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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Backups are failing with 48 status code.

Hi All,   When I check the host-properties -i see the below error: UNABLE to resolve IP Address.   Can anyone suggest me how to fix this ?Thank you in advance?   I see some temp fixes/kindly suggest me permanent fixes?

sri_vani by Level 6
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Resolved! Netbackup Client upgrade failed 6.5.5 to

Master server : Linux (netbackup Media server : Solaris 10 (netbackup client : solaris 10 (netbackup 6.5.5)   I am upgrading Netbackup client from the media server and it is failing. it is happening for multiple solaris clients   ba...

Resolved! Two storage servers in one domain

Hi experts, I configured two 5020 appliances as standalone appliances the first named appliance1 SPA and the second appliance2 SPA.i added the appliance1 to the master server as pure disk storage server .my concern is can I add the second appliance t...

Rami_Nasser1 by Level 6
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Use specific network interface from BMR RedHat boot CD

Hello. I have the following situation: Symantec 7.1 master and client Redhat 5.8 client and BMR boot CD Multiple hardware network adapters. I have only one and specific adapter that is in the same VLAN as the master server. When I start from BMR redh...

Indjev by Level 4
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Resolved! NBU for VMware: Adding clients in policy

  Hi we have recently implemented NBu for VMware, I am trying to add some VM's as clients in Flashbackup-windows policy type. but its faling and I am not able to add them as client. Reason: when I browse Vcenter and ESX host, I can see those VM ther...

NBU35 by Level 6
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VM Windows 2012 Server Backup

Hi, Just wanted to share some information regarding Virtual Windows 2012 Server. I am currently running NBU and vCenter 5.0 and have been looking at the alternatives of backing up Windows 2012 Server as we are running tests on applications fo...

Kev_Lamb by Level 6
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Resolved! about opencenter licesensing

  Hi,   OS - Solaris    Current Version : 6.5.4   upgrading version : 7.5.0   As per my understanding, OPCENTRE has 2 variants, 1) opcentre and 2) opcentre analytics. Out of which opcentre analytics is a licensed version but the former version is inc...

Mohankumar_K by Level 4
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VMWare Backup with Netbackup failure with status 156

I've created a policy to backup 3 VMs using "VMWare" backup policy, the 3 Ms are turned off... only one client that i havent been able to backup... I keep getting status 156 Can anyone please help?   Netbackup 7.5 VSphere 4.1 Logs: all resource req...

maxsven by Level 4
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Netbackup Error 84, System Call Failed

Recently, I found out we have a few job policies that keep on encounter error 84. When check the detail of the job, I saw the following error.   Critical bptm(pid=4832) image write failed: error 2060017: system call failed      Error bptm(pid=4832) c...

Resolved! Command to show Volume Group for one or all MediaIDs

Hello everyone, I need a command that shows the volume group for one or all MediaIDs (tapes).  I tried bpmedialist but that doesn't show me the volumne group as shown here: bpmedialist -m APA164 -U Server Host = inf-srv17 id rl images allo...

Resolved! How incremental backups work on UNIX?

Hi,   I understand to back up UNIX clients, NetBackup compares mtime of the files to see if an incremental backup is needed. Let's say file1  - was modified on 1/1 - was backed up by a full backup on 1/2 - was modified on 1/3 - an incremental will be...

NB-OPS by Level 4
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Resolved! New Robot

Hello Everybody My SL24 library has broken and I changed it for a new one. How can I add this new robot in the Netbackup ? I can see the new WWN at /dev/rmt, but it doesn´t appear at /dev/sg. Do I have to manually edit the sg.conf and add the new ent...

andrich by Level 4
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Resolved! SLP and D2D Devices

Is anyone using SLPs on D2Ds?  I'm looking in the "NetBackup 7.1 Best Practice Using Storage Lifecycle Policies and Auto Image Replication" guide and all of the suggested settings are for VTLs or tape libraries.  I'm wondering if those same settings ...

rsamora by Level 5
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Resolved! Backup online concept in Netbackup

Hello I use the Netbackup 7.5 to manage the backups to DB and FS.There are netbackup clients running for the Windows Sytems and BD ( MsSQL clients). However the backups are done with the systems Online(DB and FS), some times on the FS jobs that run t...

Resolved! How to check status of multiple medias using vmquery?

Hi All, I have a list of 100+ medias that i need to check whether they are in library or not. is there any script or command that i can use to see the status of  all the medias in a go.   Thanks in advance

New Exchange 2010 Backup fails

We have just fired up new Exchange 2010 servers and the policy i created using this article (among other things) continues to fail. Here is the job ...

pmc214 by Level 5
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NBU 7.5 - What happens to archive bit when you cancel a diff?

Hi all- To be more specific, I'm curious about how the archiving bit works in this scenario. If you cancel a diff, it doesn't appear that the partial backup is usable for restore purposes. I was also under the assumption NBU would clear the archive b...