_Plug-in Problem!!!

Hi All, NBU7.6 FA  config nbvcplugin has one problem:(Can not Creat an authentication token) Symantec Netbackup :VI SDK invoke timed out.     vcenter_host_server NBU&VCenter S...

Resolved! Library Configurations.

Hello All Experts, I was looking for some documents where i can find the below understandings from scratch.  Barcode Rules, Media ID genaration rules and how to set them up, How to inventory a library etc. Basic stuff ? Thanks,    

belse by Level 5
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Resolved! Policy is not present, still backup is goig on

Hi All, We don't know some one deleted policy since not showing in policy manager which did run yesterday & backup is successful on 10/15/2013 08:47:42 but not run today on user request i started investigating verbosity of the master is at lower e...

Resolved! seeking real examples of changing schedule with bpplsched

I have this test schedule in place. What I'd like to do using any CLI command is change the Tuesday start window from 12:00 to 00:00. I've not seen any examples of how this is actually done. Man pages without examples are completely worthless, so the...

EMM status: Disk Volume Down

Greetings all, We are running: Verita 6.5.3 on a INX platform And recently started to receive the following: Catalog Backup The following messages are in the log: bpdbm staging database files bpdbm staging NBDB backup bpdbm completed and valid...

GHas by Level 4
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Resolved! Snapshot Backups

We Need to take backup of a Volume containing 30 snapshots. Please let us know that the backup selection entry should be in which format : /vol/VolumeName Or /vol/VolumeName/.snapshot/SnapshotName   While selecting “/vol/VolumeName”, the backups are ...

K_Kavi by Level 3
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Resolved! Oracle backup is not working

It is new set up 1)Master server is running on 7.0.1-windows 2)Client-7.0.1-windows..   Whn we try to run the backup backup is completing without writting any data.   Oracle DBA proivded these errors: 1)RMAN-00571: ===================================...

sri_vani by Level 6
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