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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Vmvare policy accelerator not working

I noticed that the accelerator is not working on backups in my VMware policy, so the backup time is getting longer.There is a statement as follows in job details.There is no complete match with track journal backup image, a regular full backup will b...

probck by Level 3
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OCI clients

We have an existing netbackup infrastructureWe are migrating two Oracle databases and associated applications to OCI (oracle cloud infrastructure) using IAASI don't want to backup using snapshots , they don't fit our needsI really want to carry on ba...

djwest by Level 0
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Configure Netbackup 8.2 to backup RedHat Virtualization (RHV)

Hi,I a newbie to Netbackup and I am trying to confiugure Netbackup to communicate with RHV Manager to backup my virtual machines.I am using Netbackup 8.2 and RHV 4.3My test setup is simple, I have one NB server that have the roles of :- Master server...

Resolved! Storage server name

Hello, adding an Access appliance ( to NBU8.2 env. Config by Admin-GUI wizard makes the IP-address as the Storage server name !? DNS, forward/reversed lookup is correct.

Resolved! SQL database backup less than actual size

When I check it over sql server, its size seems to be 800gb.actually, the size of backups was 800gb in the first 4 days. however, for the last 2 days, the size of the backups seems to be 20 gb. where might the problem be?

Capture.PNG Capture2.PNG Capture3.PNG
probck by Level 3
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Failed to initialize EMM connection.

Hello, everyone.My name is GavinI am an administrator of NetBackupI have the an issues about EMM connectionCould you please advise on how to proceed? There is the message show that "Failed to initialize EMM connection. Verify that network access to t...

Gavin_S by Level 2
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Resolved! Full backup schedule with a schedule type of Frequency

Hello everyone, could you take a question?I have a frequency-based policy set up as shown below.Schedule: testeType: Full BackupFrequency: every 1 dayExcluded Dates----------No specific exclude dates enteredNo exclude days of week enteredSynthetic: 0...

danguss by Level 4
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Error 24 socket write failed, Cannot write to STDOUT...Again !

Hello dear all ! ^^I have read almost all post about this error, try a a lot of things without good result.All the client are some virtual machine VMware.Almost the client have an NBU agent install with the bp.conf feeld.Détails: When i install the N...

Dackey by Level 4
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Backup failed: (28) failed trying to fork a process

Hi,I have backup problem recently and shown (28) failed trying to fork a process.The backup size is around 13TB, backup type NDMP, storage DD4200.It's not failed every backup, can anyone advise what is the problem?Many thanks.Regards,Ken

Netbackup complete system update

We have an enviornment that is running on version 7.7.3 and outdated OS's. We are looking to upgrade the servers and the NBU version at once.Our setup consists of a master server, one media server with a tape drive, several media servers at remote lo...

Unable to NFS mount the required file system

Hello everyone,While taking AD backup one day is completely successful and the other day is partially successful. When I look at the details of the job that has been partially completed successfully, I can actually see that the system state is fully ...

probck by Level 3
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NDMP deduplication ratio is pool for MSDP

Hi All,I am using EMC VNX, backup storage are DD and HP D3600 (MSDP). I found that the deduplication ratio is very pool which compared with  NDMP backup to DD and D3600.Is it normal for MSDP keep EMC NDMP data? Pls. advise, many thanks.Regards,Ken

Resolved! Netbackup disaster recovery

Hi,someone may tell me if exist an equivalent of "mail_dr_info" on master server with DR info,  like mail, but present on master?I would collect mail_dr_info on a file and send it to other server repository.Many Thanks,Regards

How to understand the meaning of the downStucnts

1) What conditions/factors would lead to the downStu action happen?    For example, some Tape Drive need to be cleaned, tape_alert2 = 12) Which background process/daemon undertakes the downStu action?3) How to manually operate/check the downStu actio...

liuyl by Level 6
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Restore MS SQL transaktion logs to new database

Hi!We have recently started tests with Netbackup on SQL-servers as a way of both saving space and having a more versatile backup-environment, both for our DBAs and our backup team. My big problem is trying to restore a database with multiple transact...

sbj by Level 1
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Resolved! Netbackup 8.2 BPCD_WHITELIST_PATH not ok

Hi,i've problem with BPCD_WHITELIST_PATH on master server Netbackup 8.2 with this error: May 22, 2020 11:42:51 AM - Warning bptm (pid=148157) failure logging message to client nbmasterna-01 in log /usr/openv/NBU_Test_Restore/recover_logs/recover_log_...

Strange backup job policy starting with __

Hi VOX, I recently did a test upgrade of Netbackup Master Server from 7.7.1 to 8.1.I see in Activity Monitor some jobs are in failed status from job policy starting with __DSSU_POLICY_tape-med00x-dsu, We don't have a backup policy of this type.Any id...