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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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RMAN DB Backup failed exit status 50

Hello Experts/GURUs, Our one of the RMAN database job has failed and when we tried to get the help from oracle and have recommend us to follow the below documentation. We are using Netbackup 6.5.4 and can't upgrade any further. Our HPUX master server...

Resolved! Backup image export

All,   Does anyone know iif it is possible to export a Netbackup backup image to disk.   So that basically I take the tar image that is on tape and export/copy it so it resides on disk; where I can then use it to perform a restore in an enviroment th...

bpimport command for dr file backup on puredisk or MSDP

currently im using puredisk server 6.5 to backup my hot catalog backup and replace to dr puredisk server running on netbackup 7.5 When im trying the extract the dr file from the catalog backup images using bpimport command i do faced error . using th...

demo4119 by Level 6
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unable to change image ownership on netbackup7.5

i having issue to change the image owner from the media server to the master server using the command below. bpimage -newserver master -oldserver media -id <backupid>   but when using bpimage -newserver -oldserver ( all images) , the output is showin...

demo4119 by Level 6
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Exchange 2010 - Exclude a client

Is there a way to exclude an entire client server from an Exhchange Dag backup?  We have Dag01, but the Network/Exchange admins have added a DR server to the mix at our offsite location and do not want it backed up.  Can we exclude it?  We ARE NOT us...

dukbtr by Level 4
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Backing up Hyper-v servers thorough san

Hello Netbackup guys,   Help me understanding Netbackup Admin Guide 7.5 Hyper-v section about backing up hyper-v virtual machines through san. Page 61 "For a more efficient backup, the NetBackup media server should be installed on the same host as t...

ldias by Level 4
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Specifying Netbackup paths To serch for Specific suffix

Hello Honourable House. Please could I get a help on how to specify all files ending with .sh,.ksh snd .sql in a very big directory say /ayes. The directories has many subdirectories with files ending with these three suffix.I find it difficult to id...

Kinglsy by Level 4
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error 48

Hello, I have big environment consist of two master and 6 media servers. From last few days many jobs on window clients are failing with error 48 (client hostname could not found) perhaps ping and nslookup output is fine. Please suggest what else I s...

Resolved! Tapes are freezing

Hello Team,   im facing issue when running the backup's all the tapes are freezing. FYR im provind the job deatails.please help to solve the issue.   /12/2013 2:30:28 PM - begin Label 8/12/2013 2:30:28 PM - started process bplabel (7124) 8/12/2013 ...

john10 by Level 6
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Resolved! To force backups via respective dedicated V-LAN.

Hello, We have 1 master and 4 media server(including master which is also acting as media server).    xlcnpde089- master/media    xlcnpde090- media    xlcnpde091- media    xlcnpde092- media   There are 3 interfaces on each of these severs. One is pro...


Hi, We are planning to take FULL & Incremantal ( SAP - BR TOOL with RMAN ) backup in our Environment. Please share if you have any document how to configure SAP using netbackup script.   Thanks in Advance. Soap Raj...

Resolved! Netbackup SLP

Hi, I want to backup to tape from puredisk every weekend, If possiable, I want to export all puredisk at once, I don't mind it will take few days to finish it What is the best way to do this? via SLP? I can't choose directly duplicate to tape? I do n...

Itai by Level 4
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Resolved! What is a SAN-Media Server?What's it use?

Hi to all Can any one explain what is a san-media server? How to configure? Which Port number used by a NDMP while performing NAS backups in Netbackup? Can you guys plese explain. Thanks :)

Resolved! ping and bptestbpcd

Hi ALL Folks,   I hope u all doing good.   I have 200 clients in my data center.I have an outage in my data center.   I need to ping abd bptestbpcd those 200 client so that I can initiate the backup after the successful run of the command.   Can Any ...

zoan_nbu by Level 4
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Oracle Restoration Failing

Hi All, We are getting below error during Oracle backup restoration. Kindly suggest what needs to be done ?   ORA-19507: failed to retrieve sequential file, handle="bk_109_1_819814167", parms="" ORA-27029: skgfrtrv: sbtrestore returned error ORA-1951...


I am getting this email.... Backup on client xxxxxxxxxx for user root by server xxxxxxxx succeeded. /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/user_ops/dbext/logs/vxbsa.1376060893.21501.prog.pcb_std may have more information.     File list --------- /usr/openv/d...

p7683m by Level 3
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Resolved! Restore backup images to alternate Netbackup environment

We have just completed a new Installation of Netbackup 7.5 across our sites, which replaces all other backup sytems including previous Netbackup installations. Is there a way I can make all the old images/restore data available to the new Netbackup E...

LouiseD by Level 4
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Status 13 file read failed

I got this error message 2 days ago and am not able to resolve it. This is from my file server. I am or have been backing up different folders on one drive. eg u\staffhome1, u\staffhome2 etc. "an exixting connection was forcibly closed by the remote ...

snawaz3 by Level 6
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