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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Some oracle restores are failing

Our master servers are version 8.2 on linux boxes. Our DBAs perform there own restores. For the last couple weeks, some of their restores are failing. Both the unsuccessful and successful ones are coming from the same client, the same storage (5330 a...

DoubleP by Level 5
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Change mount host

Hellois it possible to change the "mount host" entry in the catalog? As far as I know the mount host is the host where a snashot gets mounted for some operations (file browse,...). I need to change the mount host to a different host.thanks

Lumpi by Level 4
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Exchange GRT from incremental backup

Hi guys,I hope you can help with a question related to this topic. I know we cant restore a single item from incremental backup but my question is why Netbackup doesn't offer this feature? we are being compared to other software and the exchange size...

AndresV by Level 6
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GRT restore from incremental

**** MOVED to new discussion from  **** Hi Marianne.I hope you can help with a question related to this topic. Why Netbackup doesn't offer thi...

AndresV by Level 6
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Duplications issue with 191 error code

Hello dear veritas community vox, long time we were to read your topics, greatfull thanks !We have some duplications failing with OST plugin error, break of the network exchange fail over a precise time (especialy recently discovered)Duplication is t...

Replication Director SLPs and Netapp cDot

HelloI have a question to the SLP behavior with Replication Director on cDot Netapps. On 7mode Netapps it was possible to have multiple SLPs (daily, weekly, monthly,...) with the same destination volume on a backup netapp. For example. I have a daily...

Lumpi by Level 4
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Database is not available

Hello guys, could you help me?When checking if the database was active, because I was not able to upload the services of the master, using the command nbdb_ping, I received the following message: Database [NBDB] is not available.Which log file should...

danguss by Level 4
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Master server Hung

Hi ALL,I need an urgent Help.ON friday,my environment was hung.Master server was hung and no jobs were triggered.All weeknd backups were skipped.No backups happened on the weekend.ON monday,when we checked--no backup was there. A disaster.We restarte...

noazara by Level 6
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Backup policy recovering speed slowly (disk)

Dear NetBackupers,We have a NetBackup version 8.1.1 server and mostly Solaris clients for backup, server is connected with clients via LAN fibre optics and backup storage Dell EMC Data Domain 2500 is mounted via NFS to our NetBackup server also fiber...

EMM_DATA.db - huge size can't be reduced

Dear All,I recently got stuck with an issue where the size of my EMM_DATA.db has grown enormously and I can't find a way to reduce it at all. As a short description of my environment (LAB), I have 2 NBU master servers participating in AIR scenario wh...

asg2ki by Level 4
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Resolved! SLP - Error in duplicate for Tape Library

Hello!When performing duplication tests through the SLP, when duplicating the content to my Tape Library, the backup is performed successfully, however the duplication of the following error:21/04/2020 15:10:55 - Error nbjm (pid=8628) NBU status: 96,...

MSDP and Multi-Networks

Hi all, In the work of Media Server Deduplication Pool. StorageServer is created by name (not IP). The server has 2 network interfaces. Network1 - technological; for backup/restore. Network2 - test; for restore (no gateway). MSDP stopped working and ...

NetBackup recommended RedHat server configuration

Hello, Are you aware of any hardware standards for the NetBackup Master and Media servers ?  The site is looking to upgrade/replace the older RedHat NetBackup servers in preparation for the upcoming upgrade to NetBackup 8.2.x from NetBackup 7.7.3...Q...

RMAN OIP Cold backup - Oracle issue when restart database

Hi !sorry for my english...We are running NB 8.1.1 on all servers, Master (AIX), Media (RH 7.5) and clients (AIX) for this purpose.We have many OIP policies for hot backup, everything goes fine. Also, we have some OIP policies for COLD backup, and we...

new client in master server

Hello we are using netbackup 8.1.2 running on windows 2012 R2, i install client on windows 2012 machine the installation was successful. when i tried to create a policy and enter a server name it says enter a valid hyper-v machine name. After this i ...

Moving MSDP pools from one Domain to another

Looking for a sanity check on my plans.Old environmentbak01 Master NBU 7.7.3  2-node cluster     bak03  Media 7.7.3     MSDP dedup3  16TB     bak04  Media 7.7.3     MSDP dedup4  10TBNew environmentalb001  Master 7.7.3  standalone     alb010  Media 7....

Re: Opscenter Custom Report to exclude few error codes

Need help trying to get this SQL query to work in OpsCenter for a 24 hour periodselect TOP 100 START AT 1 nom_NBJob.ServerName as "nom_NBJob.ServerName",nom_NBJob.ClientName as "nom_NBJob.ClientName",nom_NBJob.JobID as "nom_NBJob.JobID",nom_NBJob.Pol...

NBU_VTL by Level 1
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Resolved! Expired NBU images

Hello,Could you answer a question?How can I control the prioritization of images so that they are not removed or expired on an advanced disk that has reached its capacity?Using Data Classification or modifying retention level?

danguss by Level 4
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