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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! MSDP..

How to create MSDP..   Need suggestion...     Ankit Maheshwari

Resolved! VMware Backups

Hello - Can somebody suggest if my Backup host for VMware backups can be Linux also I wanted to know if this can be a virtual machine? I have read Netbackup for VMware which was of not much helpful. Thanks

Netbackup 7.1.04 with Exchange 2010 SP3

Hello Forum fols,  Our Exchange admin applied a patch over the weekend and backups have started to fail.  Just wondering if there's a EEB to run Netbackup 7.1.04 with Exchange 2010 SP3 or are we required to upgrade to 7.5 ?   I'll probably open a cas...

How to improve the netbackup 7.5 security

Hi techies,   Could you please suggest some basic security measures taken (could be the default option in netbackup or patch updation) for newly configured netbackup 7.5.   Thank you in advance.  

Resolved! Phase 2 import fails due to no TIR, where did header file go?

I'm trying to import some old tapes from our previous NetBackup system (not sure which version we were running at the time) into our new NetBackup system (  The old system is still around for historical (or is that hysterical) purposes only ...

D_Flood by Level 6
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Resolved! SQL backup problem

Hi experts SQL 2012 on server WIN 2008. recently added SQL instance. when i tried to run of this it fails give me error. 16> CODBCaccess::LogODBCerr: DBMS MSG - ODBC return code <-1>, SQL State <08004>, SQL Message <916><[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server D...

rookie11 by Moderator
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"exclude dates" problem

Hi All;   I have different policies for monthly backups and daily backups. For all daily policies, i excluded the last day of the month. When all the monthly backups run last day of the month, daily backups dont run until midnight. After midnight, al...

error 800

Hi All, I am getting error 800 freqently, please let me know if there is any direct solution for this error.

Resolved! Need Urgent Help

Hello team. Clients are not in backup rotation and i want to know the OS of that clients, there are round about 200 clients. Is there any script which we used to do this task. Please help..

Resolved! Unable to start BPRD

Hi All, I have a Windows 2003 Master Server with NBU on it. Netbackup Request Daemon (followed by bpdbm,nbjm and nbpem) are stopped. Any attempts to start them throws an error "Service did not respond in a timely fashion". Please advise. T...

Resolved! Drives going in MIXED mode again and again

Hello Team.   Drives going in MIXED mode again and again. [80092345@usgaub5500 bin]$ ./tpconfig -l Device Robot Drive       Robot                    Drive                Device     Second Type     Num Index  Type DrNum Status  Comment    Name      ...

wannawin by Level 6
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Cannot restore backup from SQL Server 2005 to 2012

Server A: Windows Server 2003 x64, SQL Server 2005, NetBackup 7.5 Server B: Windows Server 2008 x64, SQL Server 2012, NetBackup 7.5 From Server A, we're trying to restore a backup from SQL Server 2005 to Server B, which has newly installed SQL Server...

Netbackup 7.5 - Licensing

Hi,   Hope anyone can help me on this. My current scenario: 2x VNX 5300. Each VNX 5300 has two (2) X-Blades (NAS heads). Total of four (4) NAS heads all active at the same time. Each VNX 5300 is a VTL itself (EMC DLT). Total of 31 Dell Blades running...

Resolved! nbu pempersist file NBU 7.1

   Hi ALL,   Can anybody please provide me the link to the definition of pempersist file and whwn it was used?  And the link to below  terms as well as well:      Directory of C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\db\jobs             . .. bpjobd.act....

Arun_K by Level 6
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Resolved! an error occurs which status code is 800

Dear Symantec Team an error occured today when i check the status of NBU's Backup which version is 7.0 running on Windows Server 2008. Please Kindly help me to sovle the issue,here is the error information as below: 2013/3/31 11:00:36 - Requsting res...

Resolved! KMS restore

Hello,   Encrypted backup using kms  on tapes sent to off-site library what are the requirements for restoring these backup to local site  ?   Thanks Sara

SARA_8 by Level 4
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