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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Active Directory Granular suddenly fails

Hi all, We have 4 MS-Windows policies to backup 5 different AD controler. All these policies are backuped to the same media server. Since few days (or weeks), we have noticed status warning 1 for 3 policies. I've checked pre-requirements on client, i...

AntBar by Level 5
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Duplication of a backup that has many child jobs

Hi, I am beginner to netbackup and figuring out the followingThe oracle backup job has a parent job and then numerous child job. I want to duplicate an old backup of this server. Each child job has its own backup id My question is how do i find all t...

Changing Netbackup Master server for a NBU appliance

Hello All,Our customer have a netbackup master server in a Windows VM and a NBU appliance.Due to the need to change network setting, where we need to change the hostname and  IP address of the master server, we plan to clone the VM (so that the origi...

'shadow copy components'

Hello, When we use ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES, the backup is blocked because of the components 'shadow copy components' with the status code 50the best collection of new porn available on the net     

The SSO config failed on the media server itself

1) We could confirm that the SSO license was added successfully on the media server zzapp2 via bpminlicense.2) But we repeatly failed to either tpautoconf or manually tpconfig with the SSO TD & Robot on the media server.3) Finally we had to run Devic...

liuyl by Level 6
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Resolved! Netbackup Catalog Backup

Originally our netbackup catalog backup job ran once a week writing to a store on our Storeonce appliance, keeping 6 weeks worth of backups.  At completion, we would receive an email indicating the DR and DR Package files.  A couple of months ago, we...

cklepp by Level 2
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Trace netbackup communication with an IP

Hello everybody,I need your advice. A security admin says me than a communication is registered by firewall, from Netbackup Server to a IP. This IP is configured on a server which don't have Netbackup client...I had verified, all client registred in ...

AntBar by Level 5
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Resolved! NetBackup GRT duplications to Tape

Hi I'm aware of the additional time it takes when duplicating GRT backup images from disk to tape and the option to disable the it as detailed here. 1. On the master server, open the NetBackup A...

CadenL by Level 6
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Resolved! Compute requirements for a VMware Backup Host

Hello VOX Community,Do we know where can I find the documentation for VMware backup host requirements of compute (vCPU, RAM etc..) for hot-add mode ? I have looked around VMware guides for netbackup but couldnt find it documented anywhere.  

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Please help. I get this error during SLP duplication jobs. Any help will be very much appreciated. Nov 11, 2020 8:59:28 AM - begin DuplicateNov 11, 2020 8:59:28 AM - requesting resource  LCM_hm008mmsp01-hcart-robot-tld-0Nov 11, 2020 8:59:28 AM - gran...

bal2 by Level 3
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Resolved! Code Error 96 with new second library

Hi everybody.We have an environment with 1 master server in clúster with Red Hat, 3 media servers (appliance) and 1 library with 3 drivers.  working fine.We added a new Library IBM with 4 drivers (1 LTO5 and 3 LTO7).We upgrades the The wizard to conf...

PACO3 by Level 2
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A little powershell script to restart a service

Oops Sorry AllI posted the wrong script. This is the correct one that uses a function. EnjoySnip Code Beginfunction Stop-PendingService {    $Services = Get-WmiObject -Class win32_service -Filter "state = 'stop pending'"    if ($Services) {        fo...

Resolved! NetBackup vault reports

Hi Just a quick question on configuring NetBackup vault reports on NBU 8.1.2 Does it still use blat and nbmail to send the reports or is there a way to use opscenter these days? thanks Caden

CadenL by Level 6
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(7640) The peer closed the connection

i have the fowlowing error (7640) The peer closed the connectioni access on the client side i do the foloowing #  sudo /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/goodies/netbackup stop #  sudo /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/goodies/netbackup startand restart the job but it ...


Resolved! Netbackup for windows 10

Hello There,I would like to ask if what are the challenges maybe we will encounter when we install agent to windows 10 ?like nbu agent for windows consume resources from windows?How about trying to install the agent in a vpn network? Thank you in adv...

Resolved! Common NetBackup servers for duplication

Hi I'm just trying to get to grips with the config I need to allow the following for a NetBackup 8.1.2 environment that is split across 2 sites. Site A has the master server and 1 media server and site B has two media servers - all servers are runnin...

CadenL by Level 6
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Resolved! NetBackup 8.3. Upgrade or fresh install

Hi,We currently have NetBackup 7.7.1 on Linux. We are planning to upgrade it to the version 8.3 and have it installed on a brand new hardware. I would like to ask what would be the best way to do this:- Migrate the current version of NetBackup to the...

Replicated NDMP backups to secondary site for restoration

Running NetBackup 8.2 on appliances.We have taken backup of NFS shares using NDMP methodology in one site and replicated to secondary site. However we don't have any filers yet on destination site. Would like to restore few of the files from this bac...

DPO by Level 6
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