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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Help: Very slow backup

Have a Windows VM Client (Windows 2003 x64) that has about 30GB of data in it, but it takes forever to backup. It renders a very low througput. Can you guys point me to the steps to troobleshoot this kind of situation?   My Master is a SLES 10 SP3 ru...

Exchange DAG backups and "New Stream"

Say we have 50 databases. Client is Microsoft Exchange 2010 DAG - lets call it DAG1 if i kick off a backup, all 50 DBS get queued. If one fails all fail. If i kill one, all jobs are killed. is there a way to prevent one job from affecting the others?...

BTLOMS by Level 5
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Netbackup 7.5 - Duplication / Replication Performance

I have a site with a 'strange' requirement (considering multiple 5220 appliances are in place) whereby data is required to be backed up initially to an advanced disk 'landing zone' on the appliance - and subsequently duplicated to de-dup disk on the ...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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Help: Status Code 40

Hi gang, I am currently experiencing a daily error (status Code 40) for one of my client backups: Client: running NBU 6.5 on AIX 5.1 NBU Master: running NBU on SLES 10 SP3 NBU Media: running NBU on SLES 10 SP3 ========================...

Which tape format should i choose for new bar code rule

got LTO5 tapes,   when i want to create a new bar code rule, i see a list of available formats like DTL, 4mm, 8mm, 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch, etc.... but no LTO5 format,   what should i choose ? or can i add more media formats ?    

brossob by Level 2
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Can I get a replacement copy of the NBConsole.exe executable?

I had a Windows XP system running with the NetBackup 6.5.5 client and Remote Management Console. This system was reinstalled last week with Windows 7, but I only managed to copy over the shortcut to the NBConsole.exe executable and not the file itsel...

Resolved! Netgear ReadyNAS Share Backup

I am trying to figure out a way to back up a few shares from a 6TB Netgear ReadyNAS. I have read through the documentation (

dwilson by Level 4
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Resolved! Restore failure when trying to read LTO4 tape on LTO6 drive

Hello, I am running on Linux (Red Hat). I upgraded my tape drives last week from LTO4 to LTO6. I have had a restore request in for a backup on an LTO4 tape but the restore keeps failing. I changed the density of one of the drives to HCART, th...

Resolved! Multiplex w/ KMS

NetBackup with the IBM TS3310 tape library. It would seem I cannot perform Multiplex w/ Encryption (KMS).  The backup runs without error (false positive?). The tape is unreadable afterwards. Anyone else share this experience?  How did you fix...

Jevon by Level 4
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Resolved! Moving Netbackup Database to a new disk

Windows 2008 R2 Netbackup   The drive ( drive D:)  where my netbackup database reside's getting out of space very soon, 5gb left.   I was reading 2 solutions in this forum, the first one was the ALTERNATE_PATH and the second was to change a r...

NetBackup using an out of band network

Just curious to see how many people run their backups over an out of band network.  My company still runs all the backups data over the same network as its production.  How many people still do this?     Thoughts and comments are appreciated.    

kproehl by Level 5
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Resolved! Archive issue

we have 2 master server one is for production and other is non-production. (window 2008) here issue is production client server archive job is running in non-production Master server.   When i checked the client list in NON-prod master server i dont ...

Resolved! system state backup procedure

Hi, I would like to request if there any technical document of system state backup from symantec. If not, need opinion from you guys to tell me how Veritas Netbackup does backup the system step.   I am using Veritas Netbackup 7.5 on AIX.

Backup failing with error code 71

Hello Team. There are 4 file servers and there cluster name are mentioned below.. there are shared drives  and all 4 having different policies..and i selected All_Local_Drives in backup selection but still backup failing with 71. Node name is selecte...

Resolved! Server access not allowed error -46

bash-4.1# bptestbpcd -client HKGRAPNANPSF39 <16>bptestbpcd main: Function ConnectToBPCD(HKGRAPNANPSF39) failed: 46 server not allowed access

vault problem

Hi fellas vault is configured to run at specified time, TLD 1. duplication done by SLP. eject by vault. but problem is netbackup do not eject few media's. NBU GUI logs: suspend media for this session: failed to suspend 6 of 42 media at eject time. nb...

rookie11 by Moderator
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Exchange 2007 CCR backup can't find passive node

Hi all, I have a client running a two nodes Exchange 2007 CCR cluster. Both nodes have dedicated backup NIC. I am trying to backup this Exchange 2007 CCR cluster with the existing NetBackup environment (single Master and multiple Media server...

sbman by Not applicable
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