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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Informix OnBar Restore Slow using NetBackup

NetBackup Master Server : Windows 2008 R2 , NetBackup NetBackup Client AIX 7.1 , NetBackup Informix 11.70.FC4W1GE I have configure informix onbar backup policy which running fine, and i get around 100MB/s. The onbar is doing whole sys...

Resolved! removing old storage drives

I have 5 drives mapped to my server that I used to land my backups on.  Each drive being about 1tb to 1.5 tb These are located on a snap drive that we are no longer using but I need to get the data off these drive so I can kill the server.   I have t...

Resolved! Upgrade Redhat Oracle Server Agent

Hi, We have to upgrade 4 Redhat Linux servers from their current client version of 7.0.1 to to match the Master/Media server in an attempt to see if this helps fix a problem we have with them failing with Status 24 errors. Its been suggested ...

Client installation issue

Hello everyone, I'm having an issue with installing NetBackup client (7.1) on a Solaris (x86) system. I have read similar issues reported on the community and followed the advices on them, but the issue continue to occur. Installation fails giving th...

Yajith by Level 4
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Resolved! Backup and delete folders/files using NBU

In Backup exec, there is an option were we can backup a folder and after the backup is completed, the content of that folder will be automatically deleted.   Do we have anything like that in NBU? One of our client has migrated from Backup exec to NBU...

Mux by Level 4
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Resolved! VMware Backups running slow on tape drives and Disk

Hi, have a problem in running backups to tapes drives, as its going very slow. We have a VM proxy media server with 6 IBM tape drives zoned to the server. VM proxy media server configuration is 2008 R2. we have 8gp sfp also installed. This media serv...

Iype by Level 4
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Resolved! Manual Job

Hi Team, Happy day!! For a scheduled backup there is a timer starts when the window starts. If the job didnt get any resources untill the window closed then it will be failing in 196(The backup window closed). Like that what is the maximum expiration...

Gopi4sl by Level 4
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NBU 7.5 System disk incremental backup in openvms

Hello all, environment: - NBU - OpenVMS: 7.3 - cliente NBU OpenVMS: 7.0.1 Current situation is that we can perform full and incremental backups in a file system correctly. However, when we try to perform incremental backups in a system disk, ...

Juannillus by Level 4
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NBU Master server hangs and needs restart

Hi all Masters,       I have a little problem at my customer site with NBU master server which hangs from time to time.    New jobs are not starting, Activity Monitor is not updating.    In the server.log i found the below entries:   I. 06/17 05:06:5...

mrmadej by Level 4
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Resolved! File system Backup.

Hola All, I'm trying for a restore, and I don't have GUI access for this Netbackup. right now, I have the file system to be restored, but not sure about the policy... I am about to try bpflist, but do we have any other options..??   Please adivse.   ...

Disaster Recovery

Hello I am having Netbackup in my environment and I would like to keep my other site as a disaster recovery site where I am expecting to restore the tapes and access data from alternate site. How do I accomplish same without affecting alterna...

Agadge by Level 3
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Resolved! Netbackup support to 2012 servers.

I heard netbackup update is going to be out. Does this update will support the Windows server 2012 and what are the new features we should expect from it.   Thanks, Avi

Agadge by Level 3
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Queued Jobs

Hi Everyone, This was an issue which i have come acrossed while i was doing the regular health check.   There were a a few jobs which were in Queue for around 14 hrs and are not being active inspite of the drives being available. So, i had checked th...

Resolved! windows open file backup

hi all, I need an advise on windows open file backup; here's my scenario I did not enable windows open file backup in Master server properties (client attributes); neither had i started VSS services in windows for all 3 servers (master, media and cli...

Resolved! vault

Hi ALL, i HAVE read the vault admin guide but does not find : Why vault sleeps for 180 seconds?Where I can change this settings?My vault runs daily.I know how to check what media needs to be ejected.But can anybody provide me the scripts to check wha...

Opscenter server service not starting

Our NetBackup master server version is and we installed Opscenter server 7.1 on this machine. The Opscenter database server service is running fine. The other 2 services are not running and when we try to start them, we are getting an error l...

DPO by Moderator
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Resolved! we have 1500 clients in our backup rotation

Hi Folks, Please provide me the scripts that I can use in my environment for backup jobs/clients  which are running more than 24 hours.   Please provide the detailed steps.I meean how to create the script file and how to run that.   NBU 7.1 LINUX(tik...

noazara by Level 6
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