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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Netbackup Volume Pools

HelloWe are working with Netbackup 8.1.1 in a Windows 2012R2 environment acting as Both Master and Media server.  We have a Scalar i500 robot with 6 LT06 drives So we are about to get like an additional 50 LT06 tapes but these tapes need to dedicated...

bc1410 by Level 5
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problems whit media id generation.

Hi:My problem is that netbackup does not execute a media ID generation rule. The media ID generation rule is 1:2:3:4:5:6, barcode length 6.for example the tape is identified with the barcode 000051L6, but the media ID is 0051L6. I need the media ID 0...

Npalma by Level 4
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Resolved! Media server hardware requirements

Hello,I have to to set up a new Windows 2012 physical media server with NB 8.1.2 and I need the minimum and recommended requirements (CPU, RAM, etc...)I have read the installation guide, and it sends me to the SORT site, but I don't understand how to...

Nebtackup Catalog backup

Hi,catalog's backup fail with this error:Critical bptm (pid=208914) sts_close_handle failed: 2060057 OpenStorage Proxy Plugin ErrorCritical bptm (pid=208914) cannot write image to disk, media close failed with status 2060057Critical bptm (pid=208914)...

Resolved! EXchange mailboxes are empty

Hello All,We are facing a big problem today, we discovered that some mailboxes from a successful backup were empty when we browse, nothing is there,no error message, nothing, just no contents, and when we browse other mailboxes from the same backup, ...

Hamza_H by Moderator
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Resolved! Disaster recovery hardware

Hello, my question is, if I have a master server with 32TB in disk deduplication and 48 GB of ram connected to an MSL2024 library, for the server that will do the disaster recovery do I need the same amount of disk and ram? Thanks for the answers

Robtic not available

Hi Support,My current system run on NBU on unix, configure with media server and master server, with master and media server in the STU. I use media server for other project, the media server not to show on the NBU console. Then I run the backup job ...

ERR - Error in GetConfiguration: 0x80770003

MS SQL 2008R2 retore failed every time.========================================================Nov 5, 2019 4:51:00 PM - begin RestoreNov 5, 2019 4:51:02 PM - Info dbclient (pid=5584) INF - RESTORE STARTED USINGNov 5, 2019 4:51:02 PM - Info dbclient (...

Resolved! How NetBackup decides how much data write on tapes

Please help to understand how NetBackup decides how much data write on tapes.I have created a new backup policy. It creates two copies with differents retention levels, let say 15 and 16.All data goes to tapes directly.After backup job has been compl...

Error 8500 and 7643 kept occurring

Hello,my master server info are as follow:- OS version AIX 7.1- netbackup agent version 8.1.1Recently upgraded the master and media servers to the version 8.1.1.Not long after the upgrade we start having the errors when performing backups as per ment...

Maximum job count has been reached

 hii have this errorwhats the problem?11/03/2019 01:12:26 - awaiting resource hcart2-robot-tld-0. Maximum job count has been reached for the storage unit.11/03/2019 01:32:14 - awaiting resource hcart2-robot-tld-0. No drives are available.11/03/2019 0...

Resolved! Master Server High Availability using Infoscale

Hi Tech Guys,Customer are planning to implement a Backup infrastructure using Netbackup with Infoscale HAThey want to achieve a Master Server with HA.2 Master Servers in Prod and 1 Master in DR.All Master HW is BYO, Media is NBU appliance.Would like ...

Migration msdp to new filesystem

Hello,We have migrated msdp data from /data3 (one of mountpoints) to /dataX with rsync and then remounted from /dataX to /data3, but for backup to this mount point we have errors 83(for old mountpoints backups are ok), image cleanup is failing as wel...