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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Windows 2012 Hyper-V

Hello, I've worked with NBU previously but just returning and have a Hyper-V 2012 project. What's the favoured approach to backing up VMs, via Hyper-V media server or off-host backups? What are the pros/cons?What's the best way to bundle VMs into pol...

TA0 by Level 4
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Resolved! MSSQL backup failed with error "can't connect to client(58)"

9/4/2013 2:23:23 AM - Info bpbrm(pid=8848) Himalayadrug is the host to backup data from      9/4/2013 2:23:23 AM - Info bpbrm(pid=8848) reading file list from client         9/4/2013 2:27:30 AM - Info nbjm(pid=5876) starting backup job (jobid=96368) ...

Resolved! Media ID Generation

Hi Team, I am not getting the concept of Media ID Generation options.   1. I have a Media/Volume with a barcode of 8 Character. Requirement is Media ID to be equal to Media Barcode. How to come by this. 2. Is NB 7.5 will supports only media ID of 6-C...

punbs by Level 4
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Error 48 on virtual machines

Ok this might be a simple answer but I can't find any reason why this might be happening. Netbackup Server: Windows 2008R2/SP0 Standard Netbackup Server VM Environment: VSphere 5.1.0 bulid 1235232 Client: Windows 2003/SP2 with Exchange 2000/6...

Resolved! Restore Exchange 2010 DB as flat file to alternate file server

Hi all, Is there a way to restore the Exchange 2010 DB files to an alternate location as a flat file? here is my setup backup servers are Solaris 10 running NBU Exchange servers are Windows 2008 R2 running NBU we are backin up the Exc...

evargas by Level 4
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Resolved! bpclntcmd -pn

Hi All,   I had 59 status code and was trying whether i could check my server status via bpclndcmd -pn command. However when i typed this command it didnot return anything on client. Could somebody tell me what went wrong with the command? Let me tel...

belse by Level 5
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Resolved! (2) none of the requested files were backed up - catalog

HI,  I have an error to backup the catalog : "(2) none of the requested files were backed up". Please find below the logs : (for information the OS master : linux and netbackup version : bpdbm # grep -i error log.090313 00:00:03.453 [6985] <...

mouna by Level 4
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Resolved! NetBackup wizard can't detect the attached iscsi storage device

Hi everyone, Good day, I'm very new w/ NetBackup and Red Hat Linux. The company i'm working right now wants to implement a test environment for NetBackup, so far i have succesfully installed NetBackup 7.5 on the Redhat linux 6 x86_64 server and I hav...

NewB by Level 3
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Info about used space?

Sorry, but I cant find place where I can see how much disk space every incremental point uses and what files are backed up with every incremental. In Backup-Restore window it displays only sum of all files size and also cant see what files are backed...

Resolved! Netbackup 7.0 upgrade to 7.1 fails

Hello, After struggling with the Netbackup Consistency Check, i got the wanted result, which is the famous message : NBCC did not detect any NetBackup catalog inconsistencies. But now, when i lauch the upgrade, from the Netbackup DVD, it fails with t...

Incrementals merge?

Hello! Do Symantec plans in future implement also incremental backups merging feature? I know, now I can use synthetic backup, but it wastes too much space compared with incrementals merge feature.

Resolved! "all local drives" requirements

NBU if my backup selection is "All Local Drives" for a Windows machine and some files weren't backup due to being open or in use, on restore time can i still successfully restore some files off of that backup policy?

manatee by Level 6
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Resolved! MSDP on VCS

Can I configure MSDP server on VCS for redandancy? How about the following each case? - Master+Media+MSDP are all in one server.. - Media+MSDP are in one server but separated from Master server.   Regards, Masami Katusno

Resolved! BareMetalRestore dont work?

I try second day to make restore without success. I was backed up my master server with baremetal info. Backup was success, also storage verify was success. Now I want to try restore it for testing into another new created virtualmachine in ESXi. Boo...

Resolved! VMware backups failing with 156.

  VMware backups are failing from two clients with 156 while other vm backups are working fine.Please find the detailed backup failure log below.  Any idea about the problem please. Thanks in advance.   Troubleshooting steps already performed w...

Tanmoy1 by Level 4
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Windows file system backup is not writing properly

Hello all, I am running one windows file sytem backup having size 2GB.But its running from last 3 and half hrs and in the activity monitor still showing as  '0' files written with '0' KB per second.Percentage completed also showing as 0%. I have chec...

Vishnavi by Level 3
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