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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! MSDP Sizing and LUN Allocation Advice needed

We have New Media Server, I need to create a MSDP pool inorder to Duplicate some of our Backup's from other Media Server.From Storage i can create Small lun's of capacity (5-10 TB) each, Our Requirement for MSDP is around 40 TB, All i need to do is t...

Jas262 by Level 3
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Resolved! Error 636, multiple attempts and extra images

Seeing some backups with multiple attempts, failing with error 636, then retrying and completeing successfully. All are VM backups with accelerator - here is the weird bit. The initial backups create a catalog image and are also processed by SLP. Thi...

Genericus by Moderator
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Resolved! problem tape drive , control = TLD , Ready = NO

I have a NetBackup 7.7.1 master server with a tape library that has 4 tape drives. From the NetBackup Console I see 3 tape drives are active and 3 is ready and has a tape in, the other one drive is NO ready and Control=TLD. There're a couple of backu...

prot1 by Level 3
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Join us for our Hey, AVA session to Ask Veritas Anything

Led by a panel of Veritas subject matter experts, our upcoming Hey, AVA session on VOX will provide you the opportunity to Ask Veritas Anything. The Hey, AVA session will take place between 9:00 a.m. PDT on October 22nd and 5:00 p.m. PDT on October 3...

Richelle by Community Manager
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2 tape drives and I do not seem to get proper writing speed

Okay thank you, I have 2 tape drives and I do not seem to get proper writing speed (1:1 backup advanceddisk to tapes lto5) 120MB/sec, this is what speeds are, this is linux appliance, can you please advise ? [24787] <4> write_backup: successfully wro...

Rogue entries bpjobd (frames received on socket)

Hi VOX,.I get the below reported by the appliance while it writes duplications to tapes (LTO5), can you please advise me with more details regarding this as I think it may indicate an issue?I have already had a look and can not find anything like thi...

Some Tapes not getting utlised on certain volume pools

Hello,Am really new in netbackup, we are currently running verita netbackup on redhat 6.5, with LTO3 tapes, over time have made an  obsevertion in some volume pools:Active  media status not getting full for over a year, yet when a new tapes are utili...

Ejustin by Level 3
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Resize xfs FS /mnt/netbackup/msdp on media server

Hi,Storage team 5 years ago, assigned 5 LUN for /mnt/netbackup/msdp on media server (Not Appliance). Linux Sys admin created volume group and xfs for this. Now the Storage team with sys admin want delete 1 LUN and resize the FS.Linux Admin added info...

Resolved! backup fail with status 13

hello guys, I have a problem with a backup of a server operating system. "file read failed (13)" This backup is configured to copy C, D, and System State. However the system state backup is configured not to run on the incremental differential sc...

danguss by Level 4
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Nbars, nbjm and nbdisco folder size growing

Hil all, I'm using Netbackup 8.0. Logs files are growing more and more. I have changed the DebugLevel to 1 instead of 6. I have set the logging level of the process to Minimum loging.But it does not resolve the problem. Should I reboot the server aft...

Imendh1 by Level 2
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unable to configure NDMP in netbackup

 I have given the correct username and password geneated by Netapp team, getting attached authentication error, am able to telnet the server, usr/openv/volmgr/bin (buadmin@backupserver)$ sudo ./tpautoconf -verify <nasfilername>This NDMP hostname does...

Resolved! Catalog restore error

Hello All, please i have an issue. i did an operating systems upgrade from windows 2008 to windows 2016, in the process the application broke (i had done a catalog backup prior to upgrade with DR file intact). After successfull upgrade, i re-initiate...


Apres que j'avais telecharger la version d'essaye de Veritas NetBackup , durant l'installation il ma demandé une license key, alors que c'est une version d'essaye. 

Resolved! NetBackup VM Backup

Hi,The backup of few VM servers are getting failed if the VMTools services are running on the server. The quiescing option is enabled for all the VM backups.  

netbackup restore file from vmware policy

hi all,ı can restore a file from vmware policy from windows server,but ı cant list a file from unix server for vmware policy,ı cant do that for unix server file level revocery for unix servers? just ı can do that for windows server?thansk for helping

sql db backup failing with error code2

Dearsi need yours help urgentlyour few sql db policies are failing with below error.none of the requested files were backed up even though netbackup id have full permission i restarted service multiple times and reconfigure script still same issueit ...