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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! questions of Netbackup schedule and tape usage

Hi experts,I am just  a bit confused about the schedule of Netbackup. When I use the default schedule - once per week for full backup and once per day for incremental backup, then it highlights both 7 days a week for both two types of backup, as atta...

CCBNZ by Level 4
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VMware backup on a distributed network

Hi all,I will explain my question in detail using an example.Tthere is a site A and a site B. Site A contains VM A, Media-Server A, MSDP A. Site B is built similarly to A. Virtual machines can migrate B > A, or A > B. The cause may be crash, or other...

Resolved! How to create msdp using scripts

HI   anybody known how to use scripts to create the msdp (include pool & stu ) .  NBU VERSION = 8.1.2OS VERSION = Redhat7.3 x64

YOYO_YUE by Level 3
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Resolved! Netbackup 8.1.2 not brows Vmware 6.7

Hi alli have installed NetBackup 8.1.2 , but unfortunnaly i can not brows VMs in the Vcenter although i can select the VM manually using the hostname.ports are opend 443 & 902vcenter ip address added to master server hosts file and vice versa any adv...

strange PureDisk type not listed

i'm migrating our old 7.7.3 server to 8.1.2 and i start with fresh install of 7.7.3 on solaris 11.during installation, i entered two license keys. checking on the console's Help/License Keys, PureDisk Option is listed there.but when i try to create a...


Exchange GRT

HiI've installed netbackup 8.2 on windows 2016 as master and 2012 r2 as mediamy clinet is Exchange 2016 CU5 on 2012 R2 with Client 8.2 and is VMI have 2 mailbox DB on drive D:\ that's GPTat first I created VMware Policy with Exchange GRT EnabledGRT F...

msdp password recovery in new media server

Hello,I have the following problem : i had an msdp running on win 2008 r2 nbu version is 7.7.1. But the Windows OS crashed and the msdp password is not known. Is there a way of recovering this msdp after reinstalling the server OS and netbackup ?The ...

backup failing with error code 24 and 50

Hi ,My backup policy is taking a backup of 10 different clients and it fails randomly for  3 or 4 with error code 24 and 50as shown below 08/10/2019 03:01:53 - Error bpbrm (pid=28472) from client prl-ercenmsvc2bkp: ERR - Cannot write to STDOUT. Errno...

symsonu by Level 6
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VSS blocks the launch of backup jobs in NBU 8.1

Hi,On my NBU master, every day, i see one parent job without child jobs stayed in active state for one day or more as long as I cancel the parent job.But, when I restart the job and I kill VSS process in my windows server, the child jobs launch.I tri...

MatBams by Level 4
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NETBACKUP 8.1 certificate renewal

We are using NBU 8.1 with 800-900 linux clients and 500 Windows clientsWhen I look at the certificates, A few hundreds will expire in 170-180 days.To be able to continue the backup, to extend the life of a certicicate, we generate a reissue token fro...

rver01 by Level 2
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Resolved! Importing windows master server catalog to linux master server

I have a windows master server in one location. In another location i have a linux master server.Can i import the windows server catalog backup on the linux master server ?If so how do i do it without disturbing the liniux master server catalog.?

Resolved! In NetBackup 8.1.2 is data encrypted in flight

Hi,I am running NetBackup 8.1.2 on my master (Solaris 11), media (RedHat 7 and Solaris 11), and clients (Solaris 11, RedHat 6 and 7, AIX 7, and Windows) and I know that the new security requirements use TLS for communication between hosts for validat...

NetBackup licencing for HCL Domino 10

Hello,   We are considering NetBackup for a Domino shop as it supports Domino 10. What are the software parts from Veritas that have to be acquired to be able to backup a 2 server Domino environment ?   Thanks.

NetBackup and SQL truncation

Hello experts,I have NBU 8.0 installed. I configured SQL backup for SQL 2008 DBs. I have enabled log truncation in NBU policy. Now as far as I know/see, log truncation does not reduce the log file size on disk as this has to be done from SQL via shri...

Resolved! socket read failed: errno = 62 - Timer expired

I have encounter backup issue, below is the error08/27/2019 12:40:18 - Info bptm (pid=71011) start backup08/27/2019 12:40:19 - Info bptm (pid=71011) backup child process is pid 7101208/27/2019 12:41:31 - Info bpbkar (pid=5644) will attempt to use cha...

LEE6 by Level 3
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Resolved! how to restore expired backups from tapes procedure

Hi Guys,We are planning to recover expired tapes backup.We want to know what needs to be done before the import phase 1 and phase 2 state,Cause this is the first time we recover expired backups from tape.Like below:1. Load the tapes in tape Library2....

Resolved! Uninstall Red Hat Client 8.2

Has anyone successfully removed the 8.2 Red Hat client?  I've attempted the directions here for the 8.2 Linux client but they do not work.  The first step  rp...

Resolved! Backup VMware with error code '(4204) Incompatible client found'

Hello friends.I am getting an error '(4204) Incompatible client found' while trying to back up a new site.I investigated but did not find the answer in the tests realzados.My master is a Windows Server 2012 STD R2 and the backup is being worked throu...