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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Explanation of Media - How to resuse a tape asigned to a MP

Hi, Exuse my newbie question, but I come from a BeckupExec background where things are much can I reuse a tape that has at least one image on it and is assigned to a media pool other than Scratch? I tried to expire the media and then ...

Netbackup - SQL Server - Moving from Disk - Tape to DDT

We are currently using the SQL Server plugin for NetBackup and backing up databases directly to tape. By reviewing our SQL Server wait stats, I am finding that a lot of time is spent waiting for the tape backups to complete. If we switch to native SQ...

M_N by Level 2
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STATUS 13: file read failed

I am backing up a server with all local drives. Drives c:\ an d:\ get backed up but drive e:\ gives me status 13 error. I have attached the bpbkar log. It seems to be a file corruption error but the bpbkar log does not tell me which file. Is there an...

snawaz3 by Level 6
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Resolved! monitor backup process

I wanted to monitor backup progress. sometimes, backup jobs are stuck without any progres in amount of data written. I wanted monitor such instances and send out notification. can anyone tell me how to design solution for this


Hi, Netbackup and Windows 2008R2 server.   We need to change VMWare offhost backup server in 100 something policies, is there in any way to execute it in cmd line. that would help us.

Yuvi by Level 5
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Resolved! Configuring Replication in Netbackup with Dell Dr4000

HI All, One of Our client has purchansed 2 Dell DR4000 Devices ( ver 1.1 ) . We use Netbackup in Windows 2008 master server ( Media server is also same ) . We want to use one device for primary and second for Replication . Here are the 2 opti...

T_N_Raju by Not applicable
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Resolved! Exchange DAG GRT+differential Incremental restore procedure

Hi, first i would like to sorry for my english :)   So, i've Netbackup on 2k8R2, Exchange 2010, can anyone give me links or enything about restore procedure. My problem is i don't know how to restore particular email from differential. What i...

psajdakl by Not applicable
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Resolved! Tape Drives assignment

Hi, I have 3 servers for media server with Tape library 12 drives. What would be the best practice scenario, 1. Assign 4 drives for each media server or 2. Assign all as shared drives to 3 media server Thanks, IAW

iaw by Level 5
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what dose the labe fail?

I have installed a nbu master server and media server on the same aix ,and the dirve is a LTO5 tape dirver  linked directly with the master server.Using the vmoprcmd,i can see there is a tape in the dirver,but it  has not been  labled. When using the...

Performance degrade

  Hi,   Master server : windows 2008 Media server : Window 2008 Netbackup version on both Master and Media is : Clients: AIX 6.1 TL7 We are taking sap and Oracle backup and storage is DD890. for last 3 days the backups are writing very slow, ...

STATUS CODE 58: Can't connect to client

Hi All,   I have issue about nbu client port (1556, 13782, & 13724). My nbu media server is linux redhat 2.6 running on nbu , client is win2003 64 bits running on nbu I am not able to telnet from media server to client except I log o...

T_N by Level 6
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Resolved! Foreign_media type in nbemmcmd -listhosts

I having this problem after upgrade 6.5.5 to . I found that there are some duplicate entry in my nbemmcmd when i do a -listhosts. There are total of 3 entry with this . 2 are the media server hostname and one are the NDMP host. It is safe to ...

demo4119 by Level 6
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Resolved! Netbackup 7.5 and VDI

Hello, One of our customer has 2 TB capacity edition, Now they need to include five physical servers hosted (Microsoft  Hyper-V VDI) the size of thess servers around 7 TB. Now should they purchase another 7 TB licesnse or they can Mix the traditional...

Resolved! Backup missed to start as per schedule.

Hi, This weekend important offline backup did not started as per schedule, so we initiated manually. What was the reason for this? Please give your inputs on this. Backup schedule through NBU only. Let me know if you need more information. -Chan-

Resolved! Error 1 Partially successfull

Hi, Master : Win 2008 Cleint : AIX 6.1 TL7 SP3 OS backup completing with error 1 partiall successfull. bpbkar log: 18:00:18.201 [13893666] <16> bpbkar read_and_sort_dir_entries: ERR - Cannot lstat migtool. Errno = 52: Missing file or filesystem 18:0...

How restore an encrypted backup from an external client and tape

Hi. We need to restore a backup executed in an external Veritas Enterprise Server 6.5.5 platform,in our platform (with the same version of Veritas). This backup was encrypted and the tape used is valid for our backup robot (and LTO-3 tape). The backu...

mramos by Level 2
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Resolved! multiple copies

  I have a basic question in my mind, and need you to help me out.   I wanted to make two copies of the backup as show in the screenshot above. I have one STU and 4 drives in the tape library. My questions are following: 1. when making two copies,...

nbmagic by Level 4
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Resolved! NB Status 41

Hi all, I am facing a netbackup status code 41. As of now, I checked the connectivity such a s ping, telnet...all working fine. If it is related to CLIENT_READ_TIMEOUT, I wil try increasing this. Please advise.     Thanks and Regards, .Jayaram Balasu...