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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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MSDP and Multi-Networks

Hi all, In the work of Media Server Deduplication Pool. StorageServer is created by name (not IP). The server has 2 network interfaces. Network1 - technological; for backup/restore. Network2 - test; for restore (no gateway). MSDP stopped working and ...

NetBackup recommended RedHat server configuration

Hello, Are you aware of any hardware standards for the NetBackup Master and Media servers ?  The site is looking to upgrade/replace the older RedHat NetBackup servers in preparation for the upcoming upgrade to NetBackup 8.2.x from NetBackup 7.7.3...Q...

RMAN OIP Cold backup - Oracle issue when restart database

Hi !sorry for my english...We are running NB 8.1.1 on all servers, Master (AIX), Media (RH 7.5) and clients (AIX) for this purpose.We have many OIP policies for hot backup, everything goes fine. Also, we have some OIP policies for COLD backup, and we...

new client in master server

Hello we are using netbackup 8.1.2 running on windows 2012 R2, i install client on windows 2012 machine the installation was successful. when i tried to create a policy and enter a server name it says enter a valid hyper-v machine name. After this i ...

Moving MSDP pools from one Domain to another

Looking for a sanity check on my plans.Old environmentbak01 Master NBU 7.7.3  2-node cluster     bak03  Media 7.7.3     MSDP dedup3  16TB     bak04  Media 7.7.3     MSDP dedup4  10TBNew environmentalb001  Master 7.7.3  standalone     alb010  Media 7....

Re: Opscenter Custom Report to exclude few error codes

Need help trying to get this SQL query to work in OpsCenter for a 24 hour periodselect TOP 100 START AT 1 nom_NBJob.ServerName as "nom_NBJob.ServerName",nom_NBJob.ClientName as "nom_NBJob.ClientName",nom_NBJob.JobID as "nom_NBJob.JobID",nom_NBJob.Pol...

NBU_VTL by Level 1
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Resolved! Expired NBU images

Hello,Could you answer a question?How can I control the prioritization of images so that they are not removed or expired on an advanced disk that has reached its capacity?Using Data Classification or modifying retention level?

danguss by Level 4
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Generic instance name in OIP

Hello,I have the following problem when configuring OIPs. When registering the NetBackup instance it asks for the instance name (ORACLE_SID) which is unique for each node of the RAC. For example with a 2 node RAC, server1 and server2 whose GRID name ...

admsd by Level 4
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Resolved! GUI Restore Works, CLI Restore Fails

Hi,We are running a restore in the GUI and it works perfect and then tried to script this restore, see script below but every time it throws this error - EXIT STATUS 2808: MS-windows policy restore error  cd "D:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin".\...

Install Kaspersky on NetBackup master server

Hi All,I have two master servers one for production and one for DR. Both installed with RHEL. As per our infra requirement is to install kasperky light agent on all out VMs. Thus we need to install into out master server as well. Does anyone have don...

zairil by Level 3
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Vormetric and Netbackup

Hi, we are going through a POC using Vormetric Encryption and have just come across an issue which may or may not be related to Vormetric. Our netbackup master is at 8.1.2 and the linux vm has virtual volumes and when we try a VM backup using NBD tra...

NBU Catalog takes long to complete

Good day,We noticed that our catalog backup (incr) included takes about 2 hours to complete. We run a full every morning at 6am. Our catalog is around 230GB with incremental that runs every 6 hours after that. The size of the inc is around 9gb in siz...

agent upgrade compatability

Hi Team, Can i install the netbackup client 8.1.2 in my ''windows 2008'' serverCan i install the netbackup client 8.1.2 in my ''redhat linux enterprise 5'' server please help me on this

Exiting from create_nbdb, status[77].

Hi, I am trying to upgrade  from netbackup 8.0 to 8.1.1 & upgradation failed with error 77. Database server is NB_INBASDVMNBMS001NetBackup database already exists in /usr/openv/db/data/NBDB.dbThis will require restart of NetBackup Web Management Cons...

The doubt about the function of bptm vs bpdm

I think that it might be a "simple" question about the function of bptm vs bpdm.1) bptm: nbu tape manger, but why it actually does work for both all tape-based and most disk-based policy jobs?2) bpdm: nbu disk manager, so why it only works for a few ...

liuyl by Level 6
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hyper-v exclude disk

Helloi have a small query that is i have hyper-v machine running linux. there are 3 disks attached to this hyper-v one is root the OS image other is home for user data and last is storage of data file.i want to take the backup of only root disk which...

Resolved! Netbackup web management console Tomcat

Hi,Is it possible to launch Java GUI even without the /usr/openv/wmc directory. This directory contains tom cat server files which are being flagged for vulnerabilities. So can i remove the above directory and still have a operational JAVA GUI ? Than...

nbu2020 by Level 2
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