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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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some problem in adding disk to MSDP

HiI have an widows media server and add 2nd mount point for MSDPat first I create a file c:\etc\nbapp-releaseand then run echo Windows_BYO > "c:\\etc\\nbapp-release"when I ran C:\Program Files\Veritas\pdde\crcontrol --dsaddpartition c:\MSDP\Disk2I re...

Resolved! NetBackup installation drive is almost full

Hi Experts,Good day!I would like to ask for your recommendation on how to reclaim disk space to my C: Drive which is the NetBackup Installation Drive. There's some issues prompting on our NetBackup Master Server.We are looking to expand the C: Drive ...

J_Huggins by Level 6
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AIR Setup in 8.1.2

HiWould like to ask what needs to be done on network side before setup the AIR?

New Exchange 2019 features and new headaches

FYI:New 8.2 environment backing up Ip-Less DAG on new Exchange 2019 running on Windows 2019 Core Servers.Backup is working ok, restores not so much. We suspect that a new feature in Exchange 2019 causes the restore to fail at the commit/mount databas...

watch-vox script - a vox monitor

FYI - just a bit of fun... for anyone else who wants to keep an eye on Vox.To run it :1) save the script somewhere as :   watch-vox.sh2) start a Terminal or PuTTY or ssh session3) cd to the folder where you saved the script4) then run it using:   ./w...

sdo by Moderator
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NB 8.1.2 Automate client installs

We automate the installation of new clients for both Windows and Unix from build servers in their associated environments but now with the new security features in NetBackup 8.1.2 a token is required during the installation process. Is there an exist...

Resolved! Exclusion list on a Windows Server

I'm running netbackup 8.0 on redhat99% of the servers I back up are Linux Clients.  But I have a single Windows box that I need to exclude some files from backups.I think I should be doing this by going to Host Properties / Clients / Properties / Win...


NBU status code 156

I find the NBU return code 156 , and backup failed .  The backup mount point is from EMC SAN . May I know if this problem on the EMC time machine on the VSP to take the snapshot backup.  If this is no relative EMC, so what is the problem to fix it ? ...

Catalog migration to different os

n my environment windows master server is there with 7.5 .we are planing to move to Linux serverhow to migrate catalog from windows master server to Linux master server.catalog migration for same os platform I know how to migrate, but different to os...

luckky by Level 0
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Resolved! Incremental backup fail with status code 1

Hello, I have a big problem with my system state incremental backups on two clustered servers ending with status 1, which only the full backup ending with status 0.Master Server Version 8.1.2 - Windows server 2016Media Server Verion  8.1.2 - Linux 3....

danguss by Level 4
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Resolved! When should I use option "expire after copy" on SLP backups?

FolksI don´t know if I can open a discuss just to clear a doubt about this option. Please let me know if I can´t, I am new working with NBU, I´ve passed the last 10 years only working with TSM, so is pretty hard for me to understand some things on NB...

famari by Level 2
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NetBackup 8.1.2 MSDP binaries

Hi!I have downloaded, but didn't find binaries for MSDP there. Could you please give me a link for NetBackup MSDP version 8.1.2 (for Windows).Regards,Svetlana Lifagina

Question about the NBU future planning

We plan to host the Master and one media server( out of 1 Master and 3 Media servers- whereas Master itself is Media server) in New Data Center while keeping the other media servers in Old Data Center.  Backups in Old Data Center will be performed by...

Block-level incremental backup

Hi all, Veritas informs. Backup of entire virtual machine, with full schedule: backs up only the blocks that have changed since the .vmdk was created.Conslusion:  if the virtual machine completely is lost, it is impossible to restore from full backup...

How to know what is next Tape for next backup schedule ???

Hi AllI want config 01 schedules for 31 Tape for backup incremental daily and 01 schedules for 12 Tape for backup monthly.My question:Can you please give me instruction to config for this requirement. When I tried to config and I got an error when jo...

XTK by Level 3
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Resolved! Unable to start "Netbackup Web Management Console" service

Hello,Whenever i try to start the nbwmc service it is giving me error" unable to start the service check system logs". attached is the output of nbwmc logs:All the depenant serives of nbwmc are also running.any help in this regard is appreciated.Rega...