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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Netbackup for MS SQL -- Backup Archive & Restore

    Hello Everybody!! Does anybody knows why netbackups for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 backup jobs ends with status 0 at the Netbackup console. When I try to restore a bakup it apears with a red icon, what does it mean? Are the backups consistency? I ...

Resolved! Netbackup 6.0 MP4 - Alert 800 All available drives are down

Hi, I use NB 6.0MP4 in conjuction with a Dell PV132T tape library (with two tape drives). Even so often the drives, either 1 or both, would go into a down state resulting in error 800. This may occur if a tape fails to eject or gets stuck in the pick...

Resolved! Calendar Schedule resetting the selected days

I've a backup policy that makes use of the Calendar Schedule feature of NetBackup 7.0, running on RHEL 5.2. The schedule is set to run only on the last day of the month. However, everytime I check the policy a few days later, I noted the schedule rev...

Yusoff by Level 3
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Unable to see Tape Drives on RHEL6

Hi, I have 2 servers (HPUX and Redhat) connected to 2 partitions on a Quantum i2000, the HPUX has 12 tape drives attached and Redhat (6) has 4. I moved 2 of the tapes drives from Partiton1 (HPUX) to Partition2 (Redhat) which was successful and I can ...

Resolved! Netbackup and HDS Shadow Image queries

Hi, We are using Hiitachi Shadow Image as replicatiion from Primary vol to Secondary vol in a Solaris server and mount the sec vol to Symantec Netbackup media server to perform full backup after syncronization completes.  We would like to find ...

YC by Level 4
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What does it mean about Netbackup robot?

Hi, Professional. I wonder about that NBU show some robot disable, Have anyone know about it and please explain to me? My environment, I use veritas cluster to create Netbackup service group and I found some robot was disabled but ths first, I would ...

Resolved! To configure tape drive.

Hi All, We have SL8500 tape library in our infrastructure and one of the drive had to be replaced due to hardware issues, we use NBU in our environment. After replacing the drive the drive is fine at ACSLS level but in NBu it still shows the ...

Bshet by Level 3
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Resolved! upgrade Netbackup Master Server from to

Hello !   I upgradead successful the Netbackup software to using NetBackup_75_Upgrade_Guide.pdf .   I counted about 300k images on my Master Server before upgrade, now it seems that the first image migration step is too long: it is not ended....

cimo by Level 4
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Resolved! Mannual Tape cartridge management

Hi, We are lookinig at a follwing situation :- SCENARIO - with NBU 7.5 ======== 1. Based upon policy (frequency & retention and original size) about 250 nos. tapes are needed. 2. This results in large Tape library (robotic), to hold and manage all th...

mohanl by Level 3
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Resolved! LTO5 tape drive using mixed barecode labels with NetBackup

Hi   We are using NetBackup 7.5 writing to a LTO5 tape drive library. For the last year or so we used LTO3 barcode labels “000171L3” with LTO5 tapes and it worked 100%. In NetBackup it displayed as “Media type = HCART2” and “Volume Group = 001_00001_...

pieter_krige by Level 3
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Configuration SAN Client and media SAN

Hello, My VTL is connected Directly on the media server by FC, and the media is also connected on the HP SAN swicth like the clients servers for making the Backup by SAN. I would like to know the process for do it ? The media is already installed and...

Resolved! Does NB7.1.0.4 support AIX6.1 TL8 SP2

Our OS Team are planning to upgrade AIX to technology level 8(TL8). It'll be helpful, if anyone clarify whether Netbackup supports AIX6.1 TL8 SP2 ? Thanks Paul Sam

SamPaul by Level 3
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Resolved! Remote installation from Linux Media server to HP-UX client

Hi All, I have Linux media server Redhat 6.3 and i want to do the remote installation to HP-UX B 11.31 client machine. Can i do it ? If yes, then what will be the procedure. If not, then please do let me know which Client binary i use to install the ...

Resolved! Configure ExchangeServer 2010 backup running on AIX Master Server

Hi, Good day, I need help regarding any documentation/step by step guide on how to configure a backup/restore of Exchange Server 2010. Target client server is running on windows server 2008 r2 enterprise 64 bit R1 with Netbackup 7.1 client installed....

Resolved! Trying "multiple copies" feature on Exchange 2010 GRT

Hello, I'm trying staging using "multiple copies" feature on Exchange 2010 DAG (GRT + Dedup by MSDP) schedule. I got: "27/05/2013 22:36:56 - Error bpbrm(pid=1788) Granular backups must go to a disk based storage unit before moving to a removable medi...

Synthetic full backups -- licensing requirements?

I've had a heck of a time getting information about what features require what licenses. Eg., synthetic fulls.  I understand the difference between plain synthetic fulls and optimized synthetic fulls.  The VAR that Symantec wants us to use only will ...