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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Vcenter Version Compatibility LIST

Is there a compatibility list for Vmware VCENTER Versions with Netbackup?I find compatibililty lists with vsphere hosts versions but this is not the same thing.Does the vcenter version compatibility not matter and the vsphere host version is all that...

Having an issue doing an NDMP Netbackup restore to Cmode NetApp

Hello,I have a NetBackup Windows master server, running NB 7.7.3. It's only used for restored, and we can't upgrade to a supported NB version (so no Veritas support). I'm trying to do an NDMP restore from a NetApp 7mode backup to a cmode cluster. Its...

zmlat by Level 4
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Cloud Catalyst to MSDP-C migration

Hi we need to migrate Cloud Catalyst from BYO RHEL running 8.1.2  to MSDP-C. CC will be EOSL in 2024.Duplicating images is not an option because of outbound / egress costs so converting CC to MSDP-C is required.The process is documented in V10 Dedupl...

lnbu by Level 3
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Resolved! nbcheck returned exit status 127 during client install

nb client 9.1oracle linux 8error: NetBackup_9.1_CLIENTS2/NBClients/anb/Clients/usr/openv/netbackup/client/Linux/RedHat2.6.32/nbcheck returned exit status 127.tried so far:1. remove noexec from fstab & remount /dev/shm2. change tmpdir with "export TMP...

Resolved! Use different network interfaces for different jobs/policies

Hi,Netbackup 9.1 (or 10) installed on windows server 2019 which is both the master and the media (local disks). Please assume the following simple scenario:Server has two NIC's :NIC 1 : /  NIC 1 : : (VM1 on it) ...

How does bpVMreq cmd collect vCloud metadata?

Hello,Can someone please tell me what is inside bpVMreq command and how the metadata for vCloud infrastructure is collected?Is it a vCloud API call or some other way? If its API call, which is it?We have Veritas enhancement request open and im trying...

Boris_ by Level 3
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User '<anonymous>' attempted to perform a restore

Hello,Oracle team is complaining that some of their refresh are failing with "failed to open backup file for restore - failover to previous backup".Investigating, I can see that sometimes, their refreshs are running with an "Anonymous" user which is ...

Resolved! Deduplication disk sizes

Hello. I'm about to configure an BYO MSDP storage server with 120 TB disk space. It is the first time for me to config a disk that size and I'm confused. I'm reading the manuals and every version have different top size witch is understandable. But a...

StefanosM by Level 6
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Duplication Job Reuses Tapes?

I am temporarily standing in as our NBU admin and trying to understand what I am seeing.  I noticed that we have one backup job that includes an SLP.  In the beginning of September this job, which includes duplication, ran successfully.  I noted the ...

airnos by Level 2
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NBU Duplication

This is my first post as the temporary Admin for our Netbackup system and boy do I have questions.  Let's start with a duplication question.I've been told our vault process is uncommon so I will explain it.  In the beginning of the month the ...

airnos by Level 2
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Slow Windows file server cluster backup performance

Dear community,We are using NetBackup version and were previously backing up two physical HP servers running Windows Server 2008 R2 shared data volumes without any issue.We have then migrated to two virtual nodes running Windows Server 2019 u...

User Creation

Hi Team,How to create NetBackup users and assign rights to the users?

Media Servers with Different Operation Systems

Hi GuysActually my environment is like below:Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard - master server NBU 8.1.2 (we already scheduled update ASAP)RHEL 7.5 - media server NBU 8.1.2 I need before did update my master server add new media server with specificati...

Backup failing with exit status 42 (NetBackup - Ver

I'm new here on VOX, I'm having some problems the most recent would be this, would you be able to help me? My netbackup version is 10.0.01. a failure follows:25/09/2022 11:44:04 - Error bpbrm (pid=2017) db_flist_complete failed: No dotf file (2506) n...

gise84 by Level 2
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EEB NB_8.3.0.2_ET4067650_2 - MSDP VERY SLOW

Hi everyone,I don't know if was coincidence but after apply this EEB my backups are running so slow, after I restart my master server/media server everything works fine but after 3 days, jobs very slow.I checked logs about this EEB installed two week...

NetBackup 10.1 - New PaaS Workload Protection

Starting with NetBackup 10, Veritas began expanding the support for PaaS workloads. In NetBackup 10.1, Veritas built an extensive framework designed to promote accelerated adoption of PaaS workloads protection. As a testament to that framework, NetBa...

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PerseuAcevedo by Level 2
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NetBackup API reverse engineering?

Hello all,does not API have some possibility of reverse engineering? E.g. input is an existing policy for example, and I would appreciate some tool which will generate required POST /config/policies call for its creation.Michal 

Michal_Mikulik1 by Moderator
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