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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Configuration With Nimsoft of Netbackup

Hi, Can anybody please let me know which logs should be monitored by Nimosft in case of failure alerts. I think bpdbjobs should do? Regards          

adivya by Level 3
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Duplicate copies (SLP) are going through different media servers

Primary copies are going to data domain. Second copy to tape.   Eg:- Server “A” and Server “B” are media server.           Server “A” is not present in storage unit with data domain.         However when   second copy runs I can see         Server “A...

JollyJ by Level 4
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Resolved! SAN tape backups via NetBacup 7.1 Media server

Environment: Master/media server                 UNIX          NetBackup 7.1              Robot and 4 x LTO5 drives connected New Media server                     Windows    NetBackup 7.1             2 x LTO5 drives connected and zoned to Media      ...

Willie_SA by Level 6
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Empty media despite infinite retention time

Good day, We use Netbackup 6.5.4 on a windows 2003 machine wich connects to a Fujitsu Centricstor (Backup-to-disk solution) The monthly backup has an infinite retention time configured. I experience the following problem. The past two monthbackups f...

Checkpoint enabled windows backups that cant be suspended.

As per the title I've got a vast lump of data in a windows policy with checkpoints enabled yet can I use it for its purpose? I cannot. The suspend option is greyed out on all jobs in the policy...the master and the streams spawned. These are mpx and ...

Resolved! cannot read media header, may not be NetBackup media or is corrupted

Hi,   I need some help with a Catalog Recovery (DR Testing) issue please. I get the following msg when trying to import the DR file of the catalog tape: "cannot read media header, may not be NetBackup media or is corrupted" On a previous ocasion with...

Jeri by Level 3
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Resolved! Drives were down and struck with media

Hi Team, We are running Netbackup Master on AIX 5.3 with netbackup version of Now we have configured the drives on windows media server. Below is the output from master server with vmoprcmd -h -d ds                                   DRIVE ST...

Tape Erase Error 93 and 11

  When start to erase tape into ..\Veritas\NetBackup\logs\bptm present this error   11:33:01.027 [12512.12516] <2> main: Sending [EXIT STATUS 0] to NBJM 11:33:01.027 [12512.12516] <2> bptm: EXITING with status 0 <---------- 12:04:30.708 [3236.3240] <...

Backing up a VMware host

Does anyone know if it is possible to backup a VMware host that doesn't have VMware tools installed or a host cleint.  

Resolved! NBU for Vmware backups

Please help to find answer of following queries about NBU for VMware. Is it possible to backup a powered off VM by using vstorage API, in NBU for VMware. Is it possible to take backup of individual drive or FS without Using VCB in NBu for VMware.

NBU35 by Level 6
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Backup completed partially

Hi, One of our backup is completing partially on daily basis with below error. Errno = 22: A system call received a parameter that is not valid.   from client xxxxx: ERR - Cannot open file /bhnctrl/BAHFLEXL/control01.ctl. Errno = 22: A system call re...

Resolved! Error 83 while restore -- media open error(83)

Environment NBU Master/Media Server (32bit) OS = Windows 2003 SP2 (32bit) Tape Drive = Standalone Tape Drive   Activity Monitor 5/8/2013 11:57:24 AM - begin Restore 5/8/2013 11:57:25 AM - restoring image tech-server1_1367557800 5/8/2013 11:...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Getting error 156 while backup .

hi team ,   i am using netbackup 6.5 . i am getting an error 156 .i have checked the logs .   i am geting this error   Warning bpbrm(pid=1532) from client xxx: WRN - can't open directory: zzz (WIN32 2: The system cannot find the file specified. )   i...

Need Script to collect failed backup report

Hi All, Can anybody help me to get a script to collect failed backup report on daily basis and last successful backup for the failed clients? Below are the overview of environment : Master Server : Linux- Netbackup 7.1 Media Server (6 in no.) : AIX- ...

Resolved! Multiplexing SLP duplication

i would like to multiplex the SLP duplication that comes from VTL or Adisk to tape so multiple duplication streams can write to the same drive is this possible?  

Efi_G by Level 4
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