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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Backup is failing with socket error

NBU : client: Solaris 8 Backup has been failing with socket write failed. Unable to see any NBU processes running on clinet ,and bptestbpcd is failing from mediaserver . # cd goodies # ls nbclient # ./bpps -a NB Processes ------------  ...

siri416 by Level 4
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Resolved! Upgrade from NBU to 7.5

I want to upgrade to NBU 7.5 from NBU I downloaded the upgrade files Netbackup_7.5_Win_zip.1of2 and I also downloaded Netbackup_75_Upgrade_Guide.pdf. I am still at a loss of how to migrate. The guide just talks ab...

snawaz3 by Level 6
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Resolved! windows server Snapshot

Hi All,   My windows server backup is failing with error 156. Now i have disable open file backup and few files are skipping now.(active files).Client is fine with those files being skipped.   In above  case snapshot will be created?

flood of error code 24

Hi experts netbackup master media client all at ver 7.1  client server all vm servers, all of them in same policy. full backup started running yesterday but after running for     1 hr or so they started failing ,after writing some data. checked netwr...

rookie11 by Moderator
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Resolved! Netbackup importing tape with incorrect media id.

Hello all, I have an issue that is giving me grief trying to find a solution. A couple of weeks ago, a tape: Media id: 0276L4, Bar code: 000276L4 was written to and moved offsite.   The tape was returned to the library for a restore with the write ta...

Error 47 on Image Clean

Anyone know the sql command to clear up error 47 on the image clean process?  I've searched this forum and found multiple posts about a sql command to fix the problem but no one has been nice enough to share the command.  When I look at the detailed ...

Moeman by Level 4
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vmd and nbemm wont start after install (netbackup 6)

Hi all! i install ICS from NetBackup_6.5_ICS_Solaris.tar_326395.gz  (CD with the ICS with ver 1.2.3 , i lost ) and install server netbackup 6.0. After start netbackup GUI i see In activity monitor daemons: nbemm, nbrb, nbvault, vmd, bmrd not started....

Resolved! NB 5.1 - "Recorded Media ID" field empty query

  Hi there,   On a daily basis, we backup up a server to tape which are then automatically ejected after use, and then moved offsite for DR purposes. Growth on the system being backed up has meant that we have recently had to increase the tapes from ...

sean_h by Level 4
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Resolved! oracle redolog backup.

Hi,   does anyone faced this problem in oaracle redolog backup ? the backup is going solwly? backup :MML  create a backup piece wait best regards.

NB migration - the hard way 6.5.6 to 7.5 - questions

hi community!   let me introduce the 'challenge' i'm facing: i need to migrate our old NB 6.5.6 running on a W2k3 server to a new hardware and to W2k8 - so far so good, but i am also changing hostname and domain - no way around that from what i found...

rgd by Level 3
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Frequency Based scheduling for 14 days on different media

Frequency Based scheduling for 2 14 days on different media we need to create Frequency Based scheduling for 2 14 days on different media created one policy full backup job and ..job runs 5 days a week.. so created 10 schedules  and assigned  10 diff...

Jomy by Level 5
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Resolved! VTL and NDMP

Hi All, Can we consider NDMP as VTL? or both are different? Thanks, Belse

belse by Level 5
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one of the unix client full backup failing with 24

one of the unix client full backup fails with error code 24. The backup fails only over weekend, that too alternate weekends, incremental backup is always successful without any issue. Please provide a solution for this.

Resolved! SLP processing gone super slow

My SLP processing between two MSDP units has gone slow and I cannot find a cause. It seemed to start the weekend before last; I noticed my priority SLP processing was still running on Sunday when normally it completes Saturday evening.  Since then I'...

the drive is not ready or inoperable (277)

hi  i have nbu 7 installed on server 2008 i have had no problem restoring in the past but i cannot restore some images from a tape, i  can still run backups to tapes fine when i start a restore job it says "a pending action is associated with the res...

Resolved! BMR Question after backup with status1

Running Netbackup version There are days when a log file is busy when I do a backup, so the backup completes with a status 1. Should I still be able to run a BMR from that backup even though the backup status is not 0

Duplication job won't cancel.

NBU 7.1 Have a duplication from SLP that keeps coming back.  I've tried various nbstutil commands (cancel, inactive, etc) from master and media.  Nothing fixes it.  Same problem occured in January.  Can't find the command I used then to kill it.  I'd...